a game of betrayal

20 aug 2019
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we played a scary game with bears
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Schlatt: seworld.info
Slime: seworld.info
Ted: seworld.info
Cooper: seworld.info
Travis: seworld.info
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we played project winter

  • I never would have thunk that the rabbit from the thumbnail is the main villain in Fnaf Security Breach 2020 on the PlayStation 5.

    Kyubbik CatKyubbik Cat18 timmar sedan
  • Shlott

    Waldo BrownWaldo Brown19 timmar sedan
  • Among us before it was cool

    Charb PlusCharb Plus23 timmar sedan
  • this is a classic video that i think about a lot

    f0nkyg0yf0nkyg0y5 dagar sedan
  • Not gonna check but I bet there is plenty of among us comments

    RoachdogJrRoachdogJr7 dagar sedan
  • I’m getting a lot of Vanny vibes from this.

    Lit KaleLit Kale9 dagar sedan
  • the original amoung us

    TheTyGuyTheTyGuy11 dagar sedan
  • thought this was fortnite not even gonna lie

    binbin13 dagar sedan
  • the among us before among us

    Anna JAnna J14 dagar sedan
    • No it's not. Among us was created in 2018 while this game was created in 2019

      Fangz with a ZFangz with a Z14 dagar sedan
  • Hey, this looks familiar.

    Galax EGalax E16 dagar sedan
  • Bro this is among us but so much better

    Garold The GreatGarold The Great19 dagar sedan
  • 6:30 *distant panic*

    AfroOllyAfroOlly22 dagar sedan
  • Among Us

    FreeLosFreeLos27 dagar sedan
  • Jawsh is one of the funniest out of all of them

    Funny ManFunny ManMånad sedan
  • 0:69 :)

    user nameuser nameMånad sedan
    • Haha funny number

      The Official Barack Obama Youtube ChannelThe Official Barack Obama Youtube ChannelMånad sedan
  • among ice

    Elkay EZS8WSLK Water FountainElkay EZS8WSLK Water FountainMånad sedan
    • @Elkay EZS8WSLK Water Fountain F

      Fangz with a ZFangz with a Z14 dagar sedan
    • @Fangz with a Z sometimes the two dvd screensavers that are my braincells both hit the corner at the same time and i come up with something clever or have a good idea. but more often they just bump into each other and i fall over

      Elkay EZS8WSLK Water FountainElkay EZS8WSLK Water Fountain14 dagar sedan
    • I get pretty pissed when people compare this game to among us but this comment is so clever that I can't be mad

      Fangz with a ZFangz with a Z14 dagar sedan
  • When you’re in a froze

    GuillermoJGuillermoJMånad sedan
  • No one : Minecraft zombies : 0:03

    Lauren AllisonLauren AllisonMånad sedan
  • schlatt’s laugh terrified me i had a literal nightmare about it :(

    grace kyunggrace kyung2 månader sedan
  • Sometimes I think schlatt just can’t lie “How do I make a gun” right after he’s accused of being the traitor

    Ben the Gonk droidBen the Gonk droid2 månader sedan
  • what if you wanted to go to heaven but god said there's emotes in this game

    KrusadrKrusadr2 månader sedan
  • What is this, some kind of project winter?

    FourFour2 månader sedan
  • CallMeCarsonLIVE

    Jazz&F33TJazz&F33T2 månader sedan
  • He should play more of this

    MysteryMindMysteryMind3 månader sedan
  • Hateful Eight except theyre all on acid

    FlyingFicti0nFlyingFicti0n3 månader sedan
  • Why is the comment section full of retards? EXPLAIN.

    ImWithStupidImWithStupid3 månader sedan
  • 6:30

    Secret Spaghetti FreakSecret Spaghetti Freak3 månader sedan
  • The dynamic of Ted and Schlatt is my favorite thing ever

    Seacowz ZSeacowz Z3 månader sedan
  • You guys should actually play this more

    Jaylon ZaneJaylon Zane3 månader sedan
  • 2:40 Charlie hits an IED

    Certified Hood ClassicsCertified Hood Classics4 månader sedan
  • 6:30 oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit

    JasperEditsJasperEdits4 månader sedan
  • the rabbits are so scary omg lol

    5Gonza55Gonza54 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/lYfb15iynmd61Js/video Hollywood studios: *censor their films so they can screen them in China* Senator Ted Cruz: YOU ARE A TRAITOR ▼

    SpudSupremeSpudSupreme4 månader sedan
  • I have consumed berries - Ted nivison

    whale facts salesmenwhale facts salesmen4 månader sedan
  • Gamergamergamergamer

    NintendoNerd 64NintendoNerd 644 månader sedan
  • So is nobody gonna talk about the number at 7:09

    Hoaxes itHoaxes it5 månader sedan
  • That happened

    radiolafeesh le4cheradiolafeesh le4che5 månader sedan
  • Ah yes a game of betrayal A.K.A. Carson's love life

    Autismo SupremoAutismo Supremo5 månader sedan
  • idk if u guys know this but there's emotes in this game!

