Forgotten Minecraft Moments

25 jul 2020
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i love the chunky pizza rat
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CallMeCarson Minecraft SMP Live

  • chunky shees rats

    SpLoXiSpLoXiTimme sedan
  • 7:47

    Miss. Danni TigerMiss. Danni Tiger4 timmar sedan
  • We call traffic circles "rotaries" in rhode Island too. It's not just a Massachusetts thing.

    Noah KNoah K7 timmar sedan
  • My only question..... How is this man NOT married yet?

    LilEeyoreLilEeyoreDag sedan
  • I W A N T T O C H U N K Y C H E E S E I N T H E R A T

    The Child of ShrekThe Child of ShrekDag sedan
  • that noteblock shit was so good oh my god

    ryebreadryebreadDag sedan
  • Church Prime!!

    OwO sin panOwO sin panDag sedan
  • 4:42 is a tag for myself

    Natalia Deocampo StitesNatalia Deocampo Stites2 dagar sedan
  • im doing good

    Donovan The GoDonovan The Go2 dagar sedan
  • Carson has the Chunky Dumpy

    StoicStoic4 dagar sedan
  • What's the name of the shaders he's using

    youLACskillyouLACskill4 dagar sedan
  • What a classic

    BigCronkinBigCronkin8 dagar sedan
  • CallHimC"arse"on

    jacketcriminaljacketcriminal10 dagar sedan
  • carson: *has a 'breakdown' on stream* what a classic!

    gay little ferretgay little ferret11 dagar sedan
  • chubby cheese

    skinny bredskinny bred11 dagar sedan
  • 14:18 is just... this is what makes the world go around

    shelby perezshelby perez13 dagar sedan
  • 1:15 *the prophecy is true*

    S̺͆k̺͆o̺͆o̺͆t̺͆e̺͆r̺͆S̺͆k̺͆o̺͆o̺͆t̺͆e̺͆r̺͆14 dagar sedan
  • Have you heard the legend of Charleston Cheese?

    PeepeepoopooPeepeepoopoo14 dagar sedan
  • marshmallow

    ibrahim köseibrahim köse14 dagar sedan
  • I remember I did a thing similar to Josh's chunky cheese rat story, once I went on the stage with the animatronic and positioned myself directly below the hand of the animatronic being lowered and raised so I could say that Chucky cheese patted me on the head and it hurt a lot more than I expected and I just broke down and started crying

    an accidentan accident16 dagar sedan
  • “Latest Subscriber - traves”

    ZachariaZZZZachariaZZZ17 dagar sedan
  • what a classic

    Jack HutchinsonJack Hutchinson19 dagar sedan
  • "you're such a theater kid" Damn right I am

    『 Sxft • Lemøn 』『 Sxft • Lemøn 』19 dagar sedan
  • If anyone has ever played four elements trainer cause if you have his message on stream sounds like when you get an item

    Anime 3ditzAnime 3ditz19 dagar sedan
  • someone oppened the can

    crispy watercrispy water19 dagar sedan

    Glitch in The M6triXGlitch in The M6triX21 dag sedan

    mechanicalhandsmechanicalhands21 dag sedan
  • what shader does he use in the first part of the video?

    Dylan ItowDylan Itow22 dagar sedan
  • Unlimited = 6 and above

    ElysianEchoElysianEcho24 dagar sedan
  • You ok Carson?

    Big goofy ShlongBig goofy Shlong24 dagar sedan
  • "that's the church of Twitch Prime-" "ohohohohohohoho *guys Guys GUYS* "

    Noah RenneNoah Renne25 dagar sedan
  • why do his shoulders do that

    upset crabupset crab28 dagar sedan
  • Carson making Fluid Noises: Flfelfeleueufel The Captions: [Music]

    Kenneth OrozcoKenneth Orozco29 dagar sedan
  • Carson has a breakdown in this stream and a minute later proceeds to say "what a classic"

    DuckDuck29 dagar sedan
  • Why he using the McDonald’s mic in the beginning

    ToadyMationsToadyMations29 dagar sedan
  • 14:35 omg carson crying makes me crying

    PaperBoii 69PaperBoii 69Månad sedan
  • carson is the most homely looking guy I have ever seen and he’s so awkward but damn it hes got a good sense of humour

    BrentBrentMånad sedan
  • Like how many time Carson crys

    Owen HoggeOwen HoggeMånad sedan
  • 12:56 I am uncomfortable

    irondab XDirondab XDMånad sedan
  • carson saying "and you could always unsubscribe" makes me really sad, idk why

    astro.mp3astro.mp3Månad sedan
  • I the beginning his face in the darkness made me throw up in my mouth

    TheFallenDemonTheFallenDemonMånad sedan
  • answer for cooper in philly we say hoagie insted of sub like ive never asked for a sub i always day hoagie other slang we use is like jawn (a thing literally anything) and buhl (a person)

    jessie lakejessie lakeMånad sedan
  • Carson getting raunchy.

    Joseph BrownJoseph BrownMånad sedan
  • this video has so much ass

    TaboabisTaboabisMånad sedan
  • What did James do

    Fatso - SenseiFatso - SenseiMånad sedan
  • Mmmmm sweaty villager

    Phantom EggrollPhantom EggrollMånad sedan
  • Chunky cheese rat

    Su TartSu TartMånad sedan
  • Was the subscribe thing a fucking Dream reference?

    PuggseiPuggseiMånad sedan
    • The twitch prime thing is a Carson thing on dream smp

      Evelyn SageEvelyn Sage23 dagar sedan
  • What was that intro theme thingy?

