Helping a senile old man in Minecraft

28 maj 2019
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We were lucky enough to have VoiceoverPete join us on SMP Live!
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  • i thought this guy was like 18?his voice was so young and i thought the caption was a joke until i searched for his channel

    FayFay15 timmar sedan
  • 11:10 Did Junky say something about the vore community? Lmfao

    PixelatidPixelatidDag sedan
  • Ted: would you like some meth? Pete: I'm from florida, what do you think?

    Iceicebaby27Iceicebaby272 dagar sedan
  • eeee a ttttttt e a a t eee a a t e aaaaaaaaa t e a a t eeee a a t

    5NAKE EYE55NAKE EYE53 dagar sedan
  • If Carson is car’s son then who is car?

    Confused OraConfused Ora7 dagar sedan
  • This single handily cured my depression now I can sleep

    Adla W.Adla W.7 dagar sedan
  • My favorite SEworld video ever

    Joe BobJoe Bob9 dagar sedan
  • What a nice old man

    Brady WeedBrady Weed11 dagar sedan
  • the concrete store should have been call coopcrete

    lobstarlobstar12 dagar sedan
  • 7:00

    Miss. Danni TigerMiss. Danni Tiger15 dagar sedan
  • Voiceoverpete has one of the most American voice I’ve ever heard

    Indestructible_cocxIndestructible_cocx17 dagar sedan
  • A truly special Bro Moment™

    Beau CBeau C26 dagar sedan
  • youtube

    soup dookiesoup dookieMånad sedan
  • callmecarson is the david dobrik of minecraft

    ZachZachMånad sedan
  • Pete's Like Ted but old

    0 subscribers without a video?0 subscribers without a video?Månad sedan
    • Ted is like pete but young

      QuinnafredQuinnafredMånad sedan
  • I really don’t know if Pete actually doesn’t understand or if he’s just really committed to his character.

    SkellySkellyMånad sedan
  • 11:03 bruh taxes

    tPeter AesersentPeter AesersenMånad sedan
  • he is a boomer, but he's the best boomer

    69SUGOI6969SUGOI69Månad sedan
  • “So there are fishing rods in minecraft, do you want one?” “That and a gun”

    Kai The dutchmanKai The dutchmanMånad sedan
  • Pete is a national treasure

    Todd SchultzTodd SchultzMånad sedan
  • Pete is like the protagonists sister in an anime

    Egg BonerEgg BonerMånad sedan
  • 'A man among men' will be my future tinder bio

    kattie martinkattie martinMånad sedan
  • You know Pete is better than all of them because he has the least amount of deaths

    Icee !Icee !Månad sedan
  • Voiceover Pete is just like Adam West Rip Adam West

    ThatGuyCanmanNCThatGuyCanmanNCMånad sedan
  • Senile Minecraft geezer style

    WolfWiz99WolfWiz992 månader sedan
  • pete has the energy of both an 80 year old man and a 20 year old crack addicted basement dweller, with a little bit innocent child mixed in

    Hudson SandersonHudson Sanderson2 månader sedan
  • I think this is the best episode

    OneWeirdGuyOneWeirdGuy2 månader sedan
  • Did he change the title of the video? Or is it just me?

    Terrarian RogerTerrarian Roger2 månader sedan
  • Pete: *Puts on helmet* *0.0001 seconds later* “Why.”

    ZoomieZoomie2 månader sedan
  • Shlat trying to scam an old man is not ok

    HighlightLPHighlightLP2 månader sedan
  • Pete feels like the most and least expressive person at the same time

    Lavender KrackerzLavender Krackerz2 månader sedan
  • “I want to be able to say I drowned gumball” -Carson King

    HH26-008 8HH26-008 82 månader sedan
  • carson voiceoverpete and gumball are the three pillarmen of the apocalypse

    AlchemisparkAlchemispark3 månader sedan
  • is it just me or does he not sound old like i thought he was jus someone else at first

    John P PerezJohn P Perez3 månader sedan
  • This makes me so happy

    Human PersonHuman Person3 månader sedan
  • Why? What does that give you? “POWER.”

