Meeting Strange People in Pixark

15 jun 2019
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danny devito #ad
→ buy pixark, I got paid to promote it
Video Edited by Krinios:
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  • Another Minecraft video out tomorrow boys, don't worry

    CallMeCarsonLIVECallMeCarsonLIVEÅr sedan
    • Isnt this minecraft?

      YoMaSoYoMaSo2 månader sedan
    • Still Waiting

      John F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy4 månader sedan
    • You said caca which just literaly means poopoo

      max Forrestermax Forrester4 månader sedan
    • Ok

      TRASHTRASH9 månader sedan
    • You need to play this more

      Konnor SmithHouseKonnor SmithHouse9 månader sedan
  • yeah I know you like that cut of jib yeah maybe ran too

    SmakTheHallSmakTheHall11 dagar sedan
  • why did Pixark’s advertisement team approve this

    mountainmoonmountainmoon12 dagar sedan

    Corn MuffinCorn MuffinMånad sedan
  • this is actually a cash grab though it's just ark on the like trove engine or something

    Zadl GamingZadl GamingMånad sedan
  • Blocky ark survival evolved

    Dylan ArgoDylan ArgoMånad sedan
  • I need to stop watching these videos in public because people are looking at me laughing

    Syd the kidSyd the kidMånad sedan
  • you are by far one of the most unfunnnist youtubers

    Justin HeatJustin HeatMånad sedan
  • Minecraft 2

    a bruh momenta bruh moment2 månader sedan
  • dude they could get so much content out of the real ark

    HarroogaButAgainHarroogaButAgain2 månader sedan
  • lol thi is a b-tec ark survival evolved

    clapped retardclapped retard2 månader sedan
  • this is a copy of ark survival

    CalebCScottCalebCScott2 månader sedan
  • stop saying "por quê" Carson: pork- ay?

    Friendless WyvernFriendless Wyvern2 månader sedan
  • bootleg ark

    HH2 månader sedan
  • You know, I definitely didn’t feel advertised Well watching this video

    GuillermoJGuillermoJ2 månader sedan
  • change it ten percent its yours

    HervardHervard3 månader sedan
  • I think this is a ad guys

    SaltieSaltie3 månader sedan
  • This is exactly ark lol

    Phase CrackerPhase Cracker3 månader sedan
  • Hey can you play this very epic game I reccomend it’s called video game and you would like because video games and video video video gamer

    JonahMastroJonahMastro3 månader sedan
  • I legit like that whoever that girl was, was trying so hard to get them to just play the game legit. But they just did not give a shit. Progamer moves all around!

    Tenvian RabbitTenvian Rabbit3 månader sedan
  • Jesus christ they REGRET sponsoring this shit. god damn..

    NeoUzzyNeoUzzy5 månader sedan
  • Why was this posted in June when it’s may

    Marks pizzaMarks pizza5 månader sedan
    • Oh my god I’m retarted

      Marks pizzaMarks pizza5 månader sedan
  • god this game was a mistake

    Sir. BorkSir. Bork5 månader sedan
  • That’s literally ark but with blocks

    Boris CranktionBoris Cranktion5 månader sedan
  • ¿Por qué?

    Sta1nlessSta1nless5 månader sedan
  • Ah yes

    Hunter BroxsonHunter Broxson5 månader sedan
  • Ark survival is actually awful

    Sma JnoesSma Jnoes5 månader sedan
  • carson's spanish moment: hello, why? where is the milk? poop. long live the pinata.

    crankcrank5 månader sedan
  • I really want them to to play ark

    Darth Kahlodon66Darth Kahlodon665 månader sedan
  • #ad

    Keaton ScottKeaton Scott5 månader sedan
  • Thank you for the in depth tutorial on how to eat shit! I have all the information I need

    Fayde EdgarFayde Edgar5 månader sedan
  • Jesus Christ this game is fucking atrocious. Tbh kinda sad that you took this sponsor. The UI is exactly the same as real ark. Everything is exactly the same as the real ark. It’s literally the same, the big pillars in sky are exactly the same with no difference. It’s actually pathetic that this game is exactly the same as ark but pixels.

