Camouflage in Among Us

8 okt 2020
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the smartest players in the among us universe
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Among Us with friends

  • I just met a nice dude called carsen in among us, but then he suddenly left ;-;

    small nonesensesmall nonesense15 minuter sedan
  • thick schlatt

    BobBob2 timmar sedan

    PeteyyyPeteyyy7 timmar sedan
  • carson is gschatt

    Andri SmyrnisAndri Smyrnis8 timmar sedan
  • I haven’t heard my name that much since I murdered three infants with a Mac 11 on my shrimping boat

    Connor DuncanConnor Duncan9 timmar sedan
  • All your senses go off when your name is conner

    Super McBucketsSuper McBuckets9 timmar sedan
  • Jschlatt

    George BlatesGeorge Blates10 timmar sedan
  • *Stare*

    Meme_boi10Meme_boi1020 timmar sedan
  • Yay

    Mr-Rabbit-CheeseMr-Rabbit-Cheese22 timmar sedan
  • I have watched this video so many times this is one of the funnist among us videos

    Rose LarenRose Laren23 timmar sedan
  • Yeeeoooo if Carson choked on that last part of Simons says, I would’ve lost it! LMAOOOO

    Marcus MartinezMarcus MartinezDag sedan
  • "I thought of something funnier than Connor 4...." "Connor 5" *intense wheezing*

    Sofie WheelockSofie WheelockDag sedan
  • CallmeConnorlive is the best

    SpriteSpriteDag sedan
  • Clobbah should’ve named himself clonnor

    No one Likes jaystationNo one Likes jaystationDag sedan
  • I think you mean connorflage

    Average BearAverage BearDag sedan
  • My name is Conner🤣

    CawnorCawnorDag sedan
  • These Connors seem like androids

    VarientGalaxyVarientGalaxyDag sedan
  • "Which Connor?" "That Connor" "This Connor? "That Connor" "This Connor?" Also i Made an among us meme video would you be so kind to check it out? thank you

    StrakkStrakkDag sedan
  • I liked connor the most.

    Yoshikage KiraYoshikage Kira2 dagar sedan
  • After watching the Connor bit, it does not look like a word to me anymore.

    ToraTora2 dagar sedan
  • Ummmm

    Connor WellmanConnor Wellman2 dagar sedan
  • I think I Schatt myself.

    KiraKira2 dagar sedan
  • The names conor hru.

    Lord and saviorLord and savior2 dagar sedan
  • Petition for Carson to change his name to... (vote for the one you want) 1. C Schatt 2. Phat Schatt 3. Fat Schlatt 4. J Flat 5. Other variation of fat, schatt, and carson/ j schlatt

    Bailey SmithBailey Smith2 dagar sedan
  • Connor kinda sus

    illtanie .illtanie .2 dagar sedan
  • Why do they all have my name now

    snap115 coperbutsnap115 coperbut2 dagar sedan
  • One time I schatt

    ShrimpskiShrimpski3 dagar sedan
  • i subbed Carson

    John DoeJohn Doe3 dagar sedan
  • Jfat

    MeGaaNanAn FoCKsMeGaaNanAn FoCKs3 dagar sedan
    • Jdiabetes

      MeGaaNanAn FoCKsMeGaaNanAn FoCKs3 dagar sedan
    • Jobease

      MeGaaNanAn FoCKsMeGaaNanAn FoCKs3 dagar sedan
  • NEI NNEI N3 dagar sedan
  • Om schlatt and carson r friggin awesome

    0nyx0nyx3 dagar sedan
  • I like to watch these 10 big hot men

    Doggo With a hatDoggo With a hat3 dagar sedan
  • Connor was the best part I just can’t remember which Connor was the real corner

    Horseey ManHorseey Man3 dagar sedan
  • 22:55 when you have to take the L to become Schlatt

    FBI HorseFBI Horse3 dagar sedan
  • “Identity theft is not a joke Jim”