    Stephen um3Stephen um33 månader sedan
  • VoiceoverPete is like a whale carcass falling to the bottom of the ocean so the scavengers can survive.

    clay pollardclay pollard3 månader sedan
  • yeah i never knew shift click was how you do that thing im retarded ngl

    WeebsWeebs3 månader sedan
  • Nearly spat out all of my soda at 8:09

    Owen ByerOwen Byer3 månader sedan
  • And I oop--

    Shona LeighShona Leigh3 månader sedan
  • I love Pete, we need to protect him

    EliEli3 månader sedan
    • Ruben Ferguson he also made a lot of sexual comments towards Kara and continued even after she asked him to stop

      Juliana MacDonaldJuliana MacDonaldMånad sedan
    • Ruben Ferguson ah didn’t know that, thank you sir

      EliEli3 månader sedan
    • @Eli ​ @Mint Mochi Pete has allegedly sent predatory messages to young women around the age of 20. They were unsolicited and very gross. His Twitter's gone private, and if you do a quick search of "voiceoverpete" on twitter, have a look through the tweets

      Ruben FergusonRuben Ferguson3 månader sedan
    • @vampirecricket wa now I'm curious, what happened??

      Mint MochiMint Mochi3 månader sedan
    • funky soap what do ya mean?

      EliEli3 månader sedan
  • 11:03 The precursor to robbing youtubers.

    IceInTheSodaIceInTheSoda3 månader sedan
  • Voiceoverpete is the guy that gonna rule the entire world He's a boomer millennial and a zoomer

    Business TimeBusiness Time4 månader sedan
  • I must visit Pete in florida

    cringekidcringekid4 månader sedan
  • Are we gonna talk about how Carson thinks of Voice of Pete as a senile old man?

    Moon of SongsMoon of Songs4 månader sedan
  • He is the people’s boomer

    Beau HintonBeau Hinton4 månader sedan
  • Pete is like an adorable puppy 😂😂😂

    Kyanós GamingKyanós Gaming4 månader sedan
    • This didnt age well

      FIREFIRE4 månader sedan
    • not anymore

      Frostco RogerFrostco Roger4 månader sedan
    • lol

      WandernWandern4 månader sedan
  • 11:02 be a cop

    FlinchFlinch4 månader sedan
  • watching this again a year after it was posted feels like a parody of SMPlive especially with schlatt only randomly coming in with the funny mic yelling about schlattcoin

    JibbyJibby4 månader sedan
  • If someone were to play his voice without me knowing its pete, I would think its like a 20 year old man

    DubleThr33DubleThr334 månader sedan
  • We can’t cut of Florida Pete lives there so I’m proposing a Pete sanctuary

    Jake O’NeillJake O’Neill4 månader sedan
  • So CallMeCarson, Gumball and VoiceoverPete walk into a bar

    SampskySampsky4 månader sedan
  • pete is the fucking best

    danoli pizzazdanoli pizzaz4 månader sedan
  • This is too wholesome. It's like texting my grandma to use zoom

    Logan RossLogan Ross4 månader sedan
  • "I hear sOmEoNe Is iNtErEsTeD iN sChLatT cOiN" XD 0:59 XD!!!!! SCHLAG COIN

    Marie AndersonMarie Anderson4 månader sedan
  • "a man among men."

    You cant beat KYou cant beat K5 månader sedan
  • I think Pete is the only person who has never been trolled by Ted.

    LameStudiosIncLameStudiosInc5 månader sedan
  • bless pete’s heart

    aidan cabacoyaidan cabacoy5 månader sedan
  • Pete seems like such a nice guy love his vibes.

    Negative_ 32Negative_ 325 månader sedan
  • You can legally rob someone through Divorce

    Julian van DijkJulian van Dijk5 månader sedan
  • I find it so hard to imagine someone who has never played Minecraft before.

    darcy gibbonsdarcy gibbons5 månader sedan
  • trav giving pete armor

    pleaseplease5 månader sedan
  • PSA if you legally wanna rob someone. Go to either a drug dealer, or SUE😂😂

  • Till that day he never came back

    YEET YTYEET YT5 månader sedan
  • If anyone dare hurts this man

    Imagine WagonsImagine Wagons5 månader sedan
  • 3:05 my favorite clip

    xoparker xoxoparker xo5 månader sedan
  • Carson did Pete dirty with the title of this video 😅

    Scrub A PunkScrub A Punk5 månader sedan
  • Sex

    Leshie BoyLeshie Boy5 månader sedan
  • Rude.

