1000 Thousand Million IQ plays in Among Us

20 sep 2020
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the smartest players in the among us universe
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Friends in this video:
Jawsh - seworld.info
Mason - seworld.info/tv/RnBnm7aLxlopchweSxa3mw.html
uwumi - seworld.info/tv/TCt-tt6iqNOD2KBxBdG1_w.html
Jaiden - seworld.info
Connor - seworld.info
Grunk - seworld.info/tv/Spw0DcrHgQPfrGLrYGEkKw.html
Joko - seworld.info
Sylvee - seworld.info/tv/aSLQSUF6VpTwERdXp2blsQ.html
Quackity - seworld.info
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Among Us with friends

  • Jaiden said bullshit oh my goooooood

    Burn Blaze the CharizardBurn Blaze the CharizardTimme sedan
  • 🖒

    breadbread8 timmar sedan
  • the title is 1,000 1,000 1,000,000 iq moments

    Ky_why707Ky_why7079 timmar sedan
  • Yay

    Mr-Rabbit-CheeseMr-Rabbit-Cheese22 timmar sedan
  • Connor: Just trying to play the game Joko: HAHA LIGHTS GO BRR

    the snail philosopherthe snail philosopherDag sedan
  • Honestly playing 3rd imposter is the only way to have fun as a crewmate

    Boomer IncorporatedBoomer Incorporated2 dagar sedan
  • Carson's level of apathy to Jack Septic Eyeball raiding his stream is a power level I aspire to

    Evan [REDACTED]Evan [REDACTED]3 dagar sedan
  • Bruh

    Joshua JimenezJoshua Jimenez4 dagar sedan
  • Ever heard of a billion?

    onninnoonninno5 dagar sedan
  • i just realised that the title is "thousand thousand million"

    MR MLG PROMR MLG PRO6 dagar sedan
  • Josh sounds so fucking condescending when he plays and it's so annoying

    Tangle KelpTangle Kelp7 dagar sedan
  • Wheeze

    [Tommy Aguirre][Tommy Aguirre]9 dagar sedan
  • 32:21 when you punch the autistic kid

    Meme CatMeme Cat9 dagar sedan
  • this is a trillion IQ video. pogU

    MaleMale9 dagar sedan
  • 7:57 noice JSE raid!

    Ken KanekiKen Kaneki10 dagar sedan
  • Carson can you order me pizza

    Dank ManDank Man10 dagar sedan
  • 4:45 Carson: loses Carson: *I CAN'T STAND WOMEN*

    brendenbrenden10 dagar sedan
  • Jack's raid really made that joke LOL

    _anoja31__anoja31_10 dagar sedan
  • This is so chaotic

    _anoja31__anoja31_10 dagar sedan
  • hearing jaiden curse sounds incorrect

    OzzysynOzzysyn10 dagar sedan

    jeeviljeevil11 dagar sedan
  • I've never heard jaiden curse b4 16:04

    Aliya HannonAliya Hannon11 dagar sedan
  • Casually gets hosted by jacksepticeye

    ShadeShade11 dagar sedan
  • Carson sprinting around a world screaming in fear is fucking killing me

    Hey AssholeHey Asshole11 dagar sedan
  • i have that iq times 2

    Christian RootChristian Root11 dagar sedan
  • You know the best Among us round was actually death note.

    Aleksander JohnAleksander John12 dagar sedan
  • "I went in to do lights but joko kept switching them off" "I literally havent been in electrical since the start of the round" I may not be good at math, but even I know this doesnt add up.

    Jayden BrewerJayden Brewer12 dagar sedan
  • wait omg umi is uwumi i was in love with her tiktoks what

    sophie msophie m12 dagar sedan
  • stop being loud

    Gamer GateGamer Gate12 dagar sedan
  • im a band kid and this is getting close to adam sandler levels of comedy

    Gamer GateGamer Gate12 dagar sedan
  • is no one gonna talk about how the thumbnail shows 10 billion while the title says 1000 million (aka 1 billion)

    Evilgirl 54Evilgirl 5413 dagar sedan
  • Your is stupid

    BerchBerch13 dagar sedan
  • play this with katerino.

