This is gonna work.

9 jun 2020
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what a wonderful time of year
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  • Carson you are one of the most deserving human being of the love that you get

    sub2pewdsor urmomgaysub2pewdsor urmomgayDag sedan
  • You're allowed to complain, the argument that you cant complain because other people have it harder is so bullshit. Everyone is allowed to complain. Of course there is a point where it becomes abnoxious and stupid just like everything else. But you are allowed to talk about the downsides of your job no matter what it is. If people have an issue with that then they're just jealous bastards that dont have half a brain to think through a complete thought.

    MaxicatMaxicat3 dagar sedan
  • Where is your hair

    PickleciclePicklecicle11 dagar sedan
  • Carson’s title is what I say at literally every shrine.

    John Stan The Millennial ManJohn Stan The Millennial Man18 dagar sedan
  • Ok, bird

    Just Another IdiotJust Another Idiot21 dag sedan
  • The "Christmas music" is a little too accurate on what life with a wife is like.

    Carson ApplebaumCarson Applebaum27 dagar sedan
  • "Do you guys think i'm stupid" WHAT? No of course not!! "I hate Dragon Quest" I take it all back mr callmecarson sir you are a smooth brained doofus >:(

    【Tatsk00 MMD】【Tatsk00 MMD】29 dagar sedan
  • That dude in the Christmas video should just get a straight up divorce.

    Patriot GuyPatriot GuyMånad sedan
  • Anybody else got 800 hours in this game

    Brubby UwUBrubby UwUMånad sedan
  • hes 3/4 the the divine beasts with 6 hearts omfg no wonder he dies in one hit

    Cpt davidCpt davidMånad sedan
  • Not even kidding my dad literally calls me 3

    Jameson CreachJameson CreachMånad sedan
  • Nobody believes you that you give money to charity

    Jameson CreachJameson CreachMånad sedan
  • Am I allowed to unsubscribe

    Jameson CreachJameson CreachMånad sedan
  • Rest in peace OG title " Merry Christmas "

    FBIFBIMånad sedan
  • I really like when Carson is down to earth and just talks serious to his viewers

    ooga boogaooga boogaMånad sedan
  • how the fuck does he not know how to run

    Theodore 63.8Theodore 63.8Månad sedan
  • please anyone holy god tell me what this christmas music is from

    stinks or stonksstinks or stonksMånad sedan
  • That topic Carson was talking about really made me look at streamers differently. Nj guy who asks it

    ThatGuyEnzoThatGuyEnzoMånad sedan
  • I'm just watching this again and its funny how ted's being a nice guy and his wife is just being an all out karen

    Templarino PizzaTemplarino Pizza2 månader sedan
  • am statistic

    HayzyBoyHayzyBoy2 månader sedan
  • yo where can i find the Christmas music? asking for a friend

    Comatose CarsonComatose Carson2 månader sedan
  • The timing of Carson looking into the camera and the Christmas Music kicking up was perfect

    RecklingReckling2 månader sedan
  • i will pay 5 dollars for a breath of the wild callmecarson ripoff

    Nathan DanalsNathan Danals2 månader sedan
  • Flurrys are stupidly hard to do on those strength shrines, but are easy to do on every other enemy.

    Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin2 månader sedan
  • Considering his greatest health issue is his hysterical wheeze, i think its safe to say he appreciates his job.

    Samurai NutsSamurai Nuts2 månader sedan
  • This Christmas argument thing is hilarious, where is the link

    rohudabossrohudaboss2 månader sedan
  • Why is Carson's hairline all the way at the back

    Bread TimeBread Time2 månader sedan
  • This went from funny rock man to deep conversation

    WafflesWaffles2 månader sedan
  • Carsonists

    [Kiwix][Kiwix]2 månader sedan
    • the chatroom is now on fire

      [Kiwix][Kiwix]2 månader sedan
  • front. im just gonna leave that there

    MaleMale2 månader sedan
  • The amount of serious carson here makes me happy. He seems so genuine, this isn't CallMeCarson, this is Carson King.

