An Honest Q&A

17 maj 2020
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I did some Q&A while playing the legend of zelda!
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CallMeCarson Q&A

  • It’s terrible what she did, Carson is epic and deserves love. Also, one of the nicest dudes I watch.

    Selene PSelene P7 dagar sedan
  • Carson really has made me smile when I feel like it's almost impossible to, and I have to thank him for that

    big Sbig S22 dagar sedan
  • U now have 1.69mil subs.nice

    choccy milkchoccy milkMånad sedan
  • Just realized he says “money” and not “umami” when people donate

    Kayla HansonKayla HansonMånad sedan
  • We hope you feel better Carson

    mr.shulk010 Ehhmr.shulk010 EhhMånad sedan
  • "hes a 2 and shes a 9" yea hes 2 good for her and those people forgot to put a - before the 9

    WolfieGames 765WolfieGames 7652 månader sedan
  • Genuine!

    NicholasNicholas2 månader sedan
  • I love these types of streams. They're so relaxing and I love watching them after I have panic attacks (I get them often, and I go spiralling because of imposter syndrome)

    Tangle KelpTangle Kelp2 månader sedan
  • Jesus, who cares about looks, as long as your partner liked you and you like them youre fine

    Georgie-Poo PianoGeorgie-Poo Piano2 månader sedan
  • I keep coming back to this video for the smega grill cheese

    Aron108Aron1082 månader sedan
  • he jjust might be the parachute guy

    copperpunchcopperpunch2 månader sedan
  • 5:30 depression talk

    DeathRunner7564DeathRunner75642 månader sedan
  • I expected this to be a joking video like most of Carsons other videos but when he talked about high school and his depression I knew it would be a more serious video, But he still adds some joking Bits to make it funny.

    BicycleBicycle2 månader sedan
  • Poken nice

    Master Tortise321Master Tortise3212 månader sedan
  • Idk if this shit was planned but I got a cheezit ad right after the smegma cheese clip and it almost made me hurl

    kaleb wallacekaleb wallace2 månader sedan
  • 7:36 Minx subbing to Carson?

    Alim750Alim7502 månader sedan
  • My calendar is set for February 31st, 2021. wait a second

    VertexVertex2 månader sedan
  • 8:08 I want there to be a mod where the puzzle sound effect is replaced with that

  • I can’t wait for Carson to make doki doki tale

    Cap_kill 247Cap_kill 2473 månader sedan
  • I was gonna say something about the 2 and 9, but I think you guys had that covered 2 months ago.

    The Blue Fugi_The Blue Fugi_3 månader sedan
  • Carson is an 11/10 MEGA CUTIE💕❤️💋

    Guy FieriGuy Fieri3 månader sedan
  • hes a 2 shes a 9 ?? i never knew kate was a he

    bo ibo i3 månader sedan
  • I don't like the whole idea of rating people 1-10, but if I had to your a fkn 10, you're great at gaming, funny, adorable, and loved by all of your fans, keep your head up

    Naima HawkinsNaima Hawkins3 månader sedan
  • Stay strong king

    Edward MurdockEdward Murdock3 månader sedan
  • "He's a 2 and she's a 9" Hmm let's analize this statement If Carson is a 2 and Kate is a 9 then Carson is closer to being #1 then Kate will ever be. The only reason Carson is not #1 is because Stephan Carl Stephanson is #1.

    I decide if this is cringe or notI decide if this is cringe or not3 månader sedan
  • Bruh he credited ryan for the editing when poke did it

    PashoPasho3 månader sedan
  • Hulu is my favorite game

    Cheese stickCheese stick3 månader sedan
  • Season 2 smp live feb 31 write it down

    VvBlueDragonMastervVVvBlueDragonMastervV3 månader sedan
  • He's a 2 and shes a 9?? Who? Gives? A shit? If i was his age i'd date Carson over Kate in a heartbeat even before this thing happened, Carson is so hilarious and sweet, and Kate just kinda.. eh.. And to anyone who said that, if you think you'll EVER get a relationship and the person is a lot more good looking then you and your first thought is shes gonna cheat? Then its not a relationship.

    Woodys CornerWoodys Corner3 månader sedan
  • Damn, this just made me feel better about my schizophrenia, thank you Carson :)

    Stoned4lifeStoned4life4 månader sedan
  • what is smegma or what its cald

    depressed boidepressed boi4 månader sedan
  • I loved how he said instead of things getting better after highschool things get different

    Camran BeckwithCamran Beckwith4 månader sedan
  • du bungs luuut shun

    1998 Subaru Impreza 22b STI1998 Subaru Impreza 22b STI4 månader sedan
  • What software do u use to record on Switch?

    RasukuTVRasukuTV4 månader sedan
  • “He’s a 2 and she’s a 9” The fuck y’all mean Carson’s a 12 even without his makeup on

    EdgyEdgy4 månader sedan
  • ur a winner kiddo. don’t you ever forget

    McAlextonMcAlexton4 månader sedan
  • am i stupid for not realising feb 31 isnt a date

    NeuroticNerdNeuroticNerd4 månader sedan
    • NeuroticNerd omg I just realized that

      TheOfficialForkanTheOfficialForkan2 månader sedan
  • Bruh Kate ain’t a 9 she a 6 with make up 4 without make up. Carson you a 10 no matter what king. Even in the inside you are such a better person and if I could rate you out of 10 on how good of a person you are on the inside you’d be a 10 all the way. Kate on the other hands more like a 2 or 3.

