Making New Friends in Among Us

15 sep 2020
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Do you guys think I made a good first impression
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Among Us with friends

  • camp camp

    Aleksandra CiepielowskaAleksandra Ciepielowska22 timmar sedan
  • i watch this once every week. i can quote it

    Asher DearingAsher DearingDag sedan
  • God I love Carson. I feel this so much.

    Garrett McAfeeGarrett McAfeeDag sedan
  • 16:53 this was genuinely so funny lmfao

    Small PotassiumSmall Potassium2 dagar sedan
  • THE OFFICIAL Sittin on the toilet

    TwoSocckKTwoSocckK2 dagar sedan
  • Wait, was that the voice actress for Jet?

    KoeneuKoeneu2 dagar sedan
  • Masterfully done! He took advantage of how they would ignore him and adding trolls it allowed him to win a round as the imposter because they overlook him as a troll and generally ignore him.

    JoseJose2 dagar sedan
  • I love how Carson doesn't fit in with this group

    okshabsokshabs2 dagar sedan
  • He should so play WITH LANDO NORRIS

    Ty Wild327Ty Wild3272 dagar sedan
  • Yay

    Mr-Rabbit-CheeseMr-Rabbit-Cheese3 dagar sedan
  • At 23:19, you can hear his laugh start to appear, and I find it hilarious

    BalebBaleb4 dagar sedan
  • Carson was tired of people ignoring him so he stood on the vent to get attention

    Jaden AllbertJaden Allbert4 dagar sedan
  • This was fucking hilarious I liked your one-sided bit with Myth

    BundtheadBundthead4 dagar sedan
  • Carson's only chance to be noticed by one of them was overtaken by the jet voice actor

    Jaden AllbertJaden Allbert4 dagar sedan
  • Not gonna lie, Choco's voice really annoys me to no end

    I'm-a-lonely -OtakuI'm-a-lonely -Otaku4 dagar sedan
  • The weird part is that at this point Carson was the one with the most clout

    Tubaman namabuTTubaman namabuT5 dagar sedan
  • these people are annoying lol

    John F KennedyJohn F Kennedy5 dagar sedan
  • Carson was trolling the preppy kids

    Lily AltoLily Alto5 dagar sedan
  • To everyone in the comments saying this is like highschool or they are excluding him... All these streamers and youtubers he's playing with in this video literally are a clique with some exclusionary behaviour, they all act like they are apart of their own in-group together.

    RockSolitudeRockSolitude5 dagar sedan
  • Why are all the american asian streamers and youtubers always together all the time?

    RockSolitudeRockSolitude5 dagar sedan
  • this is painful

    Mikuláš ČechMikuláš Čech5 dagar sedan
  • myth is hella annoying

    Jackson BatemanJackson Bateman5 dagar sedan
  • This comment section is so sad. Bunch of socially inept clowns projecting their insecurities onto a normal ass youtube video

    B CB C5 dagar sedan
  • pain

    VV5 dagar sedan
  • Shannon "Th-hah" 22:59 Carson "Wait, you're the voice actor for Jett, ain't you?" *tumbleweeds blown by the wind* Peter "Oh no, its happening again." Shannon *_annoyed tsundere noises_* ( )

    Khajiit HadwaresKhajiit Hadwares6 dagar sedan
  • I’m glad he decided to go with the opposite of the typical “I lOsT aLl mY fRiEnDs iN aMoNg Us”

    HarriseenoHarriseeno6 dagar sedan
  • I fuckin love Carson. His sense of humor is so similar to mine😂

    missionsquirrelmissionsquirrel6 dagar sedan
  • dat weeze do

    Clare SmithClare Smith6 dagar sedan
  • this video was my highschool experience :

    lux quilllux quill7 dagar sedan
  • I think it’s myth

    dylansmhdylansmh7 dagar sedan
  • carson's way of funny: repeat something that isnt funny over and over again until its funny

    TheNonCoolChildTheNonCoolChild7 dagar sedan
    • you reallly dont understand that it is supposed to be dumb

      MonitarusMonitarus3 dagar sedan
  • "How many tries did it take you to do wires?" Fucking what?