    PocoLoco In the CocoPocoLoco In the Coco5 månader sedan
  • This reminds me of the nicest 70 year old guy I met while playing the original Destiny a few years ago. Thank you Pete for the fond memories.

    SlowhiteSlowhite5 månader sedan
  • 11:10 Did Gumball just say "I think the vore community is quaking"?

    PopLaddPopLadd5 månader sedan
  • this title is wrong, Pete isnt senile

    Jig and WagJig and Wag5 månader sedan
  • cArson my chat is saying your a boomer

    Evan 4545Evan 45455 månader sedan
  • So is Pete Florida man?

    Simple ToastSimple Toast5 månader sedan
  • Carson is not just yoda, he is baby yoda

    Serial KillerSerial Killer5 månader sedan
  • Hearing Schlatt and JunkyJanker's voices welcoming Pete into the server gives off a Radiator Springs feel for some reason.

    WebzterWebzter6 månader sedan
  • penile infection

    АдамАдам6 månader sedan
  • What's the WOOPA From that plays at the beginning of the video

    Andreas AltarAndreas Altar6 månader sedan
  • “My shanks”

    Polaris 0w0Polaris 0w06 månader sedan
  • Ah yes the problem with this server is that it doesn’t have ENOUGH people..........

    BradTHEinBradTHEin6 månader sedan
  • Edit: There is no edit.

    John F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy6 månader sedan
  • fit is your dad ha

    Diamond destroyer 124Diamond destroyer 1246 månader sedan
    • @Liquid Luigi fit mc reville that car son is his son

      Diamond destroyer 124Diamond destroyer 1246 månader sedan
    • wait what

      Liquid LuigiLiquid Luigi6 månader sedan
  • Don’t mind me, just going around praising the king’s museum of funnies

    Smiley_Dog 17Smiley_Dog 176 månader sedan
  • You can hear gumball say What is the color black in the background 7:25

    New maddog nothing . AgainNew maddog nothing . Again6 månader sedan
  • Why is LukeOrSomething on the server

    YungRaccYungRacc6 månader sedan
  • “Like a little girl screaming from a monster!” Oddly specific voiceoverpete.

    JickBoi 308JickBoi 3086 månader sedan
  • “I drowned Gumball” _-Carson 2019_

    SnowySnowy6 månader sedan
  • Pete: "Keep it wholesome" also Pete, 3 second later: *"I want a G U N"*

    Zamira LewisZamira Lewis6 månader sedan
  • This guy is the borderline, the boundary, the line between the zoomers and the boomers, he is the equilibrium, the perfect proportion. He is perfection.

    call me Rockyycall me Rockyy6 månader sedan
  • I love this video so much. The title and video itself is so hilarious

    Bleach FreakBleach Freak6 månader sedan
  • he reminds me of Caeser Flickerman

    laura twiggzlaura twiggz6 månader sedan
  • Greatest crossover ever

    Gakaru GamingGakaru Gaming6 månader sedan
  • Pete can answer anything with I LIVE IN FLORIDA

    Mthesage xdMthesage xd6 månader sedan
  • Pete: falls Players: look down at the water Me: A MAN HAS FALLEN INTO THE RIVER IN LEGO CITY

    MrCreeper266MrCreeper2666 månader sedan

    The collectorThe collector6 månader sedan
  • It's crazy to see how far Pete has come since this video. He even carries on hits flawlessly

    Relative DepressionRelative Depression6 månader sedan
  • Dude wtf is that title😂🤣🤣🤣

    TheL0n3lyTrampTheL0n3lyTramp6 månader sedan
  • Pete is the only boomer that is allowed

    Gay IdiotGay Idiot6 månader sedan
  • Vod 39

    NORMAL COATNORMAL COAT6 månader sedan
  • Hey carson read mthish Whenm frtu furry pauk plua paul blagt blart

    SirClapsAlot45SirClapsAlot457 månader sedan