true stupidity

30 maj 2019
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the worst group of people complete puzzles
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Video Edited by Poke:
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  • when Travis mounts Carson's head i can hear Ellis saying " we got one of those back humpers "

    SammyGamaGamerSammyGamaGamer23 timmar sedan
  • i feel overwhelmed anytime Josh plays human fall flat with Carson

    ShibahShibah5 dagar sedan
  • 8:55 i never noticed it before but, is that a game grumps reference?

    LillieVallieLillieVallie5 dagar sedan
  • Does he keep changing the thumbnails?

    NateBitLIVENateBitLIVE18 dagar sedan
  • I laughed so hard at “hamburger”

    Anete PulksteneAnete Pulkstene18 dagar sedan
  • “Think about the stans” “I’m standing right here mate”

    Cayla FloydCayla Floyd23 dagar sedan
  • Horse Girls Wilin’ is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    Brandon NBrandon N25 dagar sedan
  • i made the mistake of watching this video while playin Minecraft on diff tab,my brain hurts

    SodacandespencerSodacandespencer29 dagar sedan
  • What's the song at 9:31

    Samuel WilliamsSamuel WilliamsMånad sedan
  • 4:29 YEET

    Rachell BriggsRachell BriggsMånad sedan
  • green is gross dude i'm wrinkle man -Jawsh

    Andrew CarlsonAndrew CarlsonMånad sedan
  • Watching this a year later and made me laugh about how many times Ted was trying so hard to play the game and the guys were just “i think i can do the gangnam style”

    cosmicsushicosmicsushiMånad sedan
  • Remember when Carson focused on being funny and entertaining instead of hyperfocusing on success and banning anyone who talks about Lunch Club and Schlatt?

    The UnoriginalThe UnoriginalMånad sedan
    • @The Unoriginal he has his reasons on the lunch club thing, but on he whiteboard topic he doesn’t really care

      googolgoogolMånad sedan
    • @googol On the vod of him writing on the whiteboard he's constantly focused on success and growth and kept shooting down any ideas relating to Lunch Club.

      The UnoriginalThe UnoriginalMånad sedan
    • He was making a bit not hyperfocusing on success

      googolgoogolMånad sedan
  • This game makes you feel 3 all over again and the convo proves it😂😂😂

    Manky 2u4sureManky 2u4sure2 månader sedan
  • Horse girls wilin* got me omg😂

    Queen StrawbzQueen Strawbz2 månader sedan
  • Carson did a swore

    HungryHooligan8HungryHooligan82 månader sedan
  • Please fallow on twitch the pay off is huge

    nick freemannick freeman2 månader sedan
  • petition for the editor to get a pay raise

    DoritoPanda1423DoritoPanda14233 månader sedan
  • I cry every time I watch this video

    Josiah McElhinneyJosiah McElhinney3 månader sedan
  • Yay

    Mr-Rabbit-CheeseMr-Rabbit-Cheese3 månader sedan
  • This is hff in a nutshell

    TheKlutzTheKlutz3 månader sedan
  • 10:19 did traves swear and said fucking up?

    Ketchup DudeKetchup Dude3 månader sedan
  • 7:43 charlie horse

    Ark BrigadeArk Brigade3 månader sedan
  • hamburger hamburger

    __3 månader sedan
  • Whats the backround song ?

    Fredi Oskar MaalaFredi Oskar Maala3 månader sedan
  • 9:31 I only realized that when it is slowed down to 0.25x speed that it is alen walker's the spectre

    Jackaroo210Jackaroo2104 månader sedan
  • I like how all caps is usually used to portray seriousness, but it's so common on youtube that all lowercase is considered even more serious.

    Milo GiegMilo Gieg4 månader sedan
  • “No Charlie get off my head”

    Frosted FrecklesFrosted Freckles4 månader sedan
  • The second jawsh pulled out his skin it’s like he went super Saiyan on comedy

    Swagapino JerichoSwagapino Jericho4 månader sedan
  • Completing the task at hand is for nerds

    CrispeeCrispee4 månader sedan
  • *gasp* We're climbing the g o l e m

    HeriotzaHeriotza4 månader sedan
  • this game brings out the retard in everyone

    Mr. MuggerMr. Mugger4 månader sedan
  • fun fact: brazilian jiu jitsu is called capoeira

    Sávio MoreiraSávio Moreira4 månader sedan
  • 10:28 Charlie twerkin on the wheel 🥵🎂He do be caked up doe🥵🎂

    Bart SimpinBart Simpin4 månader sedan
  • this whole video = the government in a nutshell

    Low Quality MusicLow Quality Music4 månader sedan
  • u u ugan u ugandan ugandan knuckles u ugandan knuckles

    EvanOrSomethingEvanOrSomething4 månader sedan
  • Epic Ninja FUnny callme carson

    Mr McMeatpantsMr McMeatpants5 månader sedan
  • Nice video Carson

    O t t O t tO t t O t t5 månader sedan
  • 6:56 *NO BONES*

    jessie lakejessie lake5 månader sedan
  • Carson: Im not gay please im not gay also carson: u did it u lil cute boy

    cheebeecheebee5 månader sedan
  • WE'RE CLIMBING THE *golem*

    IrIr5 månader sedan
  • I love how Ted, Charlie, Carson, Travis and Cooper were trying to figure out how to do it, with Josh just swinging in the background

    Hollister 365Hollister 3655 månader sedan
  • In General, am virgin no more

    7dfive7dfive5 månader sedan
  • Poke was best editor

    SomeRandomGuy *SomeRandomGuy *5 månader sedan
  • charlie is green gang

    rganiolatorrganiolator5 månader sedan
  • willin

    Nathaniel BithNathaniel Bith5 månader sedan
  • the small noise of impact when Jawsh smacked Ted fucking sent me

