"Why don't you upload more?"

4 okt 2020
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Answered some FAQ
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"Why don't you upload more?"

  • Wait I thought smp live season 2 was coming Feb 2021

    mr nobodymr nobodyDag sedan
  • Carson sounds like an adult and its scary/surreal very interesting and great to know these things tho

    Noland NordbergNoland NordbergDag sedan
  • A small percentage of subscribers aren’t subscribed

    Karen LeardKaren LeardDag sedan
  • Carman

    duck that Scots on scooterduck that Scots on scooterDag sedan
  • I am a penguin

    Penguin :DPenguin :D3 dagar sedan
  • Yay

    Mr-Rabbit-CheeseMr-Rabbit-Cheese3 dagar sedan
  • Cyan: I saw lime kill Red and vent, and since I scanned you know I’m clear. Lime: 9:56 *Cyan was not An Imposter...*

    Ryan EvanderRyan Evander4 dagar sedan
  • isn't being famous based on how many followers you have not on how skilled or smart etc. you are?

    akiaki4 dagar sedan
  • i take anti-depressants too and i have a small amount of energy, purely because anti-depressants make you more sleepy. so that might be the reason for your lack of energy

    bleaksldrbleaksldr5 dagar sedan
  • He does, its just only fall guys and among us.

    oreo catoreo cat6 dagar sedan
  • Most semi awkward moment 14:16

    YES MANYES MAN6 dagar sedan
  • Look I know this video is 2 weeks old. But I’m really sad to see Lunch club go. It was one of my favourite channels and I had a lot a laughs but if your happy with it and don’t want to continue it I respect your decision

  • Yes. Having 5 million subscribers across three channels, 1 million Twitter followers, 1 million Instagram followers, 1 million Twitch followers is totally not being famous at all.

    K'inich Janaab' PakalK'inich Janaab' Pakal7 dagar sedan
  • Where does he play game in the video

    isha boyisha boy8 dagar sedan
  • Yell-At-Wall Gang

    HumanityMustDieHumanityMustDie8 dagar sedan
  • You made me come back to Minecraft

    Twisted MeatloafTwisted Meatloaf9 dagar sedan
  • Woo ga

    Mr PancakeMr Pancake11 dagar sedan
  • is it just me or does anyone else want to see carson on Hots Ones?

    Samuel CostelloSamuel Costello12 dagar sedan
  • Wow! Such an awesome guy 😃👍

    • Sanoth •• Sanoth •12 dagar sedan
  • Damn Carson seems like such a sweet guy. Love the content man ❤️

    PaddoPaddo12 dagar sedan
  • hey carson! im a big fan and love ur stuff, whatever it may be! i completely get not having energy for a lot of "normal" day to day activities. i have depression and anxiety amongst many other "problems". but those of us that appreciate what you do stand by you and just want you to be happy and healthy!

    potatopoufpotatopouf12 dagar sedan
  • 4:05 new meme template?

    Dan.mp0Dan.mp013 dagar sedan
  • i follow your alt and i always said "why do you sound like carson?" and then your mod said he dosnt and now i know the truth XD

    Dylan GarrityDylan Garrity13 dagar sedan
  • You've gotta play dreams PS4 man. I'd love to see you play games made for you.

    William LohmanWilliam Lohman13 dagar sedan
  • i love you you're great

    mel michalicmel michalic13 dagar sedan
  • minecraft116789 is the best name EVER

    DetectiveDotDetectiveDot14 dagar sedan
  • He looks kinda of like a young conan o’brien

  • 9:55 same

    jormjorm14 dagar sedan
  • *whispering* hey play on the dream smp

    Elwood ReadzElwood Readz14 dagar sedan
  • You can tell he's stressed as hell when you look at the wrinkles on his forehead.

    RocketMannRocketMann15 dagar sedan
  • You can stream as much as you want carson we already don't have high expectations for you(this was a joke I shouldn't have to say that)

    Waffffffles Gaming with Friends!Waffffffles Gaming with Friends!15 dagar sedan
  • HEY!!! HEy you listen here hear her you listen Do what makes you money and happy...or just happy if that’s fine with you

    I am Dumb tardI am Dumb tard15 dagar sedan
  • The whole knowing youtubers thing is really widespread, it's okay to say hi, but leave it at that. "Hey carson! Take it easy!" The whole 'can I get your autograph' or whatever, it's stupid. Just a hey. All you need really. They're people too

    Trojan_OtterTrojan_Otter15 dagar sedan
  • You should play with jaiden again you two had something going there... just a suggestion

    Duncan JohnsonDuncan Johnson15 dagar sedan
  • We as fans forget that Carson and other SEworldrs are actual people with human levels of mental strength. So Carson we are sorry.

