She's NEVER Beaten Minecraft! - ft. JaidenAnimations

16 sep 2020
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to be honest it felt like my first time beating it too
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I beat Minecraft with JaidenAnimations!

  • 1:50 lol

    in smash babyin smash baby34 minuter sedan
  • i like pork chops and apple sauce

    Tyler LodgeTyler LodgeTimme sedan
  • We need more collabs with these two lmao

    SchlumpyDuckieSchlumpyDuckieTimme sedan
  • I honestly cried after watching this. This is truly heartwarming to see two youtubers working together to accomplish a goal as friends. Really hope we see more of these types of videos.

    LageLage2 timmar sedan
  • Dude I fuckin love jaiden and I’m so glad she’s blown up more recently she deserves it

    Jerry BarryJerry Barry2 timmar sedan
  • Carson

    Lem0nkeeLem0nkee4 timmar sedan
  • Minecraft but Carson and Jaiden keep making sexist jokes

    shoot tingsshoot tings4 timmar sedan
  • stop shipping real people together, with anime it's weird now imagine it with real people who have lives.

    Marcus VeloriaMarcus Veloria5 timmar sedan
  • I desire blocks yet I hate legos I need help

    LOK TZE XING MoeLOK TZE XING Moe6 timmar sedan
  • ”Its very comforting to know that you’re just a guy” why did i laugh at that

    OrueOrue6 timmar sedan
  • J: “It’s that guy from the Lion King.” C: “SIMBA??”

    heiseirenheiseiren8 timmar sedan
  • Jokes aside, this is more a podcast than a letsplay

    The Pleased OneThe Pleased One8 timmar sedan
  • i dont like you saying bad words

    Rafael Keenan SimsRafael Keenan Sims8 timmar sedan
  • Oh enderman

    big boi fishbig boi fish9 timmar sedan
  • Seeing Jaiden fall in the nether on stream was the most funny thing ever

    Meme_boi10Meme_boi1010 timmar sedan
  • 8:21 jaiden:OHmAHgAWiMyrUnNIg

    Keegan MitchellKeegan Mitchell11 timmar sedan
  • carson and jaiden sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g! first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage, thats not all, thats not all, now the baby's drinking alcholol! THEN DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JKJKJKKKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJK

    Lula And GootsLula And Goots12 timmar sedan
  • Yay

    Mr-Rabbit-CheeseMr-Rabbit-Cheese12 timmar sedan
  • Carson has evolved! Carson --> *paste*

    CozmozCozmoz12 timmar sedan
  • Jaiden is cursing a lot damn

    Julian MartinezJulian Martinez13 timmar sedan
  • Captain Dream V.S Blood Cream.

    emprah the rocketemprah the rocket13 timmar sedan
  • 8:20 whoa there jaiden first I’ve heard u use a naughty word

    Julian MartinezJulian Martinez13 timmar sedan
  • Jaiden never playing Minecraft and beaten it is like this: *F-Zero main theme plays.*

    emprah the rocketemprah the rocket13 timmar sedan
  • I like how Carson in this videos acts a lot more chill than normal

    Donk FortessDonk Fortess15 timmar sedan
  • welcome back back casron

    OakNightOakNight15 timmar sedan
  • Get jaiden on the lunch club podcast

    Kevin BurkeKevin Burke15 timmar sedan
  • Delightful

    SnamortaSnamorta16 timmar sedan
  • "welcome back crason" speech 100

    Layal SalehLayal Saleh16 timmar sedan
  • Is asparagus and mayonnaise not normal?

    Jinah YooJinah Yoo16 timmar sedan
  • “Where’s your uh...” “Where’s...your...heritage?” carson: 🥴😬

    samisami17 timmar sedan
  • This was a 10 out of 10 on the funny. And also might I say it's weird to hear jaiden swear

    cheesy hamburgercheesy hamburger18 timmar sedan
  • His skin is the face reveal. That's all we'll get for a dream face reveal.

    Alex ucchedduAlex uccheddu18 timmar sedan
  • Jaidens Minecraft avatar kinda looks like Wilbur’s avatar...

    Danielpower89Danielpower8918 timmar sedan
  • During the ex-wife bit, I could stop thinking about: ”My ex-wife still misses me, after her aim is getting better! Her aim is getting better!”