    Chil fghfhChil fghfh13 dagar sedan
  • jaiden is literally goated i-

    colleen hcolleen h13 dagar sedan
  • Is nobody talking about the jacksepticeye raid??

    Gregory ParsonsGregory Parsons13 dagar sedan
  • One time, as a crewmate, i tried to intentionally help the impostors, by voting other crewmates, but apparently i'm so bad at actually trying to find impostors that when i try and sell out crewmates i manage to find the impostors spot on i think i've found a new skill

    HumanHuman13 dagar sedan
  • 4:29 wtf is that kill range lol

    NeolithNeolith14 dagar sedan
  • I likd the video the second i saw Sean (JackSepticEye) raided Carsons stream

    CaffeineCyanideCaffeineCyanide14 dagar sedan
  • Dream might be here later

    M Gaming M VlogsM Gaming M Vlogs14 dagar sedan
  • I cant believe the 10k host from Sean went ignored

    Phoenix137Phoenix13714 dagar sedan
  • i watched this immediately after the making new friends video and the difference between Carson with his friends and without really feels bad. the fact this video opened up with someone trying to burp their ABCs compared to that video where Carson was talking to a brick wall. really proves people are friends for a reason Edit: also when he said experienced wires player coming in...i felt that

    Holly MAHAHolly MAHA14 dagar sedan
  • Play more with Grunk

    Anders GrostolAnders Grostol15 dagar sedan
  • So it's a 1,000,000 iq play...

    Cody WojahnCody Wojahn15 dagar sedan
    • Ohh that was the joke...

      Cody WojahnCody Wojahn15 dagar sedan
  • the xqc part was hella facts

    Velcro is a Rip offVelcro is a Rip off15 dagar sedan
  • Title: 1000 million Math teachers: *p a t h e t i c*

    Bader Hat-HatBader Hat-Hat15 dagar sedan
  • yea thx for the raid jack

    mr_ marcelmr_ marcel15 dagar sedan
  • Literally jacksepticeye raids with 10.2K people and the most Carson does is glance at his other monitor

    Yeeterson PetersonYeeterson Peterson15 dagar sedan
  • Jacksepticeye: Here’s 10,000 viewers Carson Carson: Haha quackity throw game

    Xai GlassXai Glass15 dagar sedan
  • Mungus is still my favourite joke

    CandiCandi16 dagar sedan
  • One thousand thousand million IQ? Yep, that's the Carson we know.

    TostperTostper16 dagar sedan
  • listen maggot lol

    xyiianah winbushxyiianah winbush16 dagar sedan
  • i was looking at one of the victory screens and tried to fucking press play again

    AlphaTheDummyAlphaTheDummy16 dagar sedan
  • w h o e l s e h a s b u r n e d a n o r p h a n a g e

    Mr. FunnyMr. Funny16 dagar sedan
  • Uh.

    MicrowaveMicrowave17 dagar sedan
  • IM 1.3biln

    mikoknajunior rmikoknajunior r17 dagar sedan
  • Connor sounded like he was having an illogical dream

    Epic EpicEpic Epic17 dagar sedan
  • Isn’t Umi that one college girl from tiktok?

    Jabari deRoux: MoreJabari deRoux: More17 dagar sedan
  • Carson is the white version of twomad

    Lil Snowy我还在等Lil Snowy我还在等17 dagar sedan
  • Jaiden calling BS at 16:02 sounds so weird to hear. ik she's an adult but she doesn't swear a lot sooo

    Idk man I’m just hereIdk man I’m just here18 dagar sedan
  • this reminds of when

    Turtlesaredope 1Turtlesaredope 118 dagar sedan
  • Your settings are awful on this game

    Jimmy - TLOPOJimmy - TLOPO18 dagar sedan
  • "Guys, Spell Among Us" *"Mungus"*

    Keirstyn KatKeirstyn Kat18 dagar sedan
  • Come to Brazil

    D'mario BaileyD'mario Bailey18 dagar sedan
  • Connor: If that was you on the phone, and you on the bus, then who was flickering the lights? Joko: Haha switch go flick

    SeymourSeymour18 dagar sedan
  • Sylvee's profile pic on discord is the 'I'm sorry for saying pogchamp after you nutted in me' meme

    NyxelsisNyxelsis18 dagar sedan
  • “Is any else like sweating right now or is just me cause I’m scared of women?” - Carson The story of my life

    Hunter117Hunter11718 dagar sedan
  • I love how he literally gets raided in the middle of talking about quackity's viewers

    Hunter KnoxHunter Knox18 dagar sedan
  • Jawsh is funny

    Baily VeaseyBaily Veasey19 dagar sedan
  • The timing for 7:47, 13:02, 19:25, and 20:32...

