I guess I'm back

26 apr 2020
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did anything happen while I was gone?
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I guess I'm back

  • Poke put so many monkeys in this video

    Four0forFour0for30 minuter sedan
  • Very Chungus

    quantity360quantity360Dag sedan
  • YEAH! HIS YOUTOOZ!!! That was all we were asking about.

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  • 7:55 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    CooCoo CoconutzCooCoo Coconutz3 dagar sedan
  • Carson: I was depressed... The ENTIRE fucking chat: POGGERS 😮

    Jack DioxideJack Dioxide4 dagar sedan
  • Carson just got cheated on very sad has depression Also Carson: so about my prototype for youtooz

    I will defeat arcade assassinI will defeat arcade assassin8 dagar sedan
  • When carson said I might say jokes then before says I might be a little "Lost and Confused"

    Samuel OrtizSamuel Ortiz10 dagar sedan
  • atta boi carson

    Tyler BaileyTyler Bailey12 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, I don't think Carson did anything wrong by making it public. Considering how bad this was, I think someone would have found out eventually. It was better that he brought it up while he was taking a break, so everyone could discuss it, and then came back after everyone was done talking about it.

    CyniCatCyniCat13 dagar sedan
  • 16:00 Also I hate my profile pic

    Kameron MontgomeryKameron Montgomery14 dagar sedan
  • most people came for 17:28

    NoWhiteSkyNoWhiteSky16 dagar sedan
  • kyrieirving

    Isaiah WillettIsaiah Willett16 dagar sedan
  • Return of the king

  • I thought the title was I guess im black

    Ava NakasoneAva Nakasone17 dagar sedan
  • 5:39 he mocked kate

    박지수박지수17 dagar sedan
  • How the entyre world call me 16:00

    real hulk777real hulk77718 dagar sedan
  • Remember *Dont waste your diamond on hoes*

    R. RR. R19 dagar sedan
  • The Return of The King

    Sr.WafflesSr.Waffles19 dagar sedan
  • This came up when I searched up my friends call me dick

    It’s Markyboy68 :3It’s Markyboy68 :319 dagar sedan
  • ϯհαηƙ ψσմ ɕαɾςση

    Tobi HourTobi Hour23 dagar sedan
  • Sezmicgaming at 0:34 asking for a free gifted sub

    OfficeStaplerOfficeStapler24 dagar sedan
  • He came back to talk about what happens and he starts with a joke I’m happy he’s okay

    Emily BlackEmily Black24 dagar sedan
  • glad you are back

    LayteurLayteur24 dagar sedan
  • I would rather have a spinning gorilla

    laundry basket gamerslaundry basket gamers25 dagar sedan

    nutty 69nutty 6926 dagar sedan
  • 5:38 LMFAOOOO gold

    jessica gonzalezjessica gonzalez26 dagar sedan
  • Carson is Precious he needs to be protected

    MelvixMelvix26 dagar sedan
  • 16:00 best one by far

    Erick GomezErick Gomez27 dagar sedan
  • Watching his sub counter go up by 2-3 every second is crazy.

    Double g dokkanerDouble g dokkaner27 dagar sedan
  • You are the funniest fucking person I’ve ever watched on SEworld

    ToadyMationsToadyMations27 dagar sedan
  • Oh please my friends call me...Dick

    ItzOwnerItzOwner27 dagar sedan
  • I thought the title said "Guess I'm black"

    thehairylarrythehairylarryMånad sedan
  • "its been a minute" Me: *Confused Stonks*

    lolmemerlolmemerMånad sedan
  • 17:28

    HyazoHyazoMånad sedan
  • Never let your guard down ever again.

    Logan JohnsonLogan JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Carson you deserved so much better. You are funniest, most genuine streamer I have ever watched. You don't pretend to be anything or anyone that you aren't and you inspire me everyday to just be myself. So with that said, keep your head up King.

    Sampson_72Sampson_72Månad sedan
  • King

    Henry JacksonHenry JacksonMånad sedan
  • #backstabthemisfits

    GuntherGuntherMånad sedan
  • Cringe thumbnail cringe title, and cringe video this is the end of his career. Goodbye Carson😃👋

    VolcanoIsland 333VolcanoIsland 333Månad sedan
    • how exactly is this the end of his career?

      lilreillylilreilly29 dagar sedan
  • This man got cheated on and he is still laughing about simple small jokes he made, and yes I am re-watching this since this is a golden moment.

    xViiRuSxViiRuSMånad sedan
  • I fucking love you, Carson. I really do

    Borgar MulstadBorgar MulstadMånad sedan
  • Guess I'm back

    adonis partsadonis partsMånad sedan
  • Things just havent been the same since wood fired pizza

    Kale BennettKale BennettMånad sedan
  • 8:30

    Guy MGuy MMånad sedan
  • 16:36

    despacito baby spiderdespacito baby spiderMånad sedan
  • Gongaga

    tozatozaMånad sedan
  • You gained like 100 pounds in 4 months

    Keith MurdockKeith MurdockMånad sedan
  • Sub goal at the start of the video: *I am speed*

    `Aries``Aries`Månad sedan
  • Hey Carson I look up to you and one day wanna be like you so plz everyone like this so Carson see I’m not askin for shoutout but I just want you to see to give me hope

    DeathDeathMånad sedan
  • I love Carson 😍😍😍😍😍😘

    DeathDeathMånad sedan
  • He's back

    Ends smeatEnds smeatMånad sedan
  • 17:29 Gayschlatt

    Pending AuthorPending AuthorMånad sedan
  • Carson: "I has this idea of uploading a video called "Funny videos of monkeys"." Junky Janker: "Write that down WRITE THAT DOWN!