    Buckettb BurkettBuckettb Burkett15 dagar sedan
  • He actually uploads alot

    Benji 123Benji 12315 dagar sedan
  • honestly sad that lunch club is over, not because of the videos (of course thats sad, i loved the doctor one) but i LOVED the podcasts gonna miss em

    OddFingerGunnerOddFingerGunner16 dagar sedan
  • dude i was making a video, (and am making part 2) where the last thing i had to do was add subtitles and it took hours on a 12 min vid

    OddFingerGunnerOddFingerGunner16 dagar sedan
  • leg

    DiamondSquidJoeDiamondSquidJoe16 dagar sedan
  • yo i love this guy!

    Kaitlin NicoleKaitlin Nicole16 dagar sedan
  • Hello

    Lex ColonLex Colon16 dagar sedan
  • Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Serious Carson Really tho Carson ur epic and I love ur content no matter what. 😌

    The bean behind the slaughterThe bean behind the slaughter17 dagar sedan
  • Dude thanks for the honest Q&A, found a lot of this really encouraging

    Basically HomelessBasically Homeless17 dagar sedan
    • Uploaf

      Harvey NightingaleHarvey Nightingale7 dagar sedan
    • Hey Homeless!

      Tyler CanlasTyler Canlas7 dagar sedan
    • Wo ur here to

      Mr PancakeMr Pancake11 dagar sedan
  • Sunny DSunny D17 dagar sedan
  • you are not becoming irrelevant you are one of the og's of this time stay strong

    Ben OvenhouseBen Ovenhouse17 dagar sedan
  • 7:55...it can't be D:

    Ben OvenhouseBen Ovenhouse17 dagar sedan
  • I’m about to get twitch just to watch his chill channel.

    KhaosKhaos17 dagar sedan
  • r u and dream cool?

    Shiv A JoshiShiv A Joshi17 dagar sedan
  • Wait breath of the wild. I would love to see that!!! But of course do what you need to do! Don’t overwork yourself!

    Katie LynnKatie Lynn17 dagar sedan
  • 5:30 Hold up hold up hold up what?!?!!?

    Mr.Assman. AsslandMr.Assman. Assland17 dagar sedan
  • Take your time to find that love for youtube and twitch if you need to just find your self much love for your vids and streams

    Neo DeluxxNeo Deluxx17 dagar sedan
  • Just please keep uploading even if you don’t Upload often your content might be maybe 5 minutes long but makes me laugh for hours of entertainment honestly man if your gonna stop making content or even if you aren’t thank you for this content you’ve given not just me but millions of people.

    Hyper ProHyper Pro17 dagar sedan
  • 11:43 we must get them to talk

    SnowPhoenixSnowPhoenix17 dagar sedan
  • Yo who tf are you lol XD

    mr.godguy69 themasterhackermr.godguy69 themasterhacker18 dagar sedan
  • lemme edit for you gamer boy

    MysteryMystery18 dagar sedan
  • 5:28 woah woah woah wait a fucking secon-

    The MindsetThe Mindset18 dagar sedan
  • your a nice guy carson thank u for the vids u make

    P ositivemsP ositivems18 dagar sedan
  • honestly Carson hearing you laugh is the best.

    TheredbaroneTheredbarone18 dagar sedan
  • ludwig

    Charlie JonesCharlie Jones18 dagar sedan
  • Hey Carson, my friend has a business dedicated to video editing. he works with tanner fox right now and i feel like he could help with that long process of editing.

    Tha RealTsunamiTha RealTsunami18 dagar sedan
  • Thank you Carson

    Joey LongfuredJoey Longfured18 dagar sedan
  • It will be ok crarson we love yoy

    t tomixt tomix18 dagar sedan
  • blue

    Thunder DuzStuffThunder DuzStuff18 dagar sedan
  • Nice stealing from lud :) Kappa

    Joseph WilsonJoseph Wilson18 dagar sedan
  • Woah he responded to Cark

    buRitosbuRitos18 dagar sedan

    Blooperman 949Blooperman 94918 dagar sedan
  • Imposter syndrome? Does that mean you play among us a lot?

    HelloitsmeHelloitsme18 dagar sedan
  • Yo carson, I can help you with subtitles if you want!

