The Only TRUE Fast Food Tier List

9 maj 2019
805 462 visningar

this is the only correct list, all others are false narratives
shoutout to anyone who doesn't get that this video is a joke
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The Only TRUE Fast Food Tier List

  • S- five guy's A- Wendy's, burger King, Taco bell

    GiantdadGiantdad12 dagar sedan
  • This is the only video i have ever disliked, and I have only disliked it because Wendys is godly

    Nelson StaatsNelson Staats19 dagar sedan
  • when youre from the UK: *i dont understand but i find this entertaining.*

    ShibahShibah24 dagar sedan
  • “You can feel the brainwaves” -Podcast Cscoop

    SashiMEMESashiMEME27 dagar sedan
  • Five guys more like six women

    [Redacted][Redacted]Månad sedan
  • In-n-out is in E tier... *blasphemy*

    ThatRussianGuyThatRussianGuyMånad sedan
  • I hate that Carson put in and out at e tier. Carson you have no taste you gremlin

    Max CareyMax CareyMånad sedan
  • Coryxkenshin be like:

    Logan BaergaLogan BaergaMånad sedan
  • S: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Papa Johns,In-n-out, Taco Bell A:Dominos B: Sonic, Five guys C: Chipotle, little Caesar’s, Burger King D: KFC, Chick-fil-a, DQ E:Pizza Hut F: Arby’s ?: Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, Jack in the box

    Lord, Faucet FailureLord, Faucet FailureMånad sedan
  • Chipotle, E rank for E-Coli

    N ON OMånad sedan
  • jimothy

    Jimothy LowaskiJimothy LowaskiMånad sedan
  • I'm offended that DQ is an F. Its at least an E or D. The chicken there ain't bad. I'm actually not offended lol

    Garden of SomethingGarden of Something2 månader sedan
  • I saw Chick-Fil-A in F tier and had a mental breakdown. I have lost all respect for Carson.

    Liam WestLiam West2 månader sedan
  • I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissedI'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissedI'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissedI'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissedI'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissedI'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissedI'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed I'm pissed, They put Dairy Queen at F

    Tyler JuarezTyler Juarez2 månader sedan
  • I remember when I first saw this and thought cooper was like Carson’s brother

    Dylan JensenDylan Jensen2 månader sedan
  • Thanks you, Pissa Hut is disgustingly. Tis much to saucie and not chess enough. Where is the crusty and chess? Nope, just SAUCE!!!!

    I'mTheReverseI'mTheReverse2 månader sedan
  • I think I met the real Wendy when I ordered my S.Q.U.A.R.E. burgers.

    I'mTheReverseI'mTheReverse2 månader sedan
  • I really wanna like this, but all the tier list placements fucking suck.

    Alexander HsuAlexander Hsu2 månader sedan
  • Hungry Jacks is the only true S teir

    ChokLordChokLord2 månader sedan
  • The list became invalid the second you put arby's in S.

    Peyton McPeakPeyton McPeak2 månader sedan
  • Hamburger royal

    nohat.meisternohat.meister2 månader sedan
  • I was gonna say this list is bad until you gave chick-fil-a f tier, that's absolutely correct.

    Lovecraft Minus the XenophobiaLovecraft Minus the Xenophobia2 månader sedan
  • Canada is no trash

    Person WithahoodiePerson Withahoodie2 månader sedan
  • guys, its just facts.

    VBSBazookaVBSBazooka2 månader sedan
  • This list is almost perfection.

    Luke OhlsenLuke Ohlsen2 månader sedan
  • 80% wrong

    Gamer GamerGamer Gamer2 månader sedan
  • Its cool how they all watch the streams and support each other (probably$

    TonyTony2 månader sedan
  • I agree with this completely

    BEADMODEBEADMODE2 månader sedan
  • wendys is shit

    Benjamin BellBenjamin Bell2 månader sedan
  • this entire tier list offends me in so many different ways

    Barnacle ScumBarnacle Scum2 månader sedan
  • subway is rat meat disguised as an edible product. *THE MEATBALLS ARE GREY*

    SkouskosSkouskos2 månader sedan
  • “Dairy Queen if F, Canada sucks.” Me: *mad Canadian noises*

    Gianfranco HasouGianfranco Hasou2 månader sedan
    • OOF bad spawn

      Larry ReichLarry Reich2 månader sedan
  • You are obviously not a man of culture, putting Wendy's any where under s

    Ethan bullEthan bull2 månader sedan
  • I don’t care that it’s been a year... this video made me so unbelievably angry

    Changed LaterChanged Later2 månader sedan
  • No one gonna talk about what they did to my boy Colonel Sanders. Raise him higher rn.