    HarroogaButAgainHarroogaButAgain5 månader sedan
    • Qwantym honestly it’s a win-win for him, he gets money and plays a game that’s so bad it’s funny while ironically promoting it

      Thomas TrainerThomas Trainer4 månader sedan
  • Viva piñata? Viva piñata?! VIVA PIÑATA *VIVA PIÑATA* :(

    Tillet _Tillet _5 månader sedan
  • Carson trying to speak to the Spanish guy is me in Spanish class trying to speak to my teacher. Yo no hablo español señora

    Sophia :0Sophia :05 månader sedan
  • I forgot about this cashgrab

    zxjurassic 02zxjurassic 025 månader sedan
  • This is ark and that’s a fact

    That guy 84That guy 845 månader sedan
  • poor k pork a

    chrischris6 månader sedan
  • I'm so glad he played this over the real ark the real ark is the worst game ever made

    Stinkus DinkusStinkus Dinkus6 månader sedan
  • Its really crazy how you can copy a game to the basics but make it pixels so its non copywritten

    K1LL10NA1REK1LL10NA1RE6 månader sedan
  • That girl with Carson is like trying to train a dog

    MysteryMindMysteryMind6 månader sedan
  • Porque Por kay Pork gay Poor gay Pokay Okay

    Bjay VillegasBjay Villegas6 månader sedan
  • This is literally ark, even has the same exact floating pillars lmao

    Tactical SpinachTactical Spinach7 månader sedan
  • Donda esta la lecha

    Alice WilliamsAlice Williams7 månader sedan
  • Guys we should buy pixark

    Yeah I'm kinda a big dealYeah I'm kinda a big deal7 månader sedan
  • It's literally Ark but not fucking broken

    Pre0ccupied LIVEPre0ccupied LIVE7 månader sedan
  • when ark go cube

    Soggy WafflesSoggy Waffles7 månader sedan
  • Go eat your chocolate tiny man

    Clarence ReediceClarence Reedice8 månader sedan
  • I think I should buy Pixark

    DuckyDucky8 månader sedan
  • I thought this had song to do with Pixar

    Luke NicholsLuke Nichols8 månader sedan
  • Pixark: the ark rip off

    Preston NullPreston Null8 månader sedan
  • ARK survival meets minecraft

    xanimegamerxxanimegamerx8 månader sedan
  • Shoulda played regular ark

    LongHourLoopsLongHourLoops8 månader sedan
  • if carson does this when hytale rolls out imma die

    CubicCubic8 månader sedan
  • isn't this just ark survival evolved but pixelised

    Kian MathiesonKian Mathieson8 månader sedan
  • I hate how this ended on 4443 subs

    LordithLordith9 månader sedan
  • Why is Travis's character so fucking ugly, holy shit

    Daniel GarciaDaniel Garcia9 månader sedan
  • PixARK: You. ARK: The man she tells you not to worry about.

    Sam WarrenSam Warren9 månader sedan
  • "viva piñata"

    AgustinoAgustino9 månader sedan
  • *caca?*

    big poopy emobig poopy emo9 månader sedan
  • 4:52 Carson[Spanish]: Where is the milk? Foriegn man[Spanish]: Where is what? Carson: Uh oh Carson[Spanish]: poop Foriegn man: Oh! Carson: *ch* I don't know what I'm saying Foriegn man[Spanish]: Uhm... Goodbye

    Danny Devito our lordDanny Devito our lord9 månader sedan
  • am i the only one that absolutely fucking died when he said “kaka?”

    ukiyoukiyo9 månader sedan
  • No one is going to talk about DannyD?

    HeyImCodeHeyImCode10 månader sedan
  • why are you gae?

