So I cried in a Minecraft tournament...

27 jun 2019
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I screamed a lot. I was in fear.
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So I played in Minecraft Mondays...

  • why did he start crying tho...?

    TomTom33 minuter sedan
  • this day was absolutely chaos

    Only KnowsOnly Knows35 minuter sedan
  • Jschlatt:Nobody else is speaking Spanish here... Technoblade:AY CARAMBA DONDE STALLA BIBILIOTECA!!!

    Stefan VijatovStefan Vijatov3 timmar sedan
  • and thus a meme was born

    StryfeStryfe10 timmar sedan
  • nice meme

    coolguyfire99coolguyfire9920 timmar sedan
  • 18:59 that cry tho

    SpookBloxSpookBloxDag sedan
  • 18:53 When you get a trash haircut and you start thinking about how bad the roast session is going to be

    ZomBMan 101ZomBMan 101Dag sedan
  • No one: Bomb sirens: 12:38

    elite_synx on Twitchelite_synx on TwitchDag sedan
  • 18:53 When you realize you’re a warrior

    Reiner BraunReiner BraunDag sedan
  • 18:53 my reaction when PopularMMos gets COVID

    Lendle GuanzonLendle GuanzonDag sedan
  • 18:51

    Ranorky YtRanorky YtDag sedan
  • Pause at 19:00

    AyaanomaticAyaanomaticDag sedan
  • 19:00

    • A x e l K i n e •• A x e l K i n e •2 dagar sedan
  • 18:54 a legend was born

    Keebe The Kirby plushKeebe The Kirby plush2 dagar sedan
  • “Dude it’s Sky, he’s going to be high and sad go kill him” greatest thing ever still

    Kenshin XavierKenshin Xavier2 dagar sedan

    NPT Productions 2NPT Productions 22 dagar sedan
  • 15:46 Carson uses r/okbuddybaka ??1😳😳😳

    HoodiebudHoodiebud2 dagar sedan
  • 18:45

    AnonymousCheesePie37AnonymousCheesePie372 dagar sedan
  • I found it

    Green CatGreen Cat2 dagar sedan

    CoopaTroopaCoopaTroopa2 dagar sedan
  • When your friend takes the last pizza roll 19:10

    michaelmichael3 dagar sedan
  • 18:43

    (STUDENT)Jaycob Molina(STUDENT)Jaycob Molina3 dagar sedan
    • me too

      PossumHatchedPossumHatched3 dagar sedan
  • 18:53 when your younger sibling unplugs and crashes your computer when you have 14 assignments due in a hour

    Stretchy 1Stretchy 13 dagar sedan
  • the famous meme clip it’s at 18:45

  • I see someone with that pfp at least once in every comment section.

    Maw The assholeMaw The asshole3 dagar sedan
  • The best meme in my life

    kyle kevinkyle kevin3 dagar sedan
  • 6:00 for anyone who wanted this time stamp as well

    Corona VirusCorona Virus3 dagar sedan
  • 18:46

    Lance Sebastian BasconLance Sebastian Bascon3 dagar sedan
  • 18:47 yes

    Brent Joseph EsguerraBrent Joseph Esguerra3 dagar sedan
  • When you drop your burrito that you just got out of the microwave at 3am 19:10

    aaron baggettaaron baggett4 dagar sedan
  • can we talk about how schlatt is low-key good

    Hunty and BoodleHunty and Boodle4 dagar sedan
  • What Carson thought was going to be a viral meme: 3:19 What it actually was: 18:54

    Kenneth ElsasserKenneth Elsasser4 dagar sedan
  • 18:54 My 6 year old self when my mom takes me to a vaccine testing center instead of Disneyland

    authqnticauthqntic4 dagar sedan
  • 18:54 when the red and green fink rats overheat your machine

    ClaoosClaoos4 dagar sedan
  • The birth of the 2 crying Carson memes

    Myles MadillMyles Madill5 dagar sedan
  • Holy shit i thought it was like a 7 year old from the thumbnail but then i realised i like his content

    Ethan CollingsEthan Collings5 dagar sedan
  • I came back to this video to use 18:54 as a citation in a project paper I am writing for university. The caption reads: "Example of a streamer having a mental breakdown live on Twitch (King, 2019)"

    mank demelordmank demelord6 dagar sedan
  • i have to wat h with subtitles because my dad is drinking and arguing with my mother so i need to be able to anticipate him coming and hide. great video

    Shino BillShino Bill6 dagar sedan
  • when miniladd joined the vc i wanted to throw up 🤢

    angel mp3angel mp36 dagar sedan
    • Time stamp

      milk maker sunchipmilk maker sunchip6 dagar sedan
  • 18:54 when 0 bobux

    CoheTea i guess.CoheTea i guess.6 dagar sedan
  • Just got my crying carson youtooz today

    Ethan WardEthan Ward7 dagar sedan
  • Jshlatt kills logzotzip FUCK YOU BITCH

    Erick TansesErick Tanses7 dagar sedan
  • 18:54 And a legend was born *For the second time*

    Michigan dudeMichigan dude7 dagar sedan
  • 18:54 *simps when they're twitch thot* (I'm mean "queen") *has a BF*

    Z C stuffZ C stuff8 dagar sedan
  • When your mom see you awake 18:52

    the plush museumthe plush museum8 dagar sedan
  • 18:53 When Jonathan Joestar dies in phantom blood

    ElectricWarriorElectricWarrior8 dagar sedan

    Its_A_Block_ GameIts_A_Block_ Game8 dagar sedan
  • 2:11 my screen froze and I knew then I was blessed