    Shawn CrabtreeShawn Crabtree18 timmar sedan
  • 18:21: jaiden says sh*t Me: *Top 10 SEworldrs that have sworn*

    Christopher TorresChristopher Torres18 timmar sedan
  • H U L K M A N

    GalacticspacechampGalacticspacechamp19 timmar sedan
  • I would ship them. JK jk jk jk chilllllllllllllllllll. Unless?

    JackAttackJackAttack19 timmar sedan
  • my mom also had pork chop and apple sauce

    Daniel WebbDaniel Webb19 timmar sedan
  • thank god he's not technoblade or dream this would be one short vid

    AvakAvak19 timmar sedan
  • 28:13 is funny

    rando youtuberrando youtuber19 timmar sedan
  • carson: i'm a white jaiden: what kind of white? carson:...pasty

    Grzegorz PopielGrzegorz Popiel20 timmar sedan
  • I had pork chops and apple sauce when I was younger, I'm vegetarian now so I can't eat it anymore but I recommend it to anyone who does eat meat.

    Oliver boiiOliver boii20 timmar sedan
  • 0:05 seconds in, I already love this video

    [TesT][TesT]21 timme sedan
  • "What's the benefit of horses?" "Move fast" to me just kinda has the same exact vibe of "What, you can fly?!" "No, jump good".

    CharbomberCharbomber21 timme sedan
  • I didn't know he did this with Jaiden because I don't watch CallMeCarson, but now ( I'm still in the middle of watching it on my tv; right now I'm at 18:58. ) [ also even though I said I don't watch CallMeCarson I do know who he is and I've watched him in a sense, cause I have seen him in some videos of WildSpartanz's. ] I think I'm going to subscribe to him cause I like people like this; who can take jokes or are able to just casually talk to other youtubers. It's just nice to see😄

    Dominic KnarDominic Knar22 timmar sedan
  • 13:49 they all ways were sus

    Michael FernaaysMichael Fernaays23 timmar sedan
  • 8:22 she literally said: UwU running Jaiden is definitely a furry!

    Rocky JacksonRocky JacksonDag sedan
  • This made me smile

    Jonc The DrawerJonc The DrawerDag sedan
  • plot twist carson is actually dream but he hides it from us :3

    Anonymous In BlackAnonymous In BlackDag sedan
  • This guy cant even beat dream and he call himself a pro player bruh

    Shajehan Aikal119Shajehan Aikal119Dag sedan
    • imagine thinking Carson is serious when calling himself a proplayer

      Julian VegaJulian Vega23 timmar sedan
    • BRUH!

      Henry BloggHenry BloggDag sedan
    • He does not call himself a pro player boss

      AynoAynoDag sedan
    • @Jambers BRUHHHH

      Shajehan Aikal119Shajehan Aikal119Dag sedan
    • Dream can't even beat techno at pvp and he call himself a pro player bruh /s

      JambersJambersDag sedan
  • I will say, the stream was slightly awkward in terms of spacing between things said, but the video doesn’t show that. At least the first half had awkward spacing, I’m not sure about the second half.

    The Holy HiThe Holy HiDag sedan
  • Idk why but the description just seems so wholesome

    InanAKAthebossInanAKAthebossDag sedan
  • Omg Jaiden used a swear word, Matt get the camera rolling we got breaking news

    Alvin DarbyAlvin DarbyDag sedan
  • This video is my happy place

    Jacob KnightenJacob KnightenDag sedan
  • This is the duo I never asked for but its one I will love.

    chiiL is also confusedchiiL is also confusedDag sedan
  • My Mom has said the "porkchops and apple sauce" thing! We've never had it growing up though.

    LegoLoverPicturesLegoLoverPicturesDag sedan
  • Pork chops and applesauce is the religious supreme

    Dylan MckaskleDylan MckaskleDag sedan
  • Carson and Jaiden Animations best duo - Credit to Jaiden_Silly_Animations - Jaiden_Crafts

    CrepamagistanceCrepamagistanceDag sedan
    • Mark Rober

      O Sandy27boyO Sandy27boy10 timmar sedan
    • I hope that's it

      CrepamagistanceCrepamagistanceDag sedan
    • Also Jaiden_Animations_Family_Friendly_SEworldr

      CrepamagistanceCrepamagistanceDag sedan
    • Also Jaiden_Kicks

      CrepamagistanceCrepamagistanceDag sedan
    • Also Jaiden_Thinks

      CrepamagistanceCrepamagistanceDag sedan
  • Your laugh increases my hp

    CornEggsCornEggsDag sedan
  • *S I M P* Jk, you fellas sound like good friends 😊

    SurgeoAguaroSurgeoAguaroDag sedan
  • 2:47 "What's diorite?" "Uh, it's like a white block." "whəĕêëēėéżžźęë"

