ME vs. PEWDIEPIE in Minecraft...

5 jul 2019
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During the second week of Minecraft Mondays I blew up Pewdiepie
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I blew up Pewdiepie in Minecraft...
#pewdiepie #minecraft

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    MartiMations !MartiMations !8 dagar sedan
  • lol

    SpazzamsSpazzams10 dagar sedan
  • How tf did I miss this

    IggyIggy12 dagar sedan
  • All I think of when I see Carson is LIPS

    The SkipperThe Skipper17 dagar sedan
  • 1:40

    bigbrain timebigbrain time18 dagar sedan
  • I honestly just hate the Misfits

    HarmonHarmon24 dagar sedan
  • Chages everything when it comes to video title/ thumbnail

    Live WireLive Wire25 dagar sedan
  • yeah darson

    Ky_why707Ky_why70728 dagar sedan
  • "Nice talking to you swagge-" "Fuck you."

    ZolvezZolvezMånad sedan
  • 4:07 video did not age well.

    Toxic TwistedToxic TwistedMånad sedan
  • Im confused. Where is pewds?

    GarroldGarroldMånad sedan
  • They say 'hey editor' but never how are u editor'😢

    ZEFTIXZEFTIXMånad sedan
  • True fear is at 1:36

    Dead Cell MomentosDead Cell MomentosMånad sedan
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Sniping_ WeemanSniping_ WeemanMånad sedan
  • Damn this is on recomended, and james charles getting bullied like usual, nice

    JacksonJacksonMånad sedan
    • They friends tho

      Lucy WilliamsonLucy WilliamsonMånad sedan
  • 18:23 oof that did not age well

    BlakieBlakieMånad sedan
  • Battle for who has the lowest resolution camera

    Micro penis maniacMicro penis maniacMånad sedan
  • Rip the old name and title. Literally thought that they had collabed for something lol

    SheerTacoSheerTacoMånad sedan
  • 4:10 first thoughts "well that aged well"

    Will SanzoneWill SanzoneMånad sedan
  • So, you come here often?

    some internet trollsome internet trollMånad sedan
  • How has the person who edited this only got 365 subs?

    GuyIsGuyGuyIsGuyMånad sedan
  • Im sooo late but are they using voicemod? The one for discord?

    Luke ZeusLuke ZeusMånad sedan
  • The funniest part of the video is "Minecraft Mondays every week."

    Luke ThackerLuke ThackerMånad sedan
  • Death.

    VS_SVS_SMånad sedan
  • Minecraft Monday should have had proximity gamechat

    Luke HLuke HMånad sedan
  • Donald trump at 0:48

    Pat MCPat MC2 månader sedan
  • Wtf this title feels diff

    Yolo Right?Yolo Right?2 månader sedan
  • What a fuckin' epic bridge moment

    WolfWiz99WolfWiz992 månader sedan
  • When Carson said he's gonna stab Fitz in the back I immediately thought "hell yeah do to him what he did to u!" Lmao I'm done. Goodbye. I'll go now.

    Lizzy TLizzy T2 månader sedan
  • Carson is a living shitpost

    Mitchell GilleanMitchell Gillean2 månader sedan
  • Anyone know the voice changer they use

    TcioTcio2 månader sedan
  • Why did he change the name

    BlockBreaker88BlockBreaker882 månader sedan
  • Claim your in was here before when the title was ‘I blew pewdiepie up in mine craft’ card here

    Phenom V.2Phenom V.22 månader sedan
  • Fitz had sex with Katerino to get revenge for Carson killing him in the minecraft monday Hunger Games.

    PohtaitohPohtaitoh2 månader sedan
    • don’t remind him about that shit man, i think eveyrones better of forgetting this

      FeskwiddleFeskwiddleMånad sedan
  • 20:39 whats up with the &s?

