You have to get across

19 jul 2019
4 050 934 visningar

First one across gets $500. You have to get across.
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You have to get across

  • why is that title so menacing

    CreacherCreacher22 timmar sedan
  • hey shitass wanna see me get across

    ThundereisThundereisDag sedan
  • hadden sdhoop gqaueihp

    Luke.E.X and LaCajunGal1Luke.E.X and LaCajunGal12 dagar sedan
  • They predicted mario being in minecraft

    IrvingIrving3 dagar sedan
  • I’m just going to say this 14:10 FORWARD AIREL

    Julian LopezJulian Lopez3 dagar sedan
  • I'm sure I could do a list of the moments when someone hacking is on the screen, and it wouldn't fit in the comment space.

    MrSaussissonSecMrSaussissonSec4 dagar sedan
  • the only sport I would invest in...

    lbjustmanlbjustman5 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if someone used a flying machine

    Shulk MainShulk Main5 dagar sedan
  • 4:50 lmao rip snurgle_durf. cause of death: streamsniped

    slaking21slaking218 dagar sedan
  • egg

    Crabbit 19Crabbit 1910 dagar sedan
  • first video of yours i watched, carson. its also still my favorite one. also if you're reading this pleaseee do some more minecraft

    BerijicBerijic14 dagar sedan
  • 9:09, 9:23

    Cooper BarrowCooper Barrow16 dagar sedan
  • I have a feeling that I saw Mista(from jojo)at 2:20

    Jessica FuentesJessica Fuentes19 dagar sedan
  • This video is a classic of the channel genuinely.

    TonyboyTonyboy21 dag sedan
  • Damn they all suck at bridging

    victor evictor e21 dag sedan
  • You have to get to the other side.

    AxelAxel23 dagar sedan
  • Don't you just need 2 blocks to win...

    Christin FinnyChristin Finny25 dagar sedan
  • How fitting. Garfield wins by kicking odie off

    Matthew CroweMatthew Crowe27 dagar sedan

    Oscar LeveyOscar LeveyMånad sedan
  • fun fact: if you were subbed but not whitelisted, it means they knew you wouldn't have won so they just saved you the time

    bingobangobingobangoMånad sedan
  • I am here to contribute another comment about speed-bridging.

    Brickfilmer125Brickfilmer125Månad sedan
  • there should be an ep 2 to this

    SalamiGamiSalamiGamiMånad sedan
  • My man Garfield kicked Oddie off the f**kin table like a boss.

    AxelAxelMånad sedan
  • Did a Zombie in a suit just kill naked Thanos with his own Infinity Gauntlet? Under-appreciated moment.

    ViaAyresViaAyresMånad sedan
  • alternate title: minecraft but we die for building bridges and some admins just laugh and bully us because of our skins

    Ven Joseph MarioVen Joseph MarioMånad sedan
  • meme school

    ThatartguyThatartguyMånad sedan
  • only 2 minutes in and I can already see 2 hackers they missed

    InfiniteTaquitoInfiniteTaquitoMånad sedan
  • Someone in that game must have said "fuck it" and just lived a normal survival life on the starting point

    RGXRGXMånad sedan
  • my first carson video...

    OctopuddingOctopuddingMånad sedan
  • Possible strat: Go into the nether and run to the end

    Xx shotmcduck xXXx shotmcduck xXMånad sedan
  • this was posted on my birthday

    Léo SookocheffLéo SookocheffMånad sedan
    • thanks

      Léo SookocheffLéo SookocheffMånad sedan
    • happy late birthday

      Léo SookocheffLéo SookocheffMånad sedan
  • Mr beast stole idea lol

    Block -ABlock -AMånad sedan
  • why is hypixel filled with hackers fo real

    1Lt Uncle Jack1Lt Uncle JackMånad sedan
  • Y’all see the brain dead people in the server chat say they made it?