    FryFry2 månader sedan
  • If we are statistics, is the fanbase named the charts?

    R0kky R04dR0kky R04d2 månader sedan
  • Why did you change the title and thumbnail?

    Kcoop142Kcoop1422 månader sedan
  • Idk why people back wipe, you don't need to lift if you use the gap between your legs in the front But I guess Carsons mega dong is too big for him to do that

    kilted_kidkilted_kid2 månader sedan
  • Been here since "Merry Christmas" title and thumbnail

    4CornersTV4CornersTV3 månader sedan
  • Carson's hair being wet increases his age by 20 years.

    HighlordSilverHighlordSilver3 månader sedan
  • self obsessed streamer complains about his job while there are litteraly people living in ohio

    AlchemisparkAlchemispark3 månader sedan
  • What christmas song was that?

    Spireshire *Spireshire *3 månader sedan
  • Yo he changed the thumbnail and the title of the video. Y’all-

    ChaTae 95ChaTae 953 månader sedan
  • 6:25

    Logan burtonLogan burton3 månader sedan
  • Hey Carson and everyone. I got into CallMeCarson after my little brother showed me. I instantly fell in love! My little brother is 19 and I’m 23. I love this kind of comedy, it’s actually “wholesome” haha. Anyways Carson has a great since of humor and I’m glad my little brother introduced me to his videos:)

    Brooklyn ColeBrooklyn Cole3 månader sedan
  • 9:39 me in the middle of talking to someone

    Elliot RamenElliot Ramen3 månader sedan
  • Mmmmmmmmooney

    VountryVountry3 månader sedan
  • old man carson

    MiniP1geonMiniP1geon3 månader sedan
  • big stone

    DesPaciTO_sPAjdERDesPaciTO_sPAjdER3 månader sedan
  • Carson talking about Government is so based

    DiamondrelDiamondrel3 månader sedan
  • For some reason when I heard the heavy period day clip I thought it was pokimane.

    `Aries``Aries`3 månader sedan
  • Love you Carson, this is why you've been so blessed with streaming

    Kai RadaKai Rada3 månader sedan
  • Why does it sound like Tony Stark and Pepper pots at the beginning

    OmnetaOmneta3 månader sedan
  • I get where Carson is coming from. if I was in an auditorium full of like 20,000 people I would be scared shitless and couldn't make any jokes, but thinking of it as a statistic instead of people watching you expecting content makes the stress level go down by a lot. thinking of it as not people makes it easier to make jokes because instead of people expecting and waiting for jokes its just a "number". i know it sounds messed up but it makes sense

    ProbablyCheating IVProbablyCheating IV3 månader sedan
  • what video is he watching in the beginning

    Jacob HicksJacob Hicks3 månader sedan

    Pingas man5.0.0Pingas man5.0.03 månader sedan
  • At 14:25 i think i got the maths wrong per year he apparently gets 43,800,000

    EternalEternal3 månader sedan
  • I thought it said 3 years ago because it’s nowhere near christmas

    Bob ThelobBob Thelob3 månader sedan
  • i’m so confused...

    { strawberry kisses }{ strawberry kisses }3 månader sedan

    KillaSid 25KillaSid 253 månader sedan
  • It looks like you balding

    dinnis dannydinnis danny3 månader sedan
  • Frick Dragon Quest

    Gibby GibsonGibby Gibson3 månader sedan
  • I live in ohio😣 I struggle wit the goop growing on my balls everyday

    JaydengotjuiceJaydengotjuice3 månader sedan
  • 1:00 can someone tell me what that is?

    700 subs with no vids700 subs with no vids3 månader sedan
  • Hello I am number 4334. CallMeCarson's subscriber

    CharsChars3 månader sedan
  • You have been losing your hair.

