Minecraft, but we corrupted the textures

30 nov 2019
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we started a co-op adventure
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Minecraft, but we destroyed the textures

  • 4:36

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  • 1:35 Der Witz

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  • 1:54

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  • Where can I get these packs I need them

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  • It’s official boys, this one’s a certified classic

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  • 7:15 making this for myself

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  • jeffrey epstein did not kill himself btw

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  • Snowne

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  • -17:39 wheeze

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  • This is so good

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  • Woah! Dream Cow

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  • baba booey

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  • 5:51 is the only reason i keep coming back to this video

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  • 4:10 autotune laugh

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  • pigschlatt

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  • what is the iron armor?

    RubyPhoenixGamingRubyPhoenixGaming4 dagar sedan
  • Ok idk about everyone else but at 20:07 what exactly does that say on Schlatt's XP bar?

    ShagClappy97ShagClappy974 dagar sedan
    • obama

      cave mancave man4 dagar sedan
  • Not to be racist, but Asian people 4:10

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  • Me

    Reynold KaunangReynold Kaunang4 dagar sedan
  • the skeletons are from brasil

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  • 22:05 omfg im dead

    Ethan MirelesEthan Mireles4 dagar sedan
  • I love how Carson thinks the skeletons speak french, when "Trocando de arma!" and "Alvo neutralizado!" Is just brazilian portuguese lmao (I speak portuguese)

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  • I got an ad for Animaniacs reboot. POG

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  • 19:33 funny

    Moises HernandezMoises Hernandez5 dagar sedan
  • It's late but I just want to point out that the skeletons are from Brazil

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  • Schallat: Is this a toothbrush Carson: wheeze

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  • 5:02 you have heard of gayschlatt get reasy for "notgayschlatt"

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  • why they act like being gay is something bad?

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  • Carson: Oh, thats not funny Also Carson: proceeds to laugh

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  • Such a beautiful classic

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  • schlatt= gayest person in the world

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  • 19:34 i'm cring

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  • You should have retextured lava to look like stone

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  • "Oh not the french!" "The portuguese are coming!" Brazilians: *"Are we a piada to you?"*

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  • I want these texture packs so badly

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  • Yes.

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  • The ending almost made me cry ngl

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  • I actually enjoy the "here I come"&"oh goodbye🤣

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  • "Alvo Neutralizado" Chega deu orgulho de ser brasileiro kkkk

    Vinícius, O PatoVinícius, O Pato7 dagar sedan
    • A dublagem é uma das únicas coisas q realmente da pra se orgulhar desse país porque pqp rsrs

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  • Can we please do this again

    Nawar HughesNawar Hughes8 dagar sedan
  • "You took from the furnace, I can't stream with you anymore." Now: "Going on an among us date with James Charles"

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  • I like how Schlatt's resource pack has a Jesus Cross and Carson doesn't even notices it

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  • Me at night after watching this cursed minecraft video: *The portugese are coming*

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  • why does that sound like om

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  • What did the xp bar on schlatt say

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  • 8:52 your welcome, your ears are blessed.

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  • I still need those packs

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  • What's obama's last name

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  • How do I download schlatt's

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  • Pause at 14:28 thank me later

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  • i'm so confused what does the xp bar say it's so hard to read

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  • where can i find these texture packs

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  • What is a "pog"

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  • Ive been seeing obama ads

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  • Jschlatt:Complains about Invisible Creepers Also Jschlatt:Makes all the tools invisible

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  • 11:12 look at the monster hunter achievement, isn’t it usually the iron sword? Which means that’s what it looks like

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  • dont be shy, share the texture pack

    kris deskinskris deskins12 dagar sedan
  • at 4:10 carson laughed so hard his wheeze autotuned itself

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  • I actually don’t know what the experience thing said

    GuyInTheCommentSectionGuyInTheCommentSection12 dagar sedan
  • Can't believe Carson wouldn't take Schlatt's meat, smh 😔

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  • I want an smp video with these texture packs

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  • I want to download these please i need them

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  • s u n p a t r i c k s u n p a t r i c k s u n p a t r i c k s u n p a t r i c k s u n p a t r i c k s u n p a t r i c k

    Anthony EganAnthony Egan13 dagar sedan
  • Carson should of just made every sound stal.

    AkiAoiAkiAoi13 dagar sedan
  • This crazy it started with 10 BIG hot men trapping schlatt into 4 sheep

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  • 14:13

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  • 4:09 tf

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  • Bruh him laughing at like 14:25 sounded like goofy

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  • trocando de arma

  • Can we all take a moment to realize how epic Carson’s wheezes are at the beginning when he gets stone trees? X3

    -GuPDT- SlavPow_R-GuPDT- SlavPow_R15 dagar sedan
  • The skeletons were saying stuff like “TARGET AQUIRED”, “SWITCHING WEAPONS”, “TARGET HIT” but in a VERY high pitch, im brazillian and i literally died of laughter

    DemétrioDemétrio15 dagar sedan
  • I still really want these texture packs

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  • This is literally one of the funniest videos on this channel.

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  • 20:08 what exactly was that I can't make it out

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    • Obama

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  • Yo when is there going to be a public release of the resource packs tho

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  • Where can I get these packs lol

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  • "Passando faca." Wise portuguese words.

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  • How do you make the game like this? I wanna make something for Halloween

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  • Who else is watching in cocktober?

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  • I love this 5:52

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  • So wait schlatt gets miffed about saying he’s not gay in his inventory but makes a gay furnace trap? Schlatt is fragile bb boy 👦

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  • 19:33 I love this channel sometimes

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  • Can I get these texture packs somewhere

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  • 5:06 where is your pinky carson

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  • you gotta get me outta here man

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  • the xp bar, bloody brilliant

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  • Making all the villagers be the “cram” audio would have been god tier

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  • why is nobody talking about the brazilian mobs? The zombies and skeletons want you to come to brazil...

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  • where can i get those textures?

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  • The crosshair is literally a cross

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  • I absolutely love Carson, but gay jokes are not very funny.

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    • come on They are pretty funny

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  • 22:17

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  • 19:34 me when its December 1st

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