    ObamaButAsADragQueenObamaButAsADragQueen2 månader sedan
  • 2:58 how about you go F yourself Eigh eigh? Get the joke

    Dan AnimationsDan Animations2 månader sedan
  • I can tolerate the rest of you fast food tier list but don’t you ducking dare piut chipoltle in E!!!!!!!!!!!

    Manza GamingManza Gaming2 månader sedan
  • First of all Carl's Jr. (Hardees) is the best restaurant on this list, only being rivaled by chick fil a

    EhquilEhquil2 månader sedan
  • A wise man I once met said: “what would you do if there were 5 naked dudes in your shower?”

    Robert ShafferRobert Shaffer3 månader sedan
  • How the fuck did it take me a year to find this

    BandicuteBandicute3 månader sedan
  • Burger King's C tier.

    8638633 månader sedan
  • No joke, I used to get a fever every time I went to Five Guys; S tier for sure

    『Mango Tango』『Mango Tango』3 månader sedan
  • Imagine putting Chick-fil-A anywhere other than S tier. What an absolute joke. Unsubbed and disliked

    Josiah McElhinneyJosiah McElhinney3 månader sedan
  • they did the right thing putting chick fil a in f tier ngl

    abra k.abra k.3 månader sedan
  • Im sorry to tell you this carson but that is objectively wrong

    superunhappysnailsuperunhappysnail3 månader sedan
  • Why tf are they all red, yellow and white

    HauntedDragonGamingHauntedDragonGaming3 månader sedan
  • lil caseserts is shit

    hyshys3 månader sedan
  • I can’t tell if this is a bit because of how wrong these troglodytes are

    BrognisBrognis3 månader sedan
  • Anyone rewatching his old vids...?

    Mr.ToniBossMr.ToniBoss3 månader sedan
  • crime agaimst humanity

    Seth JohnsonSeth Johnson3 månader sedan
  • S: Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Taco Bell, Little Caesars A: McDonalds, Arby's, Subway, Wendys B: Burger King, In-N-Out, Five Guys, Papa Johns, Jack In The Box C: Carls Jr., Dominos, DQ, Sonic D: Pizza Hut, KFC E: (All of them are relatively good so none deserve E tier) F: (All of them are relatively good so none deserve F tier)

    Sully MurraySully Murray3 månader sedan
  • Domino's ran over my dog and still hasn't apologized, F tier

    [ GodlyDreamBurger ][ GodlyDreamBurger ]3 månader sedan
  • I love how coppers hair looks like a turtle

    Caysie BradyCaysie Brady3 månader sedan
  • "chic fil a has fake and sewer chicken" *proceeds to put mcdonalds at A tier*

    PickleRick 484PickleRick 4843 månader sedan
  • you are wrong

    BobthylogBobthylog3 månader sedan
  • they put chick-fil-a in F and I kind of died

    alaynacalaynac3 månader sedan
  • 6:14 best part. Other good parts 7:10 7:13

    Uninspirational LizardUninspirational Lizard3 månader sedan
  • at jack in the box, i wanted a grilled cheese, when i got it, they literally didnt warm up the thing at all and gave me two pieces of bread and a slice of cheese ALL COLD. 2/10 the restrooms also broke for the day

    David LabradoDavid Labrado3 månader sedan
  • Listen here little gremlin boy, Chick-fil-A is THE best fast food place.

    VicinitrixVicinitrix3 månader sedan
  • bitch why the fuck is in n out e tier

    lliammnlliammn3 månader sedan
  • He may be joking but I disliked it because he did Wendys spicy chicken nuggets like that.

    PattyPatty3 månader sedan
  • How to use this list: Flip the places of the restaurants

    Legendary CreamLegendary Cream3 månader sedan
  • Five guys? I thought that was Canadian-

    Patches SupremacyPatches Supremacy3 månader sedan
  • Yay

    Mr-Rabbit-CheeseMr-Rabbit-Cheese3 månader sedan
  • Fuck you Chick-fil-A is at least b tier

    Nathaniel BithNathaniel Bith3 månader sedan
    • @Jeremy Downey yes

      Ethan CateEthan Cate3 månader sedan
    • No

      Jeremy DowneyJeremy Downey3 månader sedan

    Private SpideyPrivate Spidey3 månader sedan
  • Red?

