You Laugh You Lose, but the winner takes $4000

24 dec 2019
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Kate and I challenged each other not to laugh and it went poorly
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You Laugh You Lose, but the winner takes $4000

  • "This isn't gonna go well" -Literally first thing she says

    Andrew ZhaoAndrew ZhaoTimme sedan
  • omg they are a cute couple whats the girls name?

    kbroederkbroederDag sedan
  • Carson might not have cheated but SHE did... lmao too soon?

    GrayGamingGrayGamingDag sedan
  • This reminds u never trust a gamer girl /streamer.

    Ibrahim KarnazIbrahim KarnazDag sedan
    • Ya really said that with your whole chest huh

      Sallie McKennaSallie McKenna9 timmar sedan
  • 19:06 top right corner... guess God wasn't looking.

    Mr. DoctorMr. Doctor2 dagar sedan
  • This didn’t age well...

    TheBoltShotTheBoltShot2 dagar sedan
  • How can she be so comfortable sitting next to time? Guess she's used to being around guys whilst being with people...

    PilotOCEPilotOCE2 dagar sedan
  • now why is this in my recommended :/

    DaniaDania3 dagar sedan
  • I just got this in my recommended and I threw up

    OlSamTheMemeGOD BicyclechinOlSamTheMemeGOD Bicyclechin3 dagar sedan
  • 0:51 of course thats the first thing she would think of

    Whose dis BroWhose dis Bro4 dagar sedan
  • I like how she is constantly complaining about Carson cheating for no reason while she is the biggest cheater

    Jochem VinkJochem Vink5 dagar sedan
  • omg shes so quirkyyyyy

    N CybrN Cybr5 dagar sedan
  • 2:28 They're literally can't hold it cause of a cat falling from a wheelchair XD WTF

    Joh_ltJoh_lt5 dagar sedan
  • o h

    Gavin KonrathGavin Konrath5 dagar sedan
  • Oof

    paulpingazpaulpingaz5 dagar sedan
  • F

    James MarionJames Marion6 dagar sedan
  • Wonder who laughing now

    lord horseslord horses7 dagar sedan
  • Yikes

    loudclaw 122loudclaw 1228 dagar sedan
  • 5:30 “ u have cheated twice” Bruh u cheated 4 times in dead 💀

    Jimmy EaglinJimmy Eaglin9 dagar sedan
    • I’m *

      Jimmy EaglinJimmy Eaglin9 dagar sedan
  • Let's just....

    JustGamersJustGamers9 dagar sedan
  • Shes hot asf i need to get on that dating

    xXPuseeSlayerXx -xXPuseeSlayerXx -9 dagar sedan
  • This aged well

    FruitFruit9 dagar sedan
  • carson may be cheating at the game but kate cheats and plays games 😑😑😑

    Ha HaHa Ha10 dagar sedan
  • She was more serious about him cheating on a game then he was when she cheated on him

    SuttonTVSuttonTV12 dagar sedan
  • Katarino was a shitter sure, but I like how she made carson more confident. "Do you think they just don't like us?" And he says "Of course not, I'm here."

    HomerHomer13 dagar sedan
  • This hits different now

    Thomas WilliamThomas William13 dagar sedan
  • 2:12 she knows what it is but still decided to do it shade

    RossiRossi16 dagar sedan
  • Carson's crush moments Right beside pokemane

    The RogueThe Rogue16 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe she did that to Carson, he deserves better.

    Just LillyJust Lilly17 dagar sedan
  • Hmmm

    BilboGamesBilboGames17 dagar sedan
  • They were so cute and now I just feel sad.

    PKFirePKFire18 dagar sedan
  • This relationship aged like fuckin milk

    Dragon EyeDragon Eye18 dagar sedan

    darcy russelldarcy russell20 dagar sedan
  • Would definitely smash the one on n the right is ok to

    Noel HallmanNoel Hallman20 dagar sedan
  • F

    Dr. Phil OffishalDr. Phil Offishal21 dag sedan
  • Well.

    Duarte CarreiraDuarte Carreira22 dagar sedan
  • They're look good together. I hope she didn't cheat on him

    humburgerhumburger22 dagar sedan
    • No. They didnt. Not at alll....

      Kamagrie Last NameKamagrie Last Name22 dagar sedan
  • This didn’t age well

    CasCas23 dagar sedan
  • POV: You're here after watching Minxs VOD and them hinting at a possible Carson love or host with the return of the forbidden one

    Dunk BlunkDunk Blunk23 dagar sedan
  • Is see a garden tool👀

    chance dupreechance dupree23 dagar sedan
  • Man they were good together. Wish katerino didnt cheat on him what a rat

    Dra MuahDra Muah24 dagar sedan
  • 😬

    FBIFBI24 dagar sedan
  • rip

    Faze JeffFaze Jeff25 dagar sedan
  • this aged well

    allenallen25 dagar sedan
    • @Tyme too real

      •Keevstar ••Keevstar •21 dag sedan
    • @nathan Hernandez and 2 very original profile pictures

      TymeTyme22 dagar sedan
    • now thats an original comment

      nathan Hernandeznathan Hernandez25 dagar sedan
  • Just saying, this could've been Minx.