    Red GarlicRed GarlicDag sedan
  • porkchops and apple sauce is a Canadian thing (west coast),, my family does it too. It's really good, the sweet taste of applesauce and the salt of the pork work really well together

    oh heck i want to commit a not aliveoh heck i want to commit a not aliveDag sedan
  • my parents always said pork chops and applesauce in that tone

    NinjaPig273NinjaPig273Dag sedan
  • it was funny, then controversial, then funny, then awkward, and then *awkward* and then the pattern repeats

    Avery JonesAvery JonesDag sedan
  • Me and the Bois on December 1st - 25:35

    O2XideO2XideDag sedan
  • Carson the whole time just like 😳👉👈

    Yucky Edit TimeYucky Edit TimeDag sedan
  • Ash Ketchum *Mind:* Ash ketchup **wheezes** Carl *wheezer* **wheezes**

    Nate CichockiNate CichockiDag sedan
  • I like pork chops and apple sauce

    Mister BlueMister BlueDag sedan
  • Can we get more Carson and jaiden ?

    crazycarson 88crazycarson 88Dag sedan
  • 11:57 I would've died if Jaiden made a joke about how she should just go back to cooking.

    Squishy SquidwardSquishy SquidwardDag sedan
  • Hearing Jaiden swear feels illegal

    MooneEntertainmentMooneEntertainmentDag sedan
  • You mean she throws you

  • i eat pork chops and applesauce too :/

    BepisoniaBepisoniaDag sedan
  • Ey,skydoesminecraft

  • I died when he put all the eyes of elder in and the portal ignited and jaiden just screams oh god oh fuck

    William JohnsonWilliam JohnsonDag sedan
  • me and my family eat asparagus with mayo...

    CyberFlavorCyberFlavorDag sedan
  • i feel like carson might ya know... get spammed by people calling him a simp just because of this stream kinda like idubz

    im not coolim not coolDag sedan
  • *i desire blocks*

    Pablo CLPablo CLDag sedan

    Pvt CarneyPvt CarneyDag sedan
  • Anyone else find jaiden swearing to go against your mental image of pure innocent jaiden

    Alexander nanniniAlexander nanniniDag sedan
  • she said the f word ????? omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgmgmo life over

    Sir MopsolotSir MopsolotDag sedan
  • 15:13 wait... was that a 9 vein?!

    SwunglizardSwunglizardDag sedan
  • Have you invested?

    donald .j trumpdonald .j trumpDag sedan
  • People out here simping for Poki but are skipping out on Jaiden

    Gavin The BoiGavin The BoiDag sedan
  • DAMN related to the Canada bit

    Karu KaruKaru KaruDag sedan
  • porkchops and applesauce is a thing for my family too!! it was an episode of the brady bunch

    Mallory RussellMallory RussellDag sedan
  • Hearing Jaden swear surprized me idk why

    CatCatDag sedan
  • "what's diorite" "it's like a white block"

    Lily C.Lily C.Dag sedan
  • OmG JaIdEn SaId A nO nO wOrD cAnCeL hEr

    Ghost EscoLtAGhost EscoLtADag sedan
  • strucid

    kieshonda williamskieshonda williamsDag sedan
  • i like pork chops and applesauce..

    rylee :Orylee :ODag sedan
  • I had pork chops and applesauce as a kid. So it's not only Jaiden's mom.

    Autumn WindAutumn WindDag sedan
  • Discussing impostor syndrome while playing Minecraft, next week it's existential crisis during hopscotch

    John FullickJohn FullickDag sedan
  • I think this is the first time I've ever heard Jaiden curse

    Tryhard GamingTryhard GamingDag sedan
  • Ugh, women

    Lemon LemonLemon LemonDag sedan
  • Jaiden: what is the benefit of horses? Carson: moo- *ad cuts him off*

    braden poppellbraden poppellDag sedan
  • i ship

    zumpaluzumpaluDag sedan
  • "..if we can jump into the spider web..." Carson: *MC monday flashbacks*

    Cooper DiazCooper DiazDag sedan
  • The fastest growing channel on SEworld isn’t dream, it’s Greg

    Random NameRandom NameDag sedan
  • I already know the shippers and r34 artists are gonna fuck this up :(

    Proto_DodoProto_DodoDag sedan