    Cosmic CalebCosmic Caleb3 dagar sedan
  • I really like this video... my names connor

    Chobe McGuireChobe McGuire3 dagar sedan
  • The popes energy is seeping into schlatt

    Snarge McCoySnarge McCoy3 dagar sedan
  • I love that Jaiden’s moved into this friend group

    Julian CrissmanJulian Crissman4 dagar sedan
  • 29:44 *carson magic POG*

  • ME is such a good editor, you should raise his pay

    Rhyno 102Rhyno 1024 dagar sedan
  • 23:20 carson just has a fucking meltdown when he got caught

  • This confused me cause my last name is Connor.

    Tim DrakeTim Drake4 dagar sedan
  • This is so weird being a person who is named Connor .

    The Con ManThe Con Man4 dagar sedan
  • Shut up grunk

    aidan grahamaidan graham4 dagar sedan
  • If everyone’s Connor, no one’s Connor

    garnetrulzgarnetrulz4 dagar sedan
  • Bro my name is koner and this was weird

    Lord_HepassLord_Hepass4 dagar sedan
  • i wanna see jfatt

    Horseless HeadmanHorseless Headman4 dagar sedan
  • Connor doesn’t even look like a real name anymore

    LimpLimp5 dagar sedan
  • anyone else get this in their recommended 1 week later?

    Definitely not fake YouTube workerDefinitely not fake YouTube worker5 dagar sedan
  • imagine not being subbed to carson, kinda sus tbh

    iceway143iceway1435 dagar sedan
  • >sääY’2Ô s°†,•ÝŸà>+§ŒVzξö—ŽbBæ

    ᪶ ᪶᪶ ᪶5 dagar sedan
  • Everyones talking about jschlatt and connor But nobodys talking about the fact that jaiden straight up roasted quackity at one point

    Q4DaWinQ4DaWin5 dagar sedan
  • Seriously tho I’m thinking about changing my name to Connor. the fact I’m actually serious and stumbled over this video is quite poggers ngl

    Dear Brad, please stop eating my kneecaps.Dear Brad, please stop eating my kneecaps.5 dagar sedan
  • Conner

    BoldAndBrashBoldAndBrash5 dagar sedan
  • carson with the transparent cut

    PokiPoki5 dagar sedan
  • Identity theft is not a Joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year! -Dwight K. Schrute

    Melea GrahamMelea Graham5 dagar sedan
  • It was me

    Conor McGuinnessConor McGuinness5 dagar sedan
  • Every time Carson and Schlatt just stared at each other I lost it

    christ6345christ63455 dagar sedan
  • This is like that scene in Detroit. Ya know, the one with all the Connors.

    KyttKattKyttKatt6 dagar sedan

    Cherry BerryCherry Berry6 dagar sedan
  • Grunk: *Kills carson* Connor: Its Gr- Grunk: IT WAS CONNOR HE DID IT.

    Doom CarbineDoom Carbine6 dagar sedan
  • Shit I didn’t know jaiden was y’all’s friend

    Cryo_GamesCryo_Games6 dagar sedan
  • He couldve replaces the L with a capital i to make them look similar

    Jack FearowJack Fearow6 dagar sedan
  • 1:35 what a handsome young man I wonder what he’ll change his name to

    Comedy GoldComedy Gold6 dagar sedan
  • This guy looks like he is not allowed 100 metres within the area of a school

    Tom ShelbyTom Shelby6 dagar sedan
  • “I’m the Android sent by cyber life”

    U.S.AU.S.A6 dagar sedan
  • why does jaiden just work so well shes a family friendly animation youtuber and she just blends with the group so well

    JubbsiJubbsi6 dagar sedan
  • You see. I wasn’t in the thumbnail, That’s because I was camouflaged and was not the imposter *100% sneak*

    Blue CrewmateBlue Crewmate6 dagar sedan
  • Among us: Guilty until proven innocent

    Someone 1254Someone 12546 dagar sedan
  • Connor was my favorite

    Kaitlin DeGKaitlin DeG6 dagar sedan
  • Connor sus

    Teriyakis WingsTeriyakis Wings6 dagar sedan
  • 24:55

    MironicyMironicy6 dagar sedan
  • Hi *c o n n o r*

    KristenKristen7 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else see new subscriber is Connor at the beginning of the video?