    Cam LauCam Lau5 månader sedan
  • Nobody: No one: Everyone: Me: *This does not make your comment funny anymore please for the love of god stop*

    Britley GoeingBritley Goeing5 månader sedan
  • The title aged well

    KeeKee5 månader sedan
  • this aged well

    EchoPurposeEchoPurpose5 månader sedan

    whocares itsaNameS8008got uwhocares itsaNameS8008got u5 månader sedan
  • c h u n k s t e r s

    [DANK] FB7zZ[DANK] FB7zZ5 månader sedan
  • If this is a game of betrayal, where’s Fitz?

    ParzivalParzival5 månader sedan
  • This carson guy should really start a Minecraft server

    Krab_Krab_5 månader sedan
  • This title did not age very well...

    PandaSoldaatPandaSoldaat5 månader sedan
  • HE has minecraft tex stiper.

    Gabriel VerrettGabriel Verrett5 månader sedan
  • Everyone: Who has a gun?! Schlatt: 10:28 * *Screeching laughter* *

    Smol SammichSmol Sammich5 månader sedan

    Alec CooperAlec Cooper5 månader sedan
    • Same. I just watched the "exchanging insurance information video" and I had to turn the volume way up to hear jawsh

      Oh NoOh No3 månader sedan
  • Total survival points...*420*

    Alex62435Alex624355 månader sedan
  • If only carson saw how ironic the name of this video would be today

    ? 持続するC o n t i n u e? 持続するC o n t i n u e5 månader sedan
  • Random chimp event

    iFusioniFusion5 månader sedan
  • me: sees thumbnail iS tHaT tHe mAn beHInD thE sLauGhTEr?!?!?

    NebulamessNebulamess5 månader sedan
  • 6:30 is Eddie Carr's reaction when he couldn't get the dart gun out of the net. God I hope people get that reference.

    APTERŸXAPTERŸX5 månader sedan
  • Carson KNEW THE FUTURE Judjeing by the title

    TribalWriter635TribalWriter6355 månader sedan
  • if you only knew the betrayal your in for

    Matsuo HatsuharuMatsuo Hatsuharu5 månader sedan
  • The name of this video describes the whole katerino

    something studiossomething studios5 månader sedan
  • The name of this video describes the whole katerino Scenario

    something studiossomething studios5 månader sedan
  • Did traves swear 0:11

    Juan ShotJuan Shot5 månader sedan
  • We need this game again

    Donkey TeethDonkey Teeth5 månader sedan
  • The title is fitz nickname for friendship.

    A Compelled Passionate Rationalist.A Compelled Passionate Rationalist.5 månader sedan
  • Wow...this rlly didn’t age well huh

    UI Scooby DogeUI Scooby Doge5 månader sedan
  • You thought this was a game of betrayal, if only you knew how your relationship with Katerino would end back then

    BoopiesMine69BoopiesMine695 månader sedan
  • Guys, I think there are emotes in this game

    Ethan ProductionsEthan Productions5 månader sedan
  • Them: Oh the whole point of the bunny thing is so you can kill people without them knowing it’s you Schlatt: MANIACALLY LAUGHING AS HE SLAUGHTERS PEOPLE

    GeovenoxGeovenox5 månader sedan
  • this didnt age right did it

    Mr.SandmanMr.Sandman5 månader sedan
  • This is a weird recommendation

    Noah BriskeNoah Briske6 månader sedan
  • they need to play this game more

    CH33KCL4P3R69CH33KCL4P3R696 månader sedan
  • Love the intro carson

    Mr PeanutMr Peanut6 månader sedan
  • I thought he was talking about Cunterino.