    PlayerChefPlayerChef10 månader sedan
  • is this a knockoff ark

    ari eggertsari eggerts10 månader sedan
  • You just know a game's gonna be good when it's called "Pixel [other much better game]"

    PossumTPossumT10 månader sedan
  • It's ark... but pixel

    Chili_DogChili_Dog10 månader sedan
  • Hey Carson, where are the Duolingo lessons????

    MexiM ONEMexiM ONE10 månader sedan
  • Carson racist!

    Unconventional OvenUnconventional Oven10 månader sedan
    • How? Send link

      Tweeny ゆうたお TwinkiesTweeny ゆうたお Twinkies2 månader sedan
  • Still not sure if this is an ad or not

    Gabriel OdvářkaGabriel Odvářka10 månader sedan
  • im waiting for the real ark now, you will enjoy the character creation for sure.

    PatelniaPatelnia11 månader sedan
  • Pixark is actually a rip off of ark made by a different studio

    RoboRatRoboRat11 månader sedan
  • Ah, Perry the Platypus. You’re just in time to see my latest invention! Behold! The Cock-And-Ball-Torturinator! You see it all started when I was 5 back in Gimmelshtump when my parents did cock and ball torture on me. Now with this I can give everyone in the tri-state area cock and ball torture! *Presses button but machin backfires and cocks and ball tortures himself* GAAGAGGAHAHGAHAGAHAGAHHA!

    some handssome hands11 månader sedan

    Odd1Odd111 månader sedan
  • *WHAT?!* You’ve never played Pixark?!

    PredatorKingXPredatorKingX11 månader sedan
  • "pork ayy"

    Kendrish SKendrish S11 månader sedan
  • It's the year 2034 and CallMeCarson's channel is a mess of advertisements. It all started when he found out about his networth compared to Fitz.

    max youngmax young11 månader sedan
  • ngl it's basically ARK survival

    Violet ForestViolet Forest11 månader sedan
  • Dude, Cube World and Ark mashed together

    Cody JCody J11 månader sedan
  • :

    FRAZNACFRAZNAC11 månader sedan
  • should’ve named him zuckles

    xdd xdxdd xd11 månader sedan
  • original ark is better lol

    pirateminpiratemin11 månader sedan
  • Carson is the only one who would have me want me to go and buy a game.

    CohenCohenÅr sedan
  • I’m eating chips ahoy right now

    Jessica LesterJessica LesterÅr sedan
  • Pork a

    DarkmanDarkmanÅr sedan
  • Weird how Carson will never be sponsered by these guys again.

    Sugoi StalinSugoi StalinÅr sedan
  • Shut up brand

    Taha ShakeelTaha ShakeelÅr sedan
  • El weon era Chileno parece

    KrasnoyeKrasnoyeÅr sedan
  • 9:11 how do you fuck a state

    Mechanical MosesMechanical MosesÅr sedan
  • advertisement

    Jasmine RiveroJasmine RiveroÅr sedan
  • What Minecraft mod is this

    Willie RiceWillie RiceÅr sedan
  • This game gives me eye aids

    GamingHTGamingHTÅr sedan
  • you fucking bastard

    gargonzolagargonzolaÅr sedan
  • Spanish guy: I uhh dont understand.. Carson: *C A H C A H*

    coco mm.coco mm.År sedan
  • This is just minecraft and ark but awful it even copy’s the hud and the same text from ark

    RhythmRhythmÅr sedan
  • You should play ark

    LuckyFlyerLuckyFlyerÅr sedan
  • Play real ark

    Tanon MoralesdoreTanon MoralesdoreÅr sedan
  • The first 5 days of pixark was the best you could Break into anything with only a primitive pick axe

    Fireking13Fireking13År sedan
  • Holy shit this game looks horrible

    ThiccTunaSandwichThiccTunaSandwichÅr sedan
  • queso gorgonzola

    Kernal CornKernal CornÅr sedan
  • Pixark for console is really glitchy and unplayable, it's only really worth playing on pc

    Kenny HarrisKenny HarrisÅr sedan