    Shibam MukhopadhyayShibam Mukhopadhyay18 dagar sedan
  • Cup

    CupCup18 dagar sedan
    • ok

      kayleighkayleigh18 dagar sedan
  • Seeing carson being this genuine made me happy as im usually on a viewer of his high enegry stuff! Didnt even know about the second twitch

    KatieKatie18 dagar sedan
  • With the answer regarding wanting to grow/creative fulfilment. I have seen a few other SEworldrs (MattPat) say that they keep a balance. Either every alternate video is fulfilment and the other is growth, or some other ratio such as 1 creative to 2 growth or something like that may help you a lot. Anyways, do what makes you happy, Carson. 💙

    FutFreakFutFreak18 dagar sedan
  • We have entered faze humble carson 🙂

    Anonymous AnonymousAnonymous Anonymous18 dagar sedan
  • That is a very good question

    Noah TrevinoNoah Trevino18 dagar sedan
  • Carson I just want to tell you that as a professionally trained classical musician that no matter how much time and effort you put into your performance that something always goes wrong. The number of times I botch something for the 100th time or the first time is unreal. Your work will always have imperfections in your eyes, but even then the audience still applauds at the masterpiece. For every ten mistakes you feel you make in a video only one will be noticed, if it is at all. Please keep going on your content we all love seeing more of our wonderfully imperfect friendly neighborhood spiderm.... Carson

    bannablitz247bannablitz24718 dagar sedan
  • Yessssssssssssss be you bro

    zw rzw r18 dagar sedan
  • Ill formally accept your application to be your vod-channel manager. I will ask for no pay good sir.

    ethan schwartzethan schwartz18 dagar sedan
  • boo hoo man youre a millionaire that plays video games for a living why are you complaining

    Ethan ShepardEthan Shepard18 dagar sedan
  • Wait what ph videos 😳

    BodieBodie18 dagar sedan
  • remember that plane that went overhead? seworld.info/will/r6KY3c2vhnd7x3k/video it came to jack

    karet_Artskaret_Arts18 dagar sedan
  • Carson is sus

    mikeda chillmikeda chill18 dagar sedan
  • I truly enjoy laid back you

    Banner The Super DogBanner The Super Dog18 dagar sedan
  • love this video, have never thought carson was so cute tbh lol. keep up the great content!

    Blue E.Blue E.18 dagar sedan
  • Fans: "Why doesn't main channel get more uploads?" Carson: "bleghbebebuhbeba" Fans: "Understandable, have a great day."

    Campbell HarrisCampbell Harris18 dagar sedan
  • Science isn't a color

    PromisePromise18 dagar sedan
  • I just wanted to say your skin looks really better Carson, your glowing king

    peter Gigliottipeter Gigliotti18 dagar sedan
    • you're*

      R1015 StudiosR1015 Studios18 dagar sedan
  • Keep it up my guy👍

    Natalie SprouseNatalie Sprouse18 dagar sedan
  • Carson, if you need people too Subtitle some videos, don’t forget that you have a huge fan base that is willing to help you with just about anything and everything, heck, I bet people would do it just to be like “hey dude yeah, me and Carson are homies yeah, me helping him with his videos makes us homies!” But there are some people who would do it just to throw that helping hand and to take something off your chest,

    Luke JuntermannsLuke Juntermanns18 dagar sedan
  • Carsons can we play Sea of Theives On xbox

    NameLessLyNameLessLy19 dagar sedan
    • My user is NameLess5530

      NameLessLyNameLessLy19 dagar sedan
  • Carson just get an under payed editor to edit your videos ez

    JamesJames19 dagar sedan
  • Cyan Gang

    PainPain19 dagar sedan
  • Ehh, honestly this makes me like carson less as a person tbh

    jrmacdaddy99jrmacdaddy9919 dagar sedan
  • It's upsetting to hear that the lunch club is "probably over". That's what made me actually start watching Carson, as well as a bunch of the others. It feels like there wasn't actually much content, which is sad because you all get along so well (or at least did) and even the uninspired try not to laugh was very entertaining.

    James BlenkinsoppJames Blenkinsopp19 dagar sedan
  • SMP still means super Mario party to me, I just know SMP live is a Minecraft thing I didn't know SMP itself was a term for a Minecraft series

    James BlenkinsoppJames Blenkinsopp19 dagar sedan
  • Imposter syndrome? Guys I think it’s orange.

    Drake BoatmanDrake Boatman19 dagar sedan
  • carson’s such a genuine person and we’re all really lucky to have him make content for us, he’s really helped me through shit and knowing at least one person i look up to is not doing stuff or acting a way just for views is like comforting

    Hannah LealHannah Leal19 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for holding back on the main channel. I don't like the wait, of course, but if it means that every video on there will continue to be as great as they are now, then I definitely think it's worth it.

    Nolan JosephNolan Joseph19 dagar sedan
  • "If a million people know you, you're famous" That's how I see it

    That Lewd DenmarkianThat Lewd Denmarkian19 dagar sedan
  • Twitch!

    Georgette AwaisGeorgette Awais19 dagar sedan
  • Carson! Don’t delete flappy bird off your phone you won’t be able to re download it again.

    I_H4VE _Dys3NT3RyI_H4VE _Dys3NT3Ry19 dagar sedan
  • Are you still goos with the other guys like ted jschlatt etc

    KeksiKeksi19 dagar sedan