    NoWillToLiveNoWillToLive6 månader sedan
  • 0:02 I swear I could smell his breath

    8BitGdHaxz8BitGdHaxz6 månader sedan
  • Carson: Help me up. Schlatt: How do I help you up? Carson: E Schlatt: *summons a shockwave of snow around him*

    DragasaltDragasalt6 månader sedan
  • This video title says a lot

    JaviJavi6 månader sedan
  • A game of betrayal huh? Yeah Carson you guessed it...

    David AnderssonDavid Andersson6 månader sedan
  • Deja vu

    MidasT2R [Music]MidasT2R [Music]6 månader sedan
  • 5 seconds in and I’m already mortified

    Un RealUn Real6 månader sedan
  • From vtubers (Nisisanji/Hololive) to Carson. fucking quarantine hit me this much

    Levix HyuniLevix Hyuni6 månader sedan
  • Katerinos favourite game

    CJ StathamCJ Statham6 månader sedan
  • This title aged well. Too well.

    No_CringeNo_Cringe6 månader sedan
    • *poorly

      ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻bagle spelled wrong⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻bagle spelled wrong⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻4 månader sedan
    • @bitsad innit lel where've you been buddy?

      D DracD Drac5 månader sedan
    • @D Drac wow I just saw a video about it. Carson is such a sweetheart. Imagine being such a garbage person to do that

      bitsad innitbitsad innit5 månader sedan
    • @bitsad innit you missed a lot, katerino cheated on Carson with 7 guys including fitz

      D DracD Drac5 månader sedan
    • Why? Did I miss something

      bitsad innitbitsad innit5 månader sedan
  • a game of betrayal? looks like carson, kate, and fitz played this irl

    The official Sonic PodcastThe official Sonic Podcast6 månader sedan
  • Oh man this is ironic

    DubbuDubbu6 månader sedan
  • That title tho oooooof

    mamba goatmamba goat6 månader sedan
  • I still have no idea how this game works and I’ve seen this video like 10+ times

    KaidenKaiden6 månader sedan
  • talk about betrayal damn

    Owen PetersonOwen Peterson6 månader sedan
    • Uh what happened

      Demarco HopkinsDemarco Hopkins29 dagar sedan
  • Wood fired pizza? How’s pizza going to get a job now?

    Alexander AgcaoiliAlexander Agcaoili6 månader sedan
  • Honestly it was so adorable after Carson died and was with the ghosts and they all ran out of the house together in a tight group Like even though half of em were dead and they couldn’t hear the other half they were together in spirit

    lillerliller6 månader sedan
  • Talking about betrayal... cough, fitz, cough

    pp6 månader sedan
    • Shit. The winter didn't kill the coronavirus that came from Carson *King*

      This Recording SessionTMThis Recording SessionTM6 månader sedan
  • Bunny in the thumbnail lookin' like a retexured and modeled version of the slenderman model from Roblox ngl

    Forty One SixForty One Six6 månader sedan
  • 7:15 nice

    Fred RiddlefiddleFred Riddlefiddle6 månader sedan
  • Yikesss

    super rat kicker 12super rat kicker 126 månader sedan
  • Kate cheating on Carson: a game of betrayal

    MintyMinty6 månader sedan
    • @nothydde lol how is it rajj's fault? he just got them together, and they've been together for a quite long time.

      Rasheyn OthmanRasheyn Othman6 månader sedan
    • We all know this is Raj’s fault for asking Carson to play his little game

      nothyddenothydde6 månader sedan
    • Timmy Chow why

      MintyMinty6 månader sedan
    • ...please shutup

      Timmy ChowTimmy Chow6 månader sedan
  • Schlart

    Fuck wuggetFuck wugget6 månader sedan
  • Damn fitz didnt have to try that hard

    Elmismisimo mismisimoElmismisimo mismisimo6 månader sedan
  • I had my headphones at full blast when I started the video

    jord3300 jord3300jord3300 jord33007 månader sedan
  • This turned into a horror game fast

    K U M O R IK U M O R I7 månader sedan
  • Ug

    Ronald The AntRonald The Ant7 månader sedan
  • *video starts* ?: gamergamergamergamergamer-- ?: *DEMON SPEECH*

    ArlwissArlwiss7 månader sedan
  • Cant spell Carson without arson

    SuchanSuchan7 månader sedan
  • You got 1.1 million views, 1.1 thousand comments, more than 1.1 thousand likes, and you still haven't figured out that you scoring 420 points the first game is a funny yeah funny number

    Jeff 4 the RaidJeff 4 the Raid7 månader sedan