  • I don't see any elephants tho

    SirCheeseburgurSirCheeseburgurMånad sedan
  • it's incredibly heartwarming to see that although carson's fanbase makes fun of him a lot, they really do care about his well-being and know when to not make jokes

    this is a username!this is a username!Månad sedan
  • guys if you can send me the link of the t-shirt that he is waring plz i know the website but i could not findd it ]

    istyistyMånad sedan
  • The king returned.

    King MemeKing MemeMånad sedan
  • Hi skin

    allosaurus bruhallosaurus bruhMånad sedan
  • JSchlatts really nice to say that people only watch your streams out of pity. I know it sounds dumb, but for people with depression, it helps when someone (as a joke) resays a lot of the stuff that depressed people say to themselves that it makes then realize how untrue their self hatred is.

    BioraualBioraualMånad sedan
  • One does not simply cheat on Carson.

    • •• •Månad sedan
  • Katerino: Cheats on Carson Carson's fanbase: "So... you have chosen death..."

    PharaohsPharaohsMånad sedan
  • I like that you decided to not give into drama content this progression has been way better! Seeing you grow and thrive is awesome!

    MikeystirMikeystirMånad sedan
  • You know what DONT SPEND ALL YOUR DIAMONDS ON HOES-captainsparkles

  • 16:00 just leaving this here to repeat for myself

    Kameron MontgomeryKameron MontgomeryMånad sedan
  • 1,69 mil, you have done it carson!

    AlekAlekMånad sedan
  • if you came here for the "dick" meme its right here 16:00 yw

    MrCreativityBoatMrCreativityBoatMånad sedan
  • Gamer girls are a myth

    Emma JeanEmma JeanMånad sedan
  • Oh my God 4 months ago already

    Logan JohnsonLogan JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Carson, your laugh is the pure essence of joy. It's heckin contagious

    Jess BJess BMånad sedan
  • Carson I just wanna say I know this is old but I know getting cheated on fucks with you and you're a real legend for being able to come back and still do your thing

    Lil ChrastLil ChrastMånad sedan
  • Whenever he laughs he’s holding back a cry

    Lord ScaryyLord ScaryyMånad sedan
  • bro i just ripped ass

    intentionalDisasterintentionalDisasterMånad sedan
  • I mean it sucks but we kind of all expected it come on. She was way out of his league

    ParkerParkerMånad sedan
    • She clearly doesnt have a "league" if she has the gull to date 8 guys at once lol She is for the streets nothing more nothing less

      Pake JaulPake JaulMånad sedan

    Ryan TranRyan TranMånad sedan
  • Searched for ‘he disconnected bo2’. This is a video when I scroll down

    Item404notfoundItem404notfoundMånad sedan
  • so im confused, are fitz and carson still on like speaking terms, like are they still makin videos together or what?

    Ian PlumadoreIan PlumadoreMånad sedan
  • 17:40

    Jack KohlJack KohlMånad sedan
  • Ik these comments r like good like charms but Rn my lips are brutally abused

    Talon Q-QTalon Q-QMånad sedan
  • My man carson i hope u get better praying for u

    Eric AdamsEric AdamsMånad sedan
  • Carson joining Cloud9 confirmed?!?!?!

    SteblesSteblesMånad sedan
  • i wanna be like you man, not many people can bounce back like this. you deserve someone so much better and you'll find her

    Caleb HorvathCaleb HorvathMånad sedan
  • What is his dono noise I've been looking everywhere

    OverdriveOverdriveMånad sedan
  • 5:38 was fucking savage lmaoooo

    John Vanda JrJohn Vanda JrMånad sedan
  • 17:05

    Hector Sanchez EscalanteHector Sanchez EscalanteMånad sedan
  • 4:26 is what drama heads came for

    PlushinPlushinMånad sedan
  • If you don’t understand what Carson is talking about you’ll end up feeling a little bit lost and confused

    WithyMicrobe 738WithyMicrobe 738Månad sedan
  • Proves my point of 2020 being complete shit and the only good thing that came was my grades

    joseph peretsjoseph peretsMånad sedan
  • well Carson, she's a woman, and according to the internet it's literally impossible for them to be funny

    heh water is bad for youheh water is bad for youMånad sedan
  • I fucking adore this man

    Riley SmrtRiley SmrtMånad sedan
  • 16:02

    Cytrix XCytrix X2 månader sedan
    • Cytrix X thank you

      #98 Doge Coin Car#98 Doge Coin CarMånad sedan
  • Back again, Carson’s back, tell a Friend

    im_yakiim_yaki2 månader sedan
  • He is my spirit animal, love him

    James StarnesJames Starnes2 månader sedan
  • Simp

    Anson LingAnson Ling2 månader sedan
  • you're your dad you are you're dad gay.

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  • Simp

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  • The sub count is blowing up

    Masterbrawler - Brawl StarsMasterbrawler - Brawl Stars2 månader sedan
  • The 1.9k dislikes are kate on different accounts

    OWEN OysterOWEN Oyster2 månader sedan
  • Hi back!

    Earth 3643Earth 36432 månader sedan
    • *no*

      Cheesy HamburgerCheesy Hamburger2 månader sedan
  • i searched up "my friends called me dick" and this popped out

    Sten watchSten watch2 månader sedan

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