    The Stick ManThe Stick Man4 månader sedan
    • What makes me happy is she's getting destroyed in twitch and SEworld her subcount has plummeted

      Geran BallGeran Ball4 månader sedan
  • He's a 2 and she's a 9? I'd rather date carson than kate and I'm a straight guy!

    Deep Fried EggDeep Fried Egg4 månader sedan
  • people who say “* is a _ and * is a _” are just the most shallow people. carson is definitely not a 2. he isn’t even a number at this point.

    Erica WirthErica Wirth4 månader sedan
  • he must answer

    Carl PhoenixCarl Phoenix4 månader sedan
  • U are Carson

    Max GoodfelMax Goodfel4 månader sedan
  • Carson mate read the rationale male it will help through the trauma

    gunlock177gunlock1774 månader sedan
  • carson is dude

    GharliccGharlicc4 månader sedan
  • Carson has Hollow Knight?! THATS A POGGERS MOMENT

    DawnablesAwakenedDawnablesAwakened4 månader sedan
  • I think it might be cat. ᴛᴇʀʀᴀɪʀɪᴀ ɴᴏɪsᴇs

    ChloebuggyChloebuggy4 månader sedan
  • Why is Carson so cute 😳😳 He’s been in my dreams twice, this is a sign

    GrapeyvGrapeyv4 månader sedan
  • When you don’t have super smash Bros on the nintendo switch... *not stonks*

    Dyn4moDyn4mo4 månader sedan
  • “My sub count will never be this high unless I get cheated on again” had me rolling

    ugougo4 månader sedan
  • 1:25 Carson has wisdom HA

    Slap NinjaSlap Ninja4 månader sedan
  • Carson if somebody actually said that ( 6:21 ) please dox them, I will poop on their front lawn for you

    Lizard SkynardLizard Skynard4 månader sedan
  • I really love Carson’s solo content. It seems to make him happy and he’s funny on his own

    twigmeister dtwigmeister d4 månader sedan
  • 6:20 bro she isn’t even a 9 it’s really like she’s a 7 and he’s a solid 6 pr maybe 5 but more 6

    SWAZEXFANBOY HesohotSWAZEXFANBOY Hesohot4 månader sedan
  • Bro. When you read those insults; Those aren’t fans. We are fans. We are carsonators BRUV! FUCKOUTTAHERE WITH THAT HATE BRUVVY BOI!!! WE LUV YO ASS BOI! WE LUV U! seriously, you a real homie. At least I wish we was homies but you still a real one main!

    Will BurkeWill Burke4 månader sedan
  • Hey Carson, have you played Darkwood? It has some interesting story telling etc in it that i think you'd appreciate

    Jeremy CorbinJeremy Corbin4 månader sedan
  • Carson you never fail to make me laugh your videos make me cheer up Even when I have a bad day

    the running manthe running man4 månader sedan
  • breath of the wild even after 3 years is still one of the most enjoyed and played games. good to see more people experience it as well.

    JoshuaJoshua4 månader sedan
  • Ungu Bunga? Ooga Booga?

    Ghost Flesh24Ghost Flesh244 månader sedan
  • edited

    ReddyUpReddyUp4 månader sedan
  • Long hair Carson reminds of Ed sheeran not musically talented but not ugly either

    s8wc3s8wc34 månader sedan
  • Unga Bunga

    Raichu is Suprised at What You Have DoneRaichu is Suprised at What You Have Done4 månader sedan
  • Carson is a 11/10. change my mind

    SmashaxeSmashaxe4 månader sedan
  • Carson is like DannyDevito

    Zack SheehanZack Sheehan4 månader sedan
  • We’re is the onlyfans

    islumpislump4 månader sedan
  • 0:43

    Sergeant UniverseSergeant Universe4 månader sedan
  • 5:06 KILLED ME

    mockspademockspade4 månader sedan
  • CaRsOn SaNs ??!?

    Brucie7702Brucie77024 månader sedan
  • Ok its nice to finally have him back but wtf he didn't answer "ooga booga?"

    X-Ray722X-Ray7224 månader sedan
  • my dog died today. Your videos helped me feel at ease and taken my mind of it, so thank you :)

    SteelBucketSteelBucket4 månader sedan
  • Kate's definitely not a 9 her personality is as stale as the 5 year old box of wheat thins in the back of our cupboard that sits open because my entire family is too lazy to just close the damn box

    Owen McDonaldOwen McDonald4 månader sedan
  • Carson's a 9, shes a 2 Duh

    I guess you could call it contentI guess you could call it content4 månader sedan
  • Yo Carson. I don't know the situation, as I don't follow a lot of drama, but I really hope the best for you. Call it shallow or ignorant, but I find you funny, and want to support your side. Enjoy life, my guy, and while I can't support monetarily on streams, I hope life does you well.