    TheSRGriffinTheSRGriffinMånad sedan
  • aimp

    Jakob OlsenJakob OlsenMånad sedan
  • I've watched this video multiple times because I always forget who won

    Slug RugSlug Rug2 månader sedan
    • Guys I know who won

      Slug RugSlug Rug2 månader sedan
  • This man made fall guys before there was even fall guys

    Karl NgKarl Ng2 månader sedan
  • I have an online friend who seems like he would have the username “dayofretribution” and an annoying orange skin but I can’t be too sure (kingcountythotpatrol, the infamous columbine vore god)

    wooozie ytwooozie yt2 månader sedan
  • I was wanting to join this stream, and I'm a professional god bridger and i missed out

    NijaKing8NijaKing82 månader sedan
  • so no one thought about making a nether portal and traveling to the end

    Midget ManMidget Man2 månader sedan
  • I cant tell if one of the contestants were hacking because they were bridging up like they were using a scaffold hack or just lag lol

    Nikalus 31Nikalus 312 månader sedan
  • This was literally the sbr

    SadankySadanky2 månader sedan
  • you have to get across

    ThatartguyThatartguy2 månader sedan
  • Elytra time, baby!

    WolfWiz99WolfWiz992 månader sedan
  • This is what I watch instead of paying attention in online classes

    Adrianna DartAdrianna Dart2 månader sedan
  • i can’t believe that this was one of my first callmecarson videos

    miamia2 månader sedan
  • Technically Mario could've just mined blocks behind him and and then bridge with only two blocks

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name2 månader sedan
  • thats so sad make sure to like and subscribe and dont forget to hit that little bell

    Hipryx [GD]Hipryx [GD]2 månader sedan
  • Please, PLEASE do this again! I wanna play this time

    Jacob EarnhardtJacob Earnhardt2 månader sedan
  • Casmir is a shit name

    DavidDavid2 månader sedan
  • 0:47 america be like

    zxjurassic 02zxjurassic 022 månader sedan
  • bro my head is going wild, i've watched this video so many times and this is the first time i've heard svyoshi's voice in it

    HarroogaButAgainHarroogaButAgain2 månader sedan
  • The story was rich, the characters compelling and suspense real. All around, better than infinity war.

    ItzNotJoshyzItzNotJoshyz2 månader sedan
  • its freaking mario my childhood hero....and he freakings runs out of blocks

    Bryce MillerBryce Miller2 månader sedan
  • What if they went to the nether

    Aiden WoodAiden Wood2 månader sedan
  • Me beast gaming before me beast gaming

    Arc AngelArc Angel2 månader sedan
  • A real turn of events is once Garfield won they found someone else on the other side with a small base

    Jacob JordanJacob Jordan2 månader sedan
  • Egg

    こだとこだと2 månader sedan
  • everybody gangster till someone who can breezily arrives

    TheToxicBushTheToxicBush2 månader sedan
  • imagine if someone just got an elytra

    J SJ S2 månader sedan
  • coming back to these videos and really no one knew how to breezily bridge or anything

    detdet3 månader sedan
  • We all know DayOfRetribution had it all within his fingertips, but he sacrificed himself for the better good, and decided not to reveal his full power. Truly an absolute unit.

    Mona RagehMona Rageh3 månader sedan
  • Why did the minecraft player cross the void?

    subscribe for no reason pleasesubscribe for no reason please3 månader sedan
  • E G G

    Dustin KnudsonDustin Knudson3 månader sedan
  • Mr beast gaming: Heavy breathing

    GlockamoleGlockamole3 månader sedan
  • *skeppy has joined the chat*

    Dan PDan P3 månader sedan
  • A year later and still chasing the high of being featured in this Video. Life has been down hill ever since, I just want to feel that satisfaction again.