    TorchieTorchie7 dagar sedan
  • changes

    west amasonwest amason7 dagar sedan
  • real footage of me talking to anyone who i am not very very close to. god it hurts.

    garfieldgarfield7 dagar sedan
  • Why does that Chocobars chick speak in all caps

    Mr. SmilesMr. Smiles7 dagar sedan
  • well its not me!

    JakJak8 dagar sedan
  • this the most relatable content I know that feel

    Baby MechBaby Mech8 dagar sedan
  • Its funny that they are ignoring him because carson is the only one i laughed at in this video

    jonathan gardeajonathan gardea8 dagar sedan
  • Carson's just like me not good with ppl outside our friend groups

    JT LAKKA OUJT LAKKA OU8 dagar sedan
  • Choco bars is super annoying omg

    epic manepic man8 dagar sedan
  • i love seeing everyone actually trying to do big brain plays and stuff and carson just vibing, cause that’s exactly how i play lmao

    Emma DEmma D8 dagar sedan
  • I watch this video biweekly it’s actually what’s keeping me sane. Genuinely the funniest video I think I’ve ever seen.

    Amanda PhillipsAmanda Phillips8 dagar sedan
    • I’m back again

      Amanda PhillipsAmanda PhillipsDag sedan
    • I’m back

      Amanda PhillipsAmanda Phillips2 dagar sedan
  • why does that person sound like jett?

    MR MLG PROMR MLG PRO9 dagar sedan
  • You mistyped your title a bit Carson, here lemme fix it: People act like they're above everyone else for 32 min while I watch.

    JonasJonas9 dagar sedan
  • fake friends

    HARØ138HARØ13810 dagar sedan
  • It's nice that they invited carson, then forgot about him and ignored him. Next time just don't invite someone you will ignore

    Gray KGray K10 dagar sedan
  • Man, among us really should have a friends system. Ive played some games with some sick people, for example a guy named Hawkey who was depressed or another named Puple Gye who was probably the best impostor partner you could wish for.

    Nathan YoungNathan Young11 dagar sedan
  • Carson should of said how do i go in vents like myth did.

    q swagdog pq swagdog p11 dagar sedan
  • bruh i wouldve gotten mad mad if i was ignored like that. funny at first, but that shit gets annoying realll quick

    xianxianxianxian11 dagar sedan
  • So, is Carson chaotic evil or neutral?

    mmitcchmmitcch12 dagar sedan
  • it's sad that Carson could barely count to 7

    Lexi CLexi C12 dagar sedan
  • I gotta do this task sounds a lot like Eric Andre

    Salvlox _Salvlox _12 dagar sedan
  • I feel so bad for Carson these people are really fucking annoying.

    Nate O'NeilNate O'Neil12 dagar sedan

    Kenny on shroomsKenny on shrooms13 dagar sedan
  • *wElL iTs NoT mE*

    Point ActionPoint Action13 dagar sedan
  • Carson is more sus when he's cremated than imposter.

    Ryan BoothRyan Booth13 dagar sedan
  • As cheesy as this sounds I actually feel kinda inspired lol. Next time I’m with a group of people that makes me uncomfortable I’m just gonna start trolling like Carson instead of taking the situation seriously. I know my worth and other people don’t define it.

    MarieMarie13 dagar sedan
  • Gosh idek these people but I can’t stand them

    MarieMarie13 dagar sedan
  • Myth made me kind of upset

    TaroTaro14 dagar sedan
  • carson is just the very human embodiment of chaotic neutral

    doomdankdoomdank14 dagar sedan
  • critical role campaign 1

    GEN MAGNONGEN MAGNON14 dagar sedan
  • Fuslie: I wasn’t aware you needed experience Colourblind people: :(

    EPP ICEPP IC14 dagar sedan
  • Myth *panic* Myth

    EPP ICEPP IC14 dagar sedan
  • honestly it was relieving when he went to do tasks cause it was quite and they weren't all talking over each other

    Jack OsterJack Oster14 dagar sedan
  • I honestly think Myth was the only one causing trouble, everybody else could play along with Carson well except when he was getting talked over

    Carter EllisCarter Ellis14 dagar sedan
  • These people are trash with this game and they keep telling carson that he is bad. I hate them and im just watching this because im out of content and carson is here.