    WrathWrathMånad sedan
  • I cant believe before chucky CHEESE me and my cousins said that joke. It's insane how the universe works

    DigitalReduxDigitalReduxMånad sedan
  • Can I join ur sever

    dank memer Clarkdank memer ClarkMånad sedan
  • What the hell was ted singing

    『Kawwai shit』『Kawwai shit』Månad sedan
  • The chunky cheese raat is both god and satan he is immortal and everlasting

    Just MonikaJust MonikaMånad sedan
  • this was made on my birthday

    TheGamingDodoTheGamingDodoMånad sedan
  • I rlly like how Carson’s everything gets really low quality when he’s in the nether

    beeblissbeeblissMånad sedan
  • Dude. Carson was building the. The memories of SMP Live

    NixtolNixtolMånad sedan
  • I love how everyone just went silent besides Carson for a bit

    Kristy MKristy MMånad sedan
  • fat minecraft steve

    DozerothingsDozerothingsMånad sedan
  • What a classic

    Layne PhillipsLayne PhillipsMånad sedan
  • I want to know what epic cartoon network thing ted made

    icemanicemanMånad sedan
  • it was great meeting with cargo and I hope to see a good start to it as well de and see how it is a good day and I will see a doctor for a while I am in de la gauche

    Polly PerryPolly PerryMånad sedan
  • Carson is using the school headphones 0:30

    Moonlight 156Moonlight 156Månad sedan
  • Was that a “Dream” intro

    Nick Is BombNick Is BombMånad sedan
  • i like how Carson names his bow 22 savage

    mechanicalhandsmechanicalhandsMånad sedan
  • Carson's laugh is very contagious

    Christian HadleyChristian HadleyMånad sedan
  • baginduisngus

    Crypt ClanCrypt ClanMånad sedan
  • As a Massachusian, I can confirm we are rotary

    Akrius FinchAkrius FinchMånad sedan
  • Pls dont tell me I am the only one who searched up carson thicc right after this vid.

    Hamad SajidHamad SajidMånad sedan
  • Got this whole ass stream thirstin gotdamn

    shrimpshrimpMånad sedan
  • callmecarson thicc compilation 2020 no clickbait virus free 100%

    Something at any rate, probablySomething at any rate, probablyMånad sedan
  • Around the 12 minute Mark I really didn't expect to hear the phendrana drifts theme song from Metroid prime.

    hotthornshotthornsMånad sedan
  • what a classic

    youyouMånad sedan
  • The dream intro 💀

    Addison LockAddison LockMånad sedan
  • I forgot im burger f

    BURGERBURGER2 månader sedan
  • chats full name is Chat Room

    heersenheersen2 månader sedan
  • isn’t a rotary what they call engines in old Mazdas and NSU cars

    Asthmatic FishAsthmatic Fish2 månader sedan
  • Chunky cheese rat

    Funny FudgeFunny Fudge2 månader sedan
  • i got a papa murphys ad. they kneed seriously, they chop seriously, AND they shre seriously. cause theyre serious about tuesdays. crazy shit man, crazy shit.

    Ravioli Anth0nyRavioli Anth0ny2 månader sedan
  • I don’t know what the fuck happened, but CallMeCarson thicc came up as soon as I typed in CallMeCarson while I watching this video.

    J. CJ. C2 månader sedan
  • I never say this, but traves was really annoying when repeatedly saying "Can we kick Josh"

    Fletcher HernandoFletcher Hernando2 månader sedan
  • i thought he had a break down for a bit there

    ArtsyInkArtsyInk2 månader sedan
  • Ha, what a classic

    emerald aspectsemerald aspects2 månader sedan
  • I quote from this video too often.

    Tofu ImoutosanTofu Imoutosan2 månader sedan
  • If everyone that is watching that isnt subscribed did subscribe you would be at 2 million on this channel

    Ryan 5396Ryan 53962 månader sedan
  • pee

    EternaallEternaall2 månader sedan
  • When Jawsh was talking about chunky cheese rat pizza he sounded like a fanfic of reader x chunky cheesy gouda rat

    Timm ThomasTimm Thomas2 månader sedan
  • wait so no more youtube roomates?

    Unidentified Scottish FurryUnidentified Scottish Furry2 månader sedan
  • 13:53 he sounds like the thing that they put in your mouth at the dentist to get rid of saliva.

    josh fjosh f2 månader sedan
  • Comedy and quality

    peaceful fungoloidpeaceful fungoloid2 månader sedan
  • chunky cheese rat

    AnonymusAnonymus2 månader sedan
  • Funny Carson

    TGS GhostFrost GamingTGS GhostFrost Gaming2 månader sedan
  • The Chunky Cheese Rat with pizza made me aroused and I’m scared at this moment

    SamsonSamson2 månader sedan
  • 5:00 to 5:30 is just fnaf in a nutshell

    NitzelNitzel2 månader sedan
  • Why is Carson s laugh so cuisine

    Luke NelsonLuke Nelson2 månader sedan
  • This video is a slow decent into madness.

    Ian OlivierIan Olivier2 månader sedan
  • Chunky cheese rat says: He clearly likes it!

    Rolls-Royce CullinanRolls-Royce Cullinan2 månader sedan
  • 6:14 that's not chunky cheese rat pizza... *THATS FUCKING BIG LION*

    CoussinexCoussinex2 månader sedan
  • Ted freaking out saying “don’t bathe in craigory’s fucking shrine” cracks me up every time

    CharidudeCharidude2 månader sedan
  • What a classic!

    BradenBraden2 månader sedan
  • Callmecarson thicc is a search result on SEworld now

    ‘ CCK5018 ‘‘ CCK5018 ‘2 månader sedan