it was my birthday!

29 maj 2020
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I turned 21 on May 10th. This is my story.
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CallMeCarson's birthday and BOTW


    Andrei PasecinicAndrei Pasecinic2 dagar sedan
  • Ironic I’m watching this on my birthday. Ironic.

    DougDimmaDab DDougDimmaDab D5 dagar sedan
  • Carson tells us the lore of Josh

    Duncan SalyerDuncan Salyer11 dagar sedan
  • Woah. You have a birthday too?

    NewbierNewbier11 dagar sedan
  • Love that Steve prediction

    k zk z13 dagar sedan
  • 10:50 Carson sees the future

    Ethan BeyerEthan Beyer14 dagar sedan
  • 10:46 holy shit he predicted the future

    1 flare1 flare16 dagar sedan
  • so sow you liking steve being in smash crason? :)

    GracegarthokGracegarthok17 dagar sedan
  • 8:49 when you start to age rapidly

    Joseph CapoteJoseph Capote17 dagar sedan
  • To carson at 10:48, we did it boys. steve is in smash.

    Equinox MSEquinox MS17 dagar sedan
  • 10:46 he predicted it

    Crunch TimeCrunch Time17 dagar sedan
  • Welp Carson predicted Steve in Smash bros in this video too

    Yeet BoiYeet Boi17 dagar sedan
  • Haha funny Steve is in Smash

    Soup GalaxySoup Galaxy17 dagar sedan
  • 10:44 that aged well

    fezlsezl 17fezlsezl 1718 dagar sedan
  • my man predicted steve

    Isaac Rey-RussickIsaac Rey-Russick18 dagar sedan
  • 10:47 well how about that

    tozatoza19 dagar sedan
  • 10:47 HE CALLED IT

    pow blockpow block19 dagar sedan
  • Carson called Steve being in Smash. Funny.

    Slav_ArturSlav_Artur19 dagar sedan
  • Well, Steve got in

    Lucliar GamesLucliar Games20 dagar sedan
  • *steve when he gets in*

    OkReallyAndrewOkReallyAndrew20 dagar sedan
  • He called Steve getting in Smash

    wfearxetvwfearxetv20 dagar sedan
  • "Favorite Smash Bros character?' Carson: "Steve when he gets in..." Well goddamn this has aged well

    MakoMako21 dag sedan
    • They didn’t listen to Jesus because he told them the truth

      Shrimpy McSwimmingtonShrimpy McSwimmington2 dagar sedan
    • He knew

      Wow OkWow Ok7 dagar sedan
  • Welp I guess Carson's favorite smash character is officially Steve now

    Hey BeterHey Beter21 dag sedan
  • 10:47 YOOOOOO? 👀👀👀

    aprettycooldudeaprettycooldude22 dagar sedan
  • now wait a minute. My favorite battery is the 9-volt battery because it's asymmetrical. but carson says his favorite is the AA battery. that means that his opinion is different from mine?!?!?!?!?!11!?! on the internet?!!!??!11?!?!?! that's not allowed here!!!!!!!1!!11!

    Aiden ZornAiden Zorn25 dagar sedan
  • I thought this was zelda

    StripedBassKing 22StripedBassKing 2225 dagar sedan
  • its not may its september

    moo moomoo moo27 dagar sedan
  • Still a really fuckin good video, which is why I'm commenting 3 months later. Anyway, I put on one of charlie's videos when a girl was over at my house and I got close, but no cigar. Maybe I'll put on "losing brain cells" and invite her over again and see what happens 👀👀

    SincerePain 8603SincerePain 860327 dagar sedan
  • He clearly likes it

    ZolvezZolvezMånad sedan
  • It's September now

    InsomniacInsomniacMånad sedan
  • In the baby bit I expected Charlie to come in and go no I AM BAY

    CrathionCrathionMånad sedan
  • Bruhhhh... genki desu ka?

    Carter VanSchoyckCarter VanSchoyckMånad sedan
  • He clearly doesn't like it.

    DigitalReduxDigitalReduxMånad sedan
  • but carson it is september now

    HH ProductionsHH ProductionsMånad sedan
  • I will never stop laughing. His best laugh yet. 08:45

    moe_jamamoe_jamaMånad sedan
  • Happy Late Birthday Carson.

    Game GeekGame GeekMånad sedan
  • Hey, mobile viewer here. Happy birthday Carson! Hope it's gonna be a good one!

    soap sudssoap suds2 månader sedan
  • so that's why my friend keeps calling me gay

    YanakuiriYanakuiri2 månader sedan
  • Damn Carson is 3 months older than me thought he was like 24

    Gregor WoodGregor Wood2 månader sedan
  • 21 is a great age see this 10+9=21 lol jk

    ᎢYᏞᎬᎡ 1ᎢYᏞᎬᎡ 12 månader sedan

    CyronicalCyronical2 månader sedan
  • Carson as a girl is Carmella

    HyperPyraHyperPyra2 månader sedan
  • 16:48 oh hey I made that, he clearly likes it!

    Nate The GamerNate The Gamer2 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes it

    Dylan FryDylan Fry2 månader sedan
  • 0:06 hay man can you stop. I have a lot of stuff to do and I dont have time to /tp to everyone all the time. thanks

    Im Not TomIm Not Tom2 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    Boi BobBoi Bob2 månader sedan
  • 12:45 ice chungus

    GoldenWolfAEGoldenWolfAE2 månader sedan
  • If you type the letter "i" into the youtube search bar "i gotta poop metal song" show up straight away.

    SiphoniphoreSiphoniphore2 månader sedan
  • 8:49 Carson looks like an old man sitting on his back porch, laughing as time passes him by.