    Joshua HoldingJoshua Holding19 dagar sedan
  • I hate jaiden

    Coltonius 5Coltonius 519 dagar sedan
  • Jawsh is a piss baby

    RealJesse_ MRealJesse_ M19 dagar sedan
  • How did I watch this for 30 minutes?

    WhatAMisfitzzWhatAMisfitzz19 dagar sedan
  • I hate sylvee

    Lightning in A bottleLightning in A bottle19 dagar sedan
  • 1000000000000 iq plays in among us?!?!?!?!? Cargson, you know that a human can’t have an iq that hih...

    Me when theMe when the19 dagar sedan
  • Since he asked nicely I’ll buy his merch

    AmitieAmitie19 dagar sedan
  • E

    woahxwoahx19 dagar sedan
  • Love how carson was so chill when sean raided

    the reaperthe reaper19 dagar sedan
  • The Man Who Killed Fitz. Proud of you!

    TaemoTaemo19 dagar sedan
  • "is anyone else sweating a little bit? or is it just me because i am scared of women" Carson [2020]

    Heather ShorttHeather Shortt19 dagar sedan
  • Are you kidding me? Someone killed someone?!

    Scuba MooseScuba Moose19 dagar sedan
  • Dam bro these titles.. I gotta hand it to ya. fucking top notch.

    Anthony NashAnthony Nash20 dagar sedan
  • Carson's so bad at lying I hate it

    ham sandwichham sandwich20 dagar sedan
  • 27:49 Play it at half or quarter speed.

    VagitariaVagitaria20 dagar sedan
  • If I see Carson in the Last 3, I'll vote him out. no Carson I know survives that long.

    pixiljuice itmepixiljuice itme20 dagar sedan
  • When is carson streaming

    Gaming TimeGaming Time20 dagar sedan
  • Carson please play Sans Crazy City Rush and look at the reviews

    Bryley is ConfusionBryley is Confusion21 dag sedan
  • I love how they mock dream’s subs

    Kaderium21Kaderium2121 dag sedan
  • Cereal when haves milk tho.

    ClaoosClaoos21 dag sedan
  • Man, its cool that Carson got Jaiden to sorta be apart of the crew

    Q U A N T U MQ U A N T U M21 dag sedan
  • I have a question for the boyz STRAWBERRY SMOOTHY

    Fixy's Gaming worldFixy's Gaming world21 dag sedan
  • Steve

    Morgan PetersonMorgan Peterson21 dag sedan
  • He is now in smash. Minecraft Steve is now in smash

    HalohawkIII IIIHalohawkIII III21 dag sedan

    JoshivJoshiv22 dagar sedan
  • Idk if you know yet, but you predicted the latest character in Super Smash Bros at last years E3 event. m.seworld.info/will/fKWb3sS3moOftac/video

    Red ImpostorRed Impostor22 dagar sedan
  • Yo Carson was right, they added minecraft steve to smash

    nathan angulonathan angulo22 dagar sedan
  • In the ad he looks like a fish

    HeghogHeghog22 dagar sedan

    Qbit RatQbit Rat22 dagar sedan
  • I kinda wanna learn it's everyday bro in thy burping language

    ᚠᛟᚱᚲᛖ᛫ᛒᚨᛚᚨᚾᚲᛖ᛫ᛈᚢᛊᛃ _ᚠᛟᚱᚲᛖ᛫ᛒᚨᛚᚨᚾᚲᛖ᛫ᛈᚢᛊᛃ _22 dagar sedan
  • pls tell us how you feel about steve being added to smash

    Big Boom787Big Boom78722 dagar sedan
  • Wonder how he feels about the new smash dlc

    Master OogwayMaster Oogway22 dagar sedan