    Katie DoyleKatie Doyle26 dagar sedan
  • In the end screen did he remove katerino's channel?

    keywaykeyway26 dagar sedan
  • just got recommended this...

    ian powerian power26 dagar sedan
  • Damn this hits differently

    J4ck JackJ4ck Jack27 dagar sedan
  • if only we could warn him

    Andrew CombsAndrew Combs27 dagar sedan
  • They are gonna believe you! I dont think so chief

    Trevor PhillipsTrevor Phillips27 dagar sedan
  • *This did not age well*

    Sean CashelSean Cashel28 dagar sedan
    • @nathan Hernandez ok nathan

      TymeTyme22 dagar sedan
    • @nathan Hernandez Thanks

      Sean CashelSean Cashel24 dagar sedan
    • thats such an original comment

      nathan Hernandeznathan Hernandez25 dagar sedan
  • If only he knew what was to come

    Lucas NaquinLucas Naquin28 dagar sedan
  • the thumbnail feels more like a cursed image now

    CodyFromTheInternetCodyFromTheInternet28 dagar sedan
  • The true sign of a chad. Positive forward movement

    Zach HartmanZach Hartman28 dagar sedan
  • Man they were really cute together... Can’t believe Kate did that

    Lucid VortexLucid Vortex28 dagar sedan
  • carson: *_breathes_* kate: THAT SHOULD COUNT carson: fine kate: *_snickers loudly_* carson: chats saying you laughed kate: NO WE SHOULDNT COUNT THAT

    bingobangobingobango28 dagar sedan
  • hi kate

    RayneeRaynee28 dagar sedan
  • "You've cheated twice Carson" -Katerino (Who has cheated 7 times)

    ShadowSALADShadowSALAD29 dagar sedan
  • God damn he deserved better

    Kane UngerKane Unger29 dagar sedan
  • dude who is this girl.

    KeyZ7KeyZ729 dagar sedan
  • Kate took more then just $4k... btw he unprivated this what a Chad

    Neo CarterNeo Carter29 dagar sedan
  • Man..

    AdrianAdrianMånad sedan
  • Imma cry for my man shit hurts

    Gabe DolphinGabe DolphinMånad sedan
  • It seemed like she really liked him while it seemed like he was just vibin

    flamflamMånad sedan
  • wow people are still searching for shit to jump on

    Várkony SzabóVárkony SzabóMånad sedan
    • Not really

      Galaxy boyGalaxy boy25 dagar sedan
  • 6:29 is not the same anymore

    Max BeanzzzMax BeanzzzMånad sedan
  • She’s yelling at him for cheating at the game Ironic

    Shikamaru NaraShikamaru NaraMånad sedan
  • I still like this video despite *her* being in it

    ii omqfaderzii omqfaderzMånad sedan
  • :(

    nyupponyuppoMånad sedan
  • pain.

    evan nevan nMånad sedan
  • Remember when times where simpler?

    james charryjames charryMånad sedan
  • “CARSON, TURN THAT *breaks the sound barier”

    mr huskeymr huskeyMånad sedan
  • As much as she hurt you great job Carson getting through it all

    Liam SroufeLiam SroufeMånad sedan
  • Guess we should have seen it coming when the first thing she laughed at was other peoples misery

    Carson ApplebaumCarson ApplebaumMånad sedan
    • posted that before I was even 5 minutes into the video and just finished it, DAMN she was thirsty for that money

      Carson ApplebaumCarson ApplebaumMånad sedan
    • Also how desperate she was to win the money

      Carson ApplebaumCarson ApplebaumMånad sedan
  • he wont delete this? what a pure human being

    SyntaxSyntaxMånad sedan
  • totall simp move 19:13ånad sedan
  • Who's gonna tell them what happens?

    Ohbi MononimoOhbi MononimoMånad sedan
  • My king 👑, i am sorry

    Jakethegreat 8176Jakethegreat 8176Månad sedan
  • this aged poorly

    crombescrombesMånad sedan
  • i'm only here to remember the good times while knowing Katerino is the villain.. seeing Carson happy makes me Happy.

    The GlitchThe GlitchMånad sedan
  • bahaha he didnt link her channel

    Jere HooverJere HooverMånad sedan
  • this video has aged well!

    landonlandonMånad sedan
    • WOW IT really DIDNT age WELL huhhh?!??!!!!!!!!2

      fat smelly goblinfat smelly goblinDag sedan
  • I cant belive i got recomended this now

    Smokey BaconSmokey BaconMånad sedan
  • Well this video aged well

    The 15th DoctorThe 15th DoctorMånad sedan
  • Ha

    Scibble BibbleScibble BibbleMånad sedan
  • He's not cheating you cheated

    naplion Joestarnaplion JoestarMånad sedan
  • where’s the joker part

    Carson TartCarson TartMånad sedan
  • You’re supposed to make us laugh not viibbe 6:28

    No nameNo nameMånad sedan
  • Bro I was so hoping this would actually be a good relationship They did my man wrong

    baboonbaboonMånad sedan
  • What a damn tragedy that was

    Cool GuyCool GuyMånad sedan
  • Situational irony

    Dylan CampbellDylan CampbellMånad sedan
  • they're wearing complimentary colors did they plan this bc.... its so cute

    cloud pixiecloud pixieMånad sedan
    • i got bad news for you

      I'm just Looking For my WatchI'm just Looking For my WatchMånad sedan
  • :(

    Bence CsajbókBence CsajbókMånad sedan
  • its sad cause you can see how happy he is with her

    SteelNationRulesSteelNationRulesMånad sedan
  • Girls don't want boyfriends, they want to dropkick Katerino and collect Carson's toe pics.

    standing there menacinglystanding there menacinglyMånad sedan
  • yikes

    Cole WozniakCole WozniakMånad sedan
  • It's funny how something so good can go down hill fast

    cellophanezebracellophanezebraMånad sedan
  • This age bad

    goldfishsvenis69goldfishsvenis69Månad sedan

    Dutch Van Der LindeDutch Van Der LindeMånad sedan

    матвей, y'know.матвей, y'know.Månad sedan