    PriffuPriffu5 månader sedan
  • 10:33 charlie got hit off the edge

    Dice DSGHQDice DSGHQ5 månader sedan
  • at 2:13 ted’s faceless character looks so disappointed at everything happening

    marissa bmarissa b6 månader sedan
  • 7:41 *The way Charlie threw his head up I'm crying tears of joy*

    Aizawa ShoutaAizawa Shouta6 månader sedan
  • *hambugga? hambugga*

    NintendoNerd 64NintendoNerd 646 månader sedan
  • 6:00 Charlie being an agent of chaos

    why we play-why we play-6 månader sedan
  • This went from entertaining to just plain stressful

    Nuno SilvaNuno Silva7 månader sedan
  • Ah yes the ole gang Carson, Cooper, Slimecicle, traves and of course J E H B E R D E H 7:28

    Redux Jay ポグRedux Jay ポグ7 månader sedan
  • Why did you change the thumbnail

    Joseph F.Joseph F.7 månader sedan
  • Charlie: (starts humping Carson's head) Carson: Josh is making this so hard!

    Hell Hound WomanHell Hound Woman7 månader sedan
  • Poke has shit humor

    MunkerMunker7 månader sedan
  • go to 9:30 and slow it down all the way

    Pile Of Bread CrumbsPile Of Bread Crumbs7 månader sedan
  • Teacher: Okay kids, what sound does an owl make? Kids: 7:26

    randigoatrandigoat7 månader sedan
  • 10:23 I'm literally crying

    Murderfulpit76Murderfulpit767 månader sedan
  • 9:39

    Dylan SpellmanDylan Spellman7 månader sedan
  • fake

    pizzadog 122pizzadog 1227 månader sedan
  • Stop talking about your little chocolates

    Clarence ReediceClarence Reedice8 månader sedan
  • My friend Carson called this a mosh pit of gremlins

    The rockoyasu •The rockoyasu •8 månader sedan
  • Charlie: I’m going to do my safety position, I’m going to do my safety position Also Charlie:🦗🦟

    一Shadow_wolf一Shadow_wolf8 månader sedan
  • Horse girls really be wilin

    Josiah McElhinneyJosiah McElhinney8 månader sedan
  • 6:06 close your eyes 7:48

    whyKRONOSwhyKRONOS8 månader sedan
  • My last brain cells try to survive

    Lawn mower BruhLawn mower Bruh8 månader sedan

    Exploding CrowExploding Crow8 månader sedan
  • The intro “hamburger” thing sounds like an eternal spirit.

    HansonHanson9 månader sedan
  • Charlie is a being of pure chaos

    Kat BirdKat Bird9 månader sedan
  • there are far too many people for this to work

    powderedwaterpowderedwater9 månader sedan
  • Game name???

    Emoemu_ONLINEEmoemu_ONLINE9 månader sedan
  • The entire video is just sex noises

    garden hosegarden hose9 månader sedan
  • 0:04 *h a m b u r g e r* *h a m b u r g e r*

    Dj D 2Dj D 29 månader sedan
  • Horse girls wilin

    Brandon NBrandon N9 månader sedan
  • In joshs streams he’s so normal and chill but in Carson’s streams he is an entity

    Gabe ItchGabe Itch9 månader sedan
  • y u change thum nale

    big boy mcroybig boy mcroy9 månader sedan
  • I’d really like to have friends like these I would do this stuff but they wouldn’t text me the next day cause I upset them by not letting them complete the level :/

    Dolly milkDolly milk10 månader sedan
  • I've never seen something named more properly.

    Ace AtrixAce Atrix10 månader sedan
  • 0:38 the rats in the Skinner box be like

    DarkridoomDarkridoom10 månader sedan
  • who thinks carson should play stardew valley?

    TYPSICTYPSIC10 månader sedan
  • 10:55 Shadow of the colossus

    Manuel MoyaManuel Moya10 månader sedan
  • 11:09 “...think about the stans, think about what they’ll do...” Oh boy, was he correct

    Dank Fluffy MemesDank Fluffy Memes10 månader sedan
  • 5:20 Carson sounds like old Morty

    1sneaky boi1sneaky boi10 månader sedan
  • We’re climbing *the* *_golem_* _BWEEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHHHHHHHHH_

    SimonsaysgamingSimonsaysgaming10 månader sedan
  • Anyone know what the song playing throughout the video is?

    Steelix 56Steelix 5610 månader sedan
  • What s the song at 9:32

    Samuel WilliamsSamuel Williams10 månader sedan
  • 5:52 P I V O T

    Isabella MathersIsabella Mathers10 månader sedan
  • 6:42 I started dying when he just started walking up the plank

    Qurimp v2Qurimp v210 månader sedan
  • The title is all of your videos and I love it

    Rising PhenixRising Phenix10 månader sedan
  • Charlie is a child

    SilverSilver10 månader sedan
  • Horse girls be wilen

    beans manbeans man10 månader sedan
  • 4:24 RPG companions be like

    Dozy GamerDozy Gamer11 månader sedan
  • i haven’t laughed to hard in a long time

    lanie LOLlanie LOL11 månader sedan
  • Charlie trash

    Kirzo HDKirzo HD11 månader sedan
  • 9:40

    Fish PumpFish Pump11 månader sedan
  • waiitt, how he get this levell

    D TayloreD Taylore11 månader sedan
  • 5:50 Ted's friends reference is to die for

    Jack McCarthyJack McCarthy11 månader sedan
  • Editors Notes: 1. Editors Note: Fuck you 2. Editors Note: I’m not creative 3. Editors Note: I have become goo why did i comment this besides anything else? i dont know

    fantomwithanffantomwithanf11 månader sedan