I explored your awful minecraft worlds...

16 nov 2019
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Exploring Your Worlds in Minecraft

  • Costco is the Whole-y Land

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  • What's the deal with airline food?

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  • Religion plays a big part in this video

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  • real talk dragon city is ass it's a rip-off of dragonvale that somehow got more popular despite being so much worse than it

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  • 13:34 *he has spoken*

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  • Carson: subscribe if you don't smoke weed. Looses half of his subs

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  • advanced decoration, no need to care about this a huge empty cube yes

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  • Carson: "no one would smoke weed, no one would ever do that because it's illegal" Me sitting half destroyed in my chair: "That's where you're wrong bucko"\

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  • Carson is like the Gordon Ramsey of minecraft worlds.

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  • hey editor, is this video sponsored by dragon city?

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    • @lapis com asas why should I

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  • They always ask: Is your minecraft world good? But never: How is your minecraft world? sad.

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  • 14:56 in some states

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  • Hope you’re not actually a Democrat

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