    Jack DevilsJack Devils4 månader sedan
  • 10:28 what is that Zelda song called I can’t remember

    _Joshua _G59__Joshua _G59_4 månader sedan
  • Why are they saying he is a 2? My man here is gorgeous and I am not being meme or sarcastic I seriously think Carson is a good looking guy a solid 100

    Jasmine McIntoshJasmine McIntosh4 månader sedan
  • When does he say the funny ungo bungo

    Zachary LehardtZachary Lehardt4 månader sedan
    • Harrison Vistica agreed

      Rudolph the OkRudolph the Ok4 månader sedan
  • Carson, on the birthday vid I literally got an add for Donald Trumps birthday

    Kinohi RKinohi R4 månader sedan
  • Can we take a minute to appreciate how Carson has created one of the most loyal fan bases ever? He makes us laugh, relate, and somehow make us feel involved so well. Thanks Carson :)

    PT SDPT SD4 månader sedan
  • I completely agree with all the comments, but at the same time, reality is sometimes people just prefer looks over personality and thats just the truth. Id be all great and dandy if everyone looked at personality first, but can’t hate on people either who would date someone depending %80-%100 on looks. I just feel he shouldve seen it coming? But he %100 didnt deserve it and it wasnt right. Just wanted to throw my thoughts out there

    Jeremy ZhengJeremy Zheng4 månader sedan
  • Why is krinios' profile picture cyclops fitz? Please carson I'm scared.

    Porkchopsrock12Porkchopsrock124 månader sedan
  • Carson is minimalsticaly a 6 in raw looks alone, which makes up like 5 percent off a relationship. he's probably a 9.5 to ten in personality

    Kentucky fried ChildrenKentucky fried Children4 månader sedan
  • carson, i know you probably wont see this, but i just really wanna say youve changed my life. your videos always make me laugh and your videos make me happy when im feeling really sad. i just wanna say things will get better, and every single one of us love you. :)

    hannie babyhannie baby4 månader sedan
  • Sans hoodie Sans hoodie

    FlynnFlynn4 månader sedan
  • Who tf said Carson was a 2??? I wanna meet them and see if they are blind because CLEARLY they have some type of visual impairment.

    Potato LunaPotato Luna4 månader sedan
  • I think I need your mother’s maiden name

    RainbowTurtleRainbowTurtle4 månader sedan
  • bruh carson is sorta hot ngl

    UndyneUndyne4 månader sedan
  • Its pretty refreshing and much more fun to see carson creating his own comtent hope for the best bro

    Ethan Ray GaliciaEthan Ray Galicia4 månader sedan
  • I've been dealing with depression since early childhood and although this sounds completely sadistic, it feels nice to see Carson feeling depressed. It always helps to know I'm not alone and that even the funniest people who make my day still have their own problems too. Him being so honest about how he's been feeling has really helped me a lot. I wish Carson all the best, these things are never easy. If, by any chance at all, Carson is somehow reading this, we're rooting for you, and you matter to us, probably more than you believe. Thank you for everything.

    Kid On A PlanetKid On A Planet4 månader sedan
  • even the music at the end sounds sad :/

    Kid On A PlanetKid On A Planet4 månader sedan
  • Hey champ, enthusiastic dad here, wanna go play some baseball? Or maybe toss around a football? It’s up to you bud. Maybe we’ll go watch the ball game and grab hot dogs. Or I sell you to the epic fortnite guy in the alley. He’s got v bucks and the *NEW* battle pass! Go say hello to him while I go grab some milk for mom.

    Colin MagdichColin Magdich4 månader sedan
  • When your discord guild is at its max

    Error2396Error23964 månader sedan
  • Carson do a laugh tutorial

    Ś ů ģ å ŕ. Ś ù b śŚ ů ģ å ŕ. Ś ù b ś4 månader sedan
  • Make a video about minecraft erotica again pls

    Kevin BeeKevin Bee4 månader sedan
  • We must protect Carson, he deserves the internets support like a king deserves an army

    FREASFREAS4 månader sedan
  • Is Carson streaming?

    Golden The MemesterGolden The Memester4 månader sedan
  • Hold the heck up Carson is a 10 and Kate is a solid 1 for what she did

    Dan StarkenburgIIDan StarkenburgII4 månader sedan
  • 8:30 Holy shit I genuinely want to know the answer to that.

    Zonate 606Zonate 6064 månader sedan
  • If Carson was into dudes I would 100% date him

    Joe HughesJoe Hughes4 månader sedan
  • I just met you man I was the kid at the rest stop I gave you a thumbs up it was nice meeting you lol

    Dried KelpDried Kelp4 månader sedan
  • Your neck is thicker than lana rhoades

    No NameNo Name4 månader sedan
  • I like Carson. He's a very funny 10, whats not to like?

    Khyler ChhourKhyler Chhour4 månader sedan