    Im_ JiantIm_ Jiant9 dagar sedan
  • i just received the crying carson youtooz in the mail today, and came back to watch the original video in celebration

    caprisuncaprisun9 dagar sedan
  • 18:50 Todas las promesas de mi amor se irán contigo 🎵🎶☹️

    Joaquin SilvaJoaquin Silva9 dagar sedan
  • Bruh this cryin accidentally became a meme

    Tahsin The GamerTahsin The Gamer9 dagar sedan
  • My ears

  • This is video is the reason fits slept with his girl 😂

    Ryan EkerRyan Eker9 dagar sedan
  • remember that moment when carson cried, cringe

    GoldenMan9000GoldenMan900010 dagar sedan
  • 18:52

    LuhDripLuhDrip10 dagar sedan
  • youtube is gonna be happy with saying bad launge

    A AvalosA Avalos10 dagar sedan
  • ew

    A AvalosA Avalos10 dagar sedan
  • It’s hard to believe that this was almost 2 years ago

    HeyLookItsTomHeyLookItsTom10 dagar sedan
  • i thought he's a kid

    •Cyrus••Cyrus•10 dagar sedan
  • 18:53 .This Is Where "Call Ambulance" Meme Is Born

    Shinra_ KusakabeShinra_ Kusakabe10 dagar sedan
  • love this :)

    Thomas HutchinsonThomas Hutchinson11 dagar sedan
    • p

      Thomas HutchinsonThomas Hutchinson11 dagar sedan
    • p

      Thomas HutchinsonThomas Hutchinson11 dagar sedan
    • p

      Thomas HutchinsonThomas Hutchinson11 dagar sedan
    • p

      Thomas HutchinsonThomas Hutchinson11 dagar sedan
  • 18:52 what you guys came for from the perfectly cut screams

    Diana Montes GarciaDiana Montes Garcia11 dagar sedan
  • 18:47

    P_ENP_EN11 dagar sedan
  • 18:45

    duckduck12 dagar sedan
  • When you got 0 bobux

    HoovyHoovy12 dagar sedan
  • It’s ok it’s good to cry

    Scratch ThatScratch That12 dagar sedan
  • 19:11 new fnaf jumpscare?

    Cade KingstonCade Kingston12 dagar sedan
  • 18:53 me when a jojo character dies

    ShineDolphinShineDolphin12 dagar sedan
  • 5:10 - That is the most terrifying scream I've heard

    greenteawingsgreenteawings12 dagar sedan
  • Stinky uh oh

    Аббакио из жижалионаАббакио из жижалиона13 dagar sedan
  • Nooooooooo you can't look like a 14 year old crying to fortnite!!!!!!

    HyperShadic101HyperShadic10114 dagar sedan
  • 18:54, What everyone is here for 19:10, The bonus meme that is actually pretty funny

    Im_HappyIm_Happy14 dagar sedan
  • I used to do that when I was younger

    Mike WilkinsMike Wilkins14 dagar sedan
  • y is he so sweaty

    Noah DomsNoah Doms14 dagar sedan
  • 19:08 noo r you joking? *aaaAAaAAAAA*

    Whirlwind JWhirlwind J15 dagar sedan
  • Fuck the misfits

    seawat27seawat2715 dagar sedan
  • 23:07 got me so dead wit the funny mic

    ScytheScythe16 dagar sedan
  • Call an ambulance call an ambulance but not for me 18:54

    IULITIMEIULITIME16 dagar sedan
  • I feel only Sadge, just sadge :(

    Evan LumbersEvan Lumbers16 dagar sedan
  • If you are looking for the crying part on pc, press 5 on your keyboard and it will take you there.

    XRP OlieXRP Olie16 dagar sedan
  • 18:49 what you came here for

    Steven MatiasSteven Matias17 dagar sedan
  • the video that launched a million band kid memes

  • he CRY

    PaddaPadda17 dagar sedan
  • *We all strive to be Carson*

    He1IoHe1Io17 dagar sedan
  • Carson crying 18:59

    UkmanUkman17 dagar sedan
  • 18:48 Mini Ladd when he got exposed

    CHIPS IS BACKCHIPS IS BACK17 dagar sedan
  • 18:42 is the part he will cry after 5 seconds

    Kroksis GTKroksis GT17 dagar sedan
  • Me when don't have Shroud cappuccino 18:52

    tech9779 -tech9779 -18 dagar sedan
  • 6:55 that didnt age well

    Kamka MylesKamka Myles18 dagar sedan
  • When your Crush Rejected you in Chat. 18:50

    Richter Lance IdulsaRichter Lance Idulsa18 dagar sedan
  • 19:10 When you feel that falling in sleep thing

    UshxuneUshxune18 dagar sedan
  • Ahhhh, a classic.

    G TwissG Twiss19 dagar sedan

    blueboy_tvblueboy_tv19 dagar sedan
  • 18:50

    bienvenido a mi canal canalbienvenido a mi canal canal19 dagar sedan
  • 18:44

    Mort's Art StudioMort's Art Studio19 dagar sedan
  • Song at 7:17? Genuinely curious

    DominantGamiingDominantGamiing19 dagar sedan
  • 18:52 the part he cry

    D4M13N gamingD4M13N gaming20 dagar sedan
  • 18:53 (dying from laughter)

    error lolerror lol20 dagar sedan
  • 18:44 where the neem was born

    9 119 1120 dagar sedan
  • 12:23

    Justin CortezJustin Cortez20 dagar sedan