    Kaan KKaan K14 dagar sedan
  • Everyeone’s talking about them acting like “the popular kids” when they were just *constantly* speaking over each other like *everyone* does. Unlike most they just wouldn’t shut the fuck up.

    Basically I'm SchlorpingBasically I'm Schlorping15 dagar sedan
  • toasts group is literally so shitty . i stopped watching toast vids because he was getting on my nerves , they’re so obnoxious and icky. it’s so boring to see them ignoring people and then patting themselves on the back when they get 2/10 of their guesses right. they’re the people who say shit like “20000IQ IMPOSTER WIN!!” it’s so damn annoying

    My therapist said noMy therapist said no15 dagar sedan
  • Carson plays with a bunch of try-hards. He's like that one character in a movie that no one takes seriously in a terrible situation as everything keeps falling apart.

    ChewySmokeyChewySmokey15 dagar sedan
  • First time enjoying watching someone play crewmate

    RuiRui15 dagar sedan
  • WeII somethings wrong with this sentence

    ShadiestFire4 noShadiestFire4 no15 dagar sedan
  • Carson:1,2,3,4,5,6 Carson:... Carson:... Carson:... Carson:7,8,9,10

    DrawingJunkieDrawingJunkie15 dagar sedan
  • Wrong friend group Carson keep ur circle small

    JDinVRJDinVR16 dagar sedan
  • no one: Carson: *iTs NoT mEe*

    PickleToonzPickleToonz16 dagar sedan
  • This video made me realize how many people believe they’re the “popular” kids

    William JohnWilliam John16 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think they invited him back...

    HDNHDN16 dagar sedan
  • gg

    Savvy714Savvy71416 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely love Carson and his humor and it's so hilarious that nobody understands his humor so they're always just really confused while Carson is laughing his lungs out.

  • 16:36 physically hurt

    Nai DrawsNai Draws16 dagar sedan
  • something about content creators and thinking they are big brain

    whyareweherewhyarewehere16 dagar sedan
  • Lol myth wasn’t even following you on Twitter

    Dalton ReedDalton Reed16 dagar sedan
  • i do not like the people who aren't carson

    minomino16 dagar sedan
  • Best Video Ever

    iDontGetPaidEnoughiDontGetPaidEnough16 dagar sedan
  • God these people are the most unfun group ever.

    SteamPvnkFoxSteamPvnkFox16 dagar sedan
  • For someone trying to big brain, I find it funny myth didn't realize the reason he wasn't doing it fast was because Carson wasn't trying.

    SaluteSovietSaluteSoviet16 dagar sedan
  • this group of people sucked to play with tbh if i played with carson id feel so much more comfortable than with them

    FayFay17 dagar sedan
  • Carson, if someone hates you for no reason, you give them a reason and I fuckin love that 😂 I had two girls hate me in middle school for no reason so I felt that lol

    Des VexelDes Vexel17 dagar sedan
  • well its not me

  • Every time I play, after the first body is reported only 4-5 ppl are left

    Cheems The dogCheems The dog17 dagar sedan
  • How did Mith play with someone sooo good Carson

    DRMCx MarkDRMCx Mark17 dagar sedan
  • carson just being unapologetically himself

    Baru KadlecováBaru Kadlecová17 dagar sedan
  • Carson standing on the vent and everyone just looking at him like "what the fuck is this guy doing?" was the funniest among us clip I've ever seen

    paulpingazpaulpingaz17 dagar sedan

    koojeekoojee17 dagar sedan
  • Never change who you are Carson. If they can’t appreciate or understand you, that’s their problem.

    Cole WelchCole Welch17 dagar sedan
  • I feel like im better then these players when i take it seriously, i call out people alot but that wire shit was annoying, you arent a good detective for calling out someone for wire time

    theduneratthedunerat17 dagar sedan
  • Bro why are they so toxic tf

    BolognatiousBolognatious17 dagar sedan
  • This is sad

    M SM S17 dagar sedan
  • I burped with you dude

    Three QueensThree Queens17 dagar sedan
  • why did nobody laugh at the constant “well it’s not me” it was the funniest part of the whole thing

    baggymilkbaggymilk17 dagar sedan
  • Not gonna lie this was kinda tilting especially Myth with his "experienced wired player" talk what the hell is that.

    Stanislav HronekStanislav Hronek18 dagar sedan