    Imperial BagelImperial Bagel7 dagar sedan
  • Among us while Conor 90000IQ

    HelloItsVGHelloItsVG7 dagar sedan
  • next news network

    Harley KruegerHarley Krueger7 dagar sedan
  • Being a fellow Conner this confuses me at levels that shouldn’t be

    Conner JacobsonConner Jacobson7 dagar sedan
  • The colorblind people must be so annoyed

    Alone in the DarkAlone in the Dark7 dagar sedan
  • chick filet

    jaxson laikjaxson laik8 dagar sedan
  • Look at all these quote comments.

    Zigzag MenaceZigzag Menace8 dagar sedan
  • Imposter at 19:00

    VaintingsVaintings8 dagar sedan
  • Connor doesn’t look like a name now just a sound

    Austen WeisharAusten Weishar8 dagar sedan
  • "ive never seen a minecraft date go bad" **flashbacks to george and minx**

    amanda camanda c8 dagar sedan
  • Can someone please tell me where the music in the very beginning is from? It’s driving me crazy

    Emma FarrellEmma Farrell8 dagar sedan
  • There’s too much Connor

    DTMOB 281DTMOB 2818 dagar sedan
  • My name is Connor. This was very confusing

    BudgetMeBudgetMe8 dagar sedan
  • Connor sounds like ben shapiro

    Netsu DreamsNetsu Dreams8 dagar sedan
  • conor

    Nahu3lPNahu3lP8 dagar sedan
  • Me and my friends once all names ourselves Jordan to fuck off one of our mates. Everyone was Jordan 1, 2, 3 etc. Was fucking hectic to claim "Jordan killed me in [blank]". "Which Jordan wtf". The actual Jordan was Jordan 5

    Jacynta McKechnieJacynta McKechnie8 dagar sedan
  • the way the discord overlay acts in this video is giving me a stroke

    CooblapCooblap8 dagar sedan
  • Carson how do you get your discord overlay people that big?

    OneGloveGamer AwesomeOneGloveGamer Awesome8 dagar sedan
  • connors sus

    mads lanhammads lanham8 dagar sedan
  • is it connor, connor, connor, connor, or connor??

    propxnqitypropxnqity8 dagar sedan
    • @propxnqity funky

      DraydraDraydra8 dagar sedan
    • @Draydra I didn't ask for your opinion, I thought it was funny that all their names were Connor so I am going to post what I thought was funny. if it's so unfunny to you how about you scroll and have about your day instead of ruining other people's days? Anyways, have a good day.

      propxnqitypropxnqity8 dagar sedan
    • not funny dude

      DraydraDraydra8 dagar sedan
  • jconnor= jschlatt + connor???????????

    Epic GamerEpic Gamer8 dagar sedan
  • I don't know how long sylvee had that discord profile picture but I have the same photo as as my xbox gamer pic but edited.

    DrasticDongDrasticDong8 dagar sedan
  • Are we not gonna talk about how Carson magically got a hoodie on in the middle of everything?

    Episke filmEpiske film9 dagar sedan
  • When you watched the OG stream, the editing stream, the vod and this vid... You have too much free time🙁

    Lilyan McNallyLilyan McNally9 dagar sedan
  • Wait the first game had 6 imposter Connors and 2 real Connors, and the real Connors were the imposters

    TheMarctoastTheMarctoast9 dagar sedan
  • 23:03 I thought my phone volume was all the way down so I turned it up 😂😂

  • I liked the part with carson in frame 😍😍

    Dio BrandoDio Brando9 dagar sedan