    Person.12EPerson.12E3 månader sedan
  • Carson all I have to say is fuck you

    Wild FlamingoWild Flamingo3 månader sedan
  • fax

    NokotaNokota3 månader sedan
  • Facts don't care about your feelings, guys

    coffeemugmancoffeemugman3 månader sedan
  • once i saw him put Chick-Fil-A in the F tier, i knew this was a shitshow

    MagniMagni3 månader sedan
  • They’re all f tier

    Danny DoritoDanny Dorito3 månader sedan
  • Everything about how they set this up annoys me Just please merge the layers

    Milk Man GregMilk Man Greg3 månader sedan
  • KFC is U tier

    Stim WolfStim Wolf3 månader sedan
  • josh is wrong

    ShippodoShippodo3 månader sedan
    • carson and cooper are double wrong it cancels out josh is right

      ShippodoShippodo3 månader sedan
    • carson and cooper are wrong

      ShippodoShippodo3 månader sedan
  • This is just the worst.

    NewbierNewbier3 månader sedan
  • Anybody else notice that desktop running on windows 7?

    AfryoAfryo3 månader sedan
  • i swear carson pushing the mic towards the camera was the cutest thing ever shut up

    CrispyGreenGorillaCrispyGreenGorilla3 månader sedan
  • I have never been more filled with pure rage and simultaneously in complete denial. CHICK FIL A IS S TIER DAMNIT

    Joe MuraJoe Mura3 månader sedan
  • honestly I enjoy jack in the box

    Ferg HeinmanFerg Heinman3 månader sedan
  • I'm upset that Bojangles wasn't on here, that shit bangs

    Evan MatlackEvan Matlack3 månader sedan
  • Half of your food choice is WHACK! I agree with some bit Burger king, Taco bell, Five Guys and Subway are all wrong. (Of coarse I'm joking, but your food choice is still bad).

    MysteryMindMysteryMind3 månader sedan
  • Russia in the 20th century 2:18

    HowedyHowedy3 månader sedan
  • “Guys imma be honest I’ve been watching this stream for a few minutes and I’m pretty hungry.” -Travis “Traves” Travis

    XacmaroXacmaro3 månader sedan
  • Carson getting hit in the head with the mic is the best thing to come out of this

    Andrea KAndrea K3 månader sedan
  • We dont even have Chick-fil-A here and the fact that its in F absolutely enrages me

    Regular BlokeRegular Bloke3 månader sedan
  • i hate this and i wish i didnt watch this

    dea Oniondea Onion3 månader sedan
  • i dont understand why people hate arby's, its literally just roast beef sandwiches and their sliders are fucking amazing

    Jeef yJeef y3 månader sedan
  • I'm this in 2020 quarantine and I'm disappointed in this

    VertydsVertyds3 månader sedan
  • Bruh

    ツRelツRel4 månader sedan
  • You guys are copying idubz

    tophatgamertophatgamer4 månader sedan
  • Are you in a insane asylum?

    Eubert Carl andrei D. enteroEubert Carl andrei D. entero4 månader sedan
  • Putting sonic below S+ is offensive

    Aidan LowryAidan Lowry4 månader sedan
  • I clicked on the video and saw I had disliked it which I've never done to a video before and then I watched it again and realised why fuck your tier list that was terrible

    Slug RugSlug Rug4 månader sedan
  • Looking back on this this makes me hurt in all the wrong places and im glad a lot of people can say the same its just there are some good fast foods and your underrating them and toco bell is S!?! THE FUCK WAS WRONG WITH U CARSON?!

    SIKESIKE4 månader sedan
  • I love your content Carson and I’m sorry but I had to unsubscribe in n out is S tier

    Hudson SandersonHudson Sanderson4 månader sedan
  • why are they using like windows 3

    loganthesmokeybeanloganthesmokeybean4 månader sedan
  • I don’t think I agree with one

    Alex AmorosoAlex Amoroso4 månader sedan
    • But it’s also definitely satire

      Alex AmorosoAlex Amoroso4 månader sedan
  • I only know like 4 of these places

    Joseph RileyJoseph Riley4 månader sedan
  • My personal tier list. S. Chick fil a McDonald’s A Wendy’s subway Chipotle B sonic Pizza Hut C in-in out Papa johns. dominos D E five guys KFC F Dairy Queen The ones I put in C I have never or barely ever had

    Cam CoxCam Cox4 månader sedan