    DayOfRetributionDayOfRetribution3 månader sedan
  • Other youtubers: Making my subscribers build a bridge for money Carson: *You have to get across*

    Miss RoseMiss Rose3 månader sedan
  • I think that DayOfRetribution had the best character arc, but sadly, he ended himself for Garfield, It was like doctor strange sacrificing the stone for Iron Man to end Thanos.

    StephChromiesStephChromies3 månader sedan
    • i agree

      DayOfRetributionDayOfRetribution3 månader sedan
  • Hey is girl allowed on Minecraft, you loser

    Annika RueloAnnika Ruelo3 månader sedan
    • No Girls allowed

      「Gold2006」「Gold2006」3 månader sedan
  • I was half expecting people who played bed wars too much to just fly across with skill.

    Kate CastroKate Castro3 månader sedan
  • Holy shit I’d rather watch this than like the NFL or NBA this should become a sport

    The Mythic FoxThe Mythic Fox3 månader sedan
  • 10:30

    yELed M4gnIVyELed M4gnIV3 månader sedan
  • The real strat is to go into the nether and make another one after running a bit

    William GabelWilliam Gabel3 månader sedan
  • P

    the namelessthe nameless3 månader sedan
  • Why didn't they jus break the ones behind them

    Jinx GamingJinx Gaming3 månader sedan
  • Huh?

    Smol FlufSmol Fluf4 månader sedan
  • Idk why this particular game makes me mad and sad. Imagine working so hard to get across, and immediately Carson moves the island away from you. Imagine working so hard and then someone comes up behind you and hits you off and they win directly based off of your work.

    HansonHanson4 månader sedan
  • What everyone else read: you have to get across. What I read: you have to spell there.

    zeptor125zeptor1254 månader sedan
  • Why was no one using half slabs to get double the amount of blocks 💀

    Steve GormanSteve Gorman4 månader sedan
    • I tried that, but the server was so laggy that if you tried it, it would lag and knock you ff

      DayOfRetributionDayOfRetribution3 månader sedan
  • What is this, a *q u a c k i t y* video?

    yepthatswhatithoughtyepthatswhatithought4 månader sedan
  • Why don’t you just build a nether portal

    Man ManMan Man4 månader sedan
  • I want this but up

    Flop PigFlop Pig4 månader sedan
  • who else has watches this video once a month religiously

    Depressed Scottish DogsDepressed Scottish Dogs4 månader sedan
  • Callmecarson was Wilbur Soot before Wilbur was Soot

    fruitjuicefruitjuice4 månader sedan
  • 10:03 look at the chat

    Aidan PinaAidan Pina4 månader sedan
  • To think that if that guy had let Carson burn his lead bridge but just put down something that couldn’t be burnt to seperate it then it would’ve burnt behind him and he would’ve gone unopposed

    kyle listonkyle liston4 månader sedan
  • 1:38 people literally cheating xD

    CrazyWSCrazyWS4 månader sedan
  • Giorno was there, why didn't he use golden experience

    R4CC00N2R4CC00N24 månader sedan
  • This was better than any anime I’ve ever watched in my life

    MufasaMufasa4 månader sedan
  • how.

    Darby TaddDarby Tadd4 månader sedan

    Sauce BabySauce Baby4 månader sedan
  • Who's the yoshi guy Carson keeps talking to?

    Lil MerkLil Merk4 månader sedan
  • "I get on da hypixew fow fwee"

    A. D. DekuA. D. Deku4 månader sedan
  • Whats the outro song for this

    Bad AshBad Ash5 månader sedan
  • I'm surprised nobody turned their blocks into slabs

    Heddy OczlonHeddy Oczlon5 månader sedan
  • Carson keeps me happy when i’m sad🥺

    oioioioi5 månader sedan
  • “I’m rewarding the people that have money... with money” - Capitalist Sympathizers

    CC LewisCC Lewis5 månader sedan
  • leaf

    zoule nkzoule nk5 månader sedan
  • The real winner here is carson, he gained like 200 subs during the stream

    xbwico approves!xbwico approves!5 månader sedan