    Derek BehnkeDerek Behnke2 månader sedan
  • YO only person to have a birthday

    I am snakeI am snake2 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    Aleksandar Feher II3Aleksandar Feher II32 månader sedan
  • happy birth day carson.

    Morten KirkenesMorten Kirkenes2 månader sedan
  • the laugh at 8:45 always gets me it sounds like a whoopie cushion smoked a pack a day for 5 years then didn't drink water for 2 straight weeks.

    Animatronic KillerAnimatronic Killer2 månader sedan
  • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    roderick rstersteroderick rsterste2 månader sedan
  • It was his birthday!

    Mikaela _Mikaela _2 månader sedan
  • Sad

    Eda ___Eda ___2 månader sedan
  • When Ludwig raided I literally thought Carson just sneezed and hit a button on his soundboard with a shotgun blast sample

    Micah BecknerMicah Beckner2 månader sedan
  • Itsssss your birthday todayyy!! CARSON

    Andrew FolsomAndrew Folsom2 månader sedan
  • After this I named my horse gayass

    Fanboy From fanboy and chum chumFanboy From fanboy and chum chum2 månader sedan
  • Carson: I thought it would be cool to put a slit in my eyebrows Me: intense lesbian flashbacks

    Berger Queen26Berger Queen262 månader sedan
  • he clearly likes it!

    Spacer 613Spacer 6132 månader sedan

    『Mango Tango』『Mango Tango』2 månader sedan
  • I just imagined carson with baby blue hair and its disturbing

    Neon Was HereNeon Was Here3 månader sedan
  • Happy Birthday, Carson!

    Egg ArmyEgg Army3 månader sedan
  • wow why is it that i only got the joke now

    Coconut BoyCoconut Boy3 månader sedan
  • That card seems kind of threatening. It’s like saying “I’m going to give you money, there is nothing you can do to stop it. It is inevitable. You will get my money.”

    Pixel TreasonPixel Treason3 månader sedan
  • I bet his mother’s maiden name is Trotsky

    Legless AmphibianLegless Amphibian3 månader sedan
  • first thing carson would do as a girl is emotionally manipulate men? wait, is it that easy? hold on i gotta try this

    blue berryblue berry3 månader sedan
  • Carson goes to japan with matt and ryan during the pandemic

    Kai RadaKai Rada3 månader sedan
  • Carson: I'm baby Slimecicle: *heavy breathing*

    Funny Dancing CockroachFunny Dancing Cockroach3 månader sedan

    FunkyFunky3 månader sedan
  • Carson may have turned 21 on May 10th, but I turned 22 on May 10th. Heh get rekt

    MrCooldude2322MrCooldude23223 månader sedan
  • bro wtf you have a birthday every year? mine was like 3 years ago

    jagjyotjagjyot3 månader sedan
  • He birth

    mqynormqynor3 månader sedan
  • Wait may 9th is my bday what the hell

    NansymansyNansymansy3 månader sedan
  • I didn’t know that Carson dancing to Savage was something I would be imagining one day

    AnonymousAnonymous3 månader sedan
  • bro your birthday is 4 days after mine

    TehLegoShowTehLegoShow3 månader sedan
  • For my birthday I just recently got botw I was never too interested in zelda but you got me interested enough to want it and I got it for my birthday

    Fanboy From fanboy and chum chumFanboy From fanboy and chum chum3 månader sedan
  • bro you are the fourth person that has a birthday after mine which is May 9th

    HollowBlankHollowBlank3 månader sedan
  • carson

    kyitokyito3 månader sedan
  • Carson and CG5 share the same birthday. Cool.

    Yokai DisorderYokai Disorder4 månader sedan
  • i thought the hat said big hot gay

    NDLNDL4 månader sedan
  • Yo can anyone tell me the name of the song in the background at 0:01, I used to hear it all the time but never knew the name, much appreciated.

    Javier MolinaJavier Molina4 månader sedan
  • Now that carson is 21 people are gonna make clips like *CallMeCarson drunk moments*

    giraffegiraffe4 månader sedan
  • 8:39

    BlockBreaker88BlockBreaker884 månader sedan
  • 13:43 the song is called savage

    Not JessiNot Jessi4 månader sedan
  • 8:40 that's a kneeslapper!

    Not JessiNot Jessi4 månader sedan

    N ON O4 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    SystrophSystroph4 månader sedan
  • It is official. Carson is babey.

    Blue Bean.Blue Bean.4 månader sedan
  • First

    UnbrokenLonelinessUnbrokenLoneliness4 månader sedan
  • It is my bday

    SappySappy4 månader sedan
  • 1, Kiss 2,Date 3,Marry Which do you choose? *Smashes all buttons*

    Kashoot MeKashoot Me4 månader sedan
  • Ryan "Uh would you try speed running?" Carson: "I don't have the patience for speed running" Ryan "... What do you mean? It's fast" Carson: "mMMmm"

    Hoopla BunnyHoopla Bunny4 månader sedan
    • Yep that’s what he said

      The Lord Of SpudsThe Lord Of Spuds4 månader sedan
  • Happy Birthday

    some guysome guy4 månader sedan
  • C9 is just full of nobodies,now..... :(

    Ze'DaddyZe'Daddy4 månader sedan
  • i was 2 days close to being born when carson was

    KoliKoli4 månader sedan
  • Fun fact I share a bday with Carson 👁👄👁

    EvieEvie4 månader sedan
  • wait guys im about to spawn white people

    beebee4 månader sedan
  • i haven't had a birthday in fifteen years.

    beebee4 månader sedan