    Gabriel KellarGabriel Kellar2 månader sedan
  • RIP the original title

    TentaRJTentaRJ2 månader sedan
  • @jshlatt even during the girl voices i could tell who

    Mick NolesMick Noles2 månader sedan
  • Anyone notice he changed the thumbnail, pewdiepie didn't get that haircut until 2020 so

    ObservilityObservility2 månader sedan
    • its him changing the vid title and thumbnail so we watch it again, it also reregisters as unwatched for everyone whos seen the original, good move carson, i cant be mad,

      Danny MartinDanny Martin2 månader sedan
    • he changed the title too, it used to be i kill pewds in minecraft

      Danny MartinDanny Martin2 månader sedan
  • POG

    Icekall35Icekall352 månader sedan
  • To think Pewdiepie has since left Dlive

    Scratch SketchScratch Sketch2 månader sedan
    • Scratch sketch, the one guy using dlive left

      FeskwiddleFeskwiddleMånad sedan
  • PewDiePie? More like PoopyGuy

    Andrew KunnathAndrew Kunnath2 månader sedan
  • Why did he change the title and thumbnail? The video is like a year old now

    KironagiKironagi2 månader sedan
  • Why the name and thumbnail different

    supersoniclegendsupersoniclegend2 månader sedan
    • i heard it’s because, if you change it it counts as a new video

      FeskwiddleFeskwiddleMånad sedan
    • I noticed that 2

      Creators HubCreators Hub2 månader sedan
  • Why tf did I think this was uploaded today 🤦‍♀️😭😭

    Ky KyKy Ky2 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    AndreKlasherAndreKlasher2 månader sedan

    JynxJynx2 månader sedan
  • Did the title of the video change too?

    Br UhBr Uh2 månader sedan
  • When did the thumbnail change? Sometime in July 2020 if I were to guess.

    Nathan PetersonNathan Peterson2 månader sedan
  • why is carsons camera so fucking bad?

    NohimikoNohimiko2 månader sedan
  • Schlatt with the girl mic sounds like Johnny test

    zxjurassic 02zxjurassic 022 månader sedan
  • Call me carson ? More like I’ve committed mass arson Edit I made the joke perform the pewdipie part

    KaijuCreeperKaijuCreeper2 månader sedan
  • 3:15 about that..

    DenreibDenreib2 månader sedan
  • Shut up beta

    603.MitchOnInstagram603.MitchOnInstagram2 månader sedan
  • Notice how at 12:32 Carson forgets his voice mod was off and tries to yell like he had it on 😂

    TheFrostyNerdTheFrostyNerd2 månader sedan
  • Here after the thumbnail change

    I make videos studioI make videos studio2 månader sedan
  • Took off belt

    Toming LeeToming Lee2 månader sedan
  • Carson falls into Jschlatts' arms sobbing "What did the they say!?" Schlatt cries out. The sky goes dark and the room heavy with grief and guilt. Jschlatt tried time and time agian to protect him, but he had failed. Through the endless sobbing of pain and fear Carson replies, "They called me Fart-son.."

    Tree AcidTree Acid2 månader sedan
  • cheesey on the peeny and the sauce on my balls

    eww its alexeww its alex2 månader sedan

    Charlie WestCharlie West2 månader sedan
  • He changed the thumbnail, right?

    CyberMCyberM2 månader sedan
    • yeah, pewds didnt have short hair till like march

      NoahJamesPNoahJamesP2 månader sedan
  • Callme B L A R S O N

    MachoMacho2 månader sedan
  • it's way funnier that james charles was his partner

    PaeuniaPaeunia2 månader sedan
  • Why did he change the thumbnail of this video?

    OwO sin panOwO sin pan2 månader sedan

    VesperizmVesperizm2 månader sedan
  • Lel he changed the thumbnail from copyright

    JakobR_06JakobR_062 månader sedan
  • Is it me or did the thumbnail change?

    Sea FerretSea Ferret2 månader sedan
  • Did you change this thumbnail recently?

    Norfaix .-.Norfaix .-.2 månader sedan
  • I freaked out because of the thumbnail changed. pewds shaved his head in February and this was uploaded a year ago. Fuck

    Grape tapeGrape tape2 månader sedan
  • bruh did he change the thumbnail??/

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment2 månader sedan
  • Me seeing Carson murder Fitz: "This... does bring a smile to my face."