    JdccrazyJdccrazy3 månader sedan
  • when the

    HusskyHussky3 månader sedan
  • Thank you carson

    Jacob LukowiakJacob Lukowiak3 månader sedan
  • Merry christmas

    CatheurCatheur3 månader sedan
  • Can I have the links to the videos Carson was playing at the start

    Fuck wuggetFuck wugget3 månader sedan
    • Found it

      Fuck wuggetFuck wugget3 månader sedan
  • happy new year.

    greenfamily168greenfamily1683 månader sedan
  • Ganon more like gayon

    Alneerah AlmAlneerah Alm3 månader sedan
  • Happy Hanukkah guys

    Brandon JeongBrandon Jeong3 månader sedan
  • Didn't know Gus Johnson streamed.

    James Luke ApareceJames Luke Aparece4 månader sedan
  • wet hair HUHH?? I never heard of that!!!!!!!!! Unsubscribed.

    fiendediorfiendedior4 månader sedan
  • Merry Christmas

    fiendediorfiendedior4 månader sedan
  • if u front wipe u a freak

    [Nah][Nah]4 månader sedan
  • I hope everything in life goes well for you Carson, you really are an amazing guy.

    Edward MurdockEdward Murdock4 månader sedan
  • Y'all are forgetting a MASSIVE pog moment: that star wars recreation at the end.

    MannNetworkMannNetwork4 månader sedan
  • umm i think your calendar is a bit ahead. although, it would be awesome to celebrate it now

    TheRagingBrickbattleTheRagingBrickbattle4 månader sedan
  • Too little too late buddy.... Or wait, sh1t, too early we're in the middle of the year

    Артур ГарновАртур Гарнов4 månader sedan
  • Holy shit people hit the hard questions in his streams

    Alberson PhillAlberson Phill4 månader sedan
  • Silly Carson it isn't even close to Christmas yet

    Kick GumKick Gum4 månader sedan
  • So basically this how my parents are when I mention something from 3 years ago lmao

    Meme DealerMeme Dealer4 månader sedan
  • merry christmas !

    gabysucksgabysucks4 månader sedan
  • Tbh, I think the appeal of Carson is that he is just a normal guy. We watch him because he's human and I think recent events prove that we don't expect him to be superhuman and he should take breaks if he needs to.

    Moggy JohnnyMoggy Johnny4 månader sedan
  • carson’s laugh is medium rare

    KarenKaren4 månader sedan
  • Marry

    Страхиња ЂокићСтрахиња Ђокић4 månader sedan
  • watching you be so good at this game is so powerful im so bad at it dbfbbcbf

    enmi ginenmi gin4 månader sedan
  • Carson is wey1

    aaa aiiaaa aii4 månader sedan
  • Thank you carson I love Christmas and I am very happy that other people wanna spread the love of the Christ 🤭🤭

    Finnur Gauti GuðmundssonFinnur Gauti Guðmundsson4 månader sedan
  • I would get this game just to throw the rock down the hill

    NtcplayzNtcplayz4 månader sedan
  • 3:11 Carson called the divine beast a dungeon wow

    Izzby BagelIzzby Bagel4 månader sedan
  • im literally one of those people living in ohio so hello

    TropkinoTropkino4 månader sedan
  • i too, am a backwipe.

    big brain buckbig brain buck4 månader sedan
  • merry shower

    jagjyotjagjyot4 månader sedan
  • 1:27 Mind and schlatt be like

    Kenya BasherKenya Basher4 månader sedan
  • Carson you dont understand i need to send you a picture how do i do so

    max Forrestermax Forrester4 månader sedan
  • 3:12 yare yare new Jotaro has arrived

    ItsHydrasItsHydras4 månader sedan
  • Thank you carson, you really lightened up my day.

    JoshyfrysJoshyfrys4 månader sedan

    Darius KikstraDarius Kikstra4 månader sedan

    Baby BeanBaby Bean4 månader sedan
  • Carson has to be one of the most humble content creators out there.

    zachary ballardzachary ballard4 månader sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣 i guess we are all just statistics.

    Fallout GuyFallout Guy4 månader sedan