    Spook SamSpook Sam2 månader sedan
  • did he change the thumbnail? cause i know damn well pewds did not shave his head a year ago. anyone else confused?

    ChroleChrole2 månader sedan
    • Yeah I think he changed it because the old thumbnail was the Congratulations pewds made of maps from SMP Live

      BrotamatoneBrotamatone2 månader sedan
  • Why did the thumbnail change

    Eli LaneEli Lane2 månader sedan
  • 3:14 when Carson said that, I felt that

    Lil AquaLil Aqua2 månader sedan
  • U changed the tumbnail

    Omg S0MFOmg S0MF2 månader sedan
  • why did carson suddenly decide to change the thumbnail to bald pewds

    DiscardBoxDiscardBox2 månader sedan
  • How does the thumbnail have pewdiepie with short hair?

    ZoomZoom2 månader sedan
  • bro you changed the thumbnail. yeah i caught that

    KiscmetKiscmet2 månader sedan
  • this video is 1 year old and they change the thumbnail now

    Vix HQVix HQ2 månader sedan
  • Bruh wtf

    X-ray Chill centerX-ray Chill center2 månader sedan
  • What was he saying about asses

    X-ray Chill centerX-ray Chill center2 månader sedan
  • pewdiepie and James Charles

    Justin124LIVEJustin124LIVE2 månader sedan
  • Why was the thumbnail changed

    Chairgamer PoggerChairgamer Pogger2 månader sedan
  • Isnt the thumbnail from floorgang so was the thumbnail updated from its original?

    rohudabossrohudaboss2 månader sedan
    • Pasho i think he changed it because people thought it was an SMPlive video since the tnt screenshot was taken on the SMP server

      KiscmetKiscmet2 månader sedan
    • Yeah it used to be minecraft maps that formed pewdiepies face when put together and some tnt, atleast that’s what I remember

      PashoPasho2 månader sedan
  • what happened to the thumbnail what

    Strawbry. jpgStrawbry. jpg3 månader sedan
  • This is Schlattina’s debut

    MadMad3 månader sedan
  • 13:06. DUDE! Dude! I almost spilled my hot chocolate! FRICK YOU! WHY ARE YOU SO GOD DAMN FUNNY!!!! AAAAAA

    IdkIdk3 månader sedan
  • Why does pewds have a shaved head in the thumbnail when this was made a year ago and he shaved his head 6 months ago

    Ben whatBen what3 månader sedan
    • he just now updated the thumbnail it seems?

      mocamoca3 månader sedan
  • I was watching this video and when carson started doing the weird filter on his voice while he said he was running away I got an ad for my singing monster

    PrestotatoPrestotato3 månader sedan
  • THE THUMBNAIL CHANGED???? hmmmmmmm????

    talyntalyn3 månader sedan
  • only ogs will remember the old thumbnail 😎😎😎😎

    C.I ThunderC.I Thunder3 månader sedan
  • whats up with the thumbnail change

    Omega FuZi0nOmega FuZi0n3 månader sedan
  • Why did you change the thumbnail

    Quirky MasterQuirky Master3 månader sedan
  • After one year, the thumbnail is changed. what

    An_Annoying_CatAn_Annoying_Cat3 månader sedan
  • Different thumbnail 👀

    J_OW 123J_OW 1233 månader sedan
  • 19:45 they lowkey sleepin on this legend

    Luki TuxenLuki Tuxen3 månader sedan
  • 19:18, did he just ask a 15 year old if he liked dick and balls?

    MD24 ClipsMD24 Clips3 månader sedan
  • why change the thumbnail lmao

    kyotosghostkyotosghost3 månader sedan
  • wtf you changed the thumbnail NOW

    CatchyCatchy3 månader sedan
  • 1:37 for Waht are you doing step brO!?!?!?

    locks Manlocks Man3 månader sedan
  • The misfits part did NOT age well

    lizzylizzy3 månader sedan