I tortured my editor while playing CS:GO

2 jun 2019
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My editor was given a rough time for this video
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I tortured my editor while playing CS:GO

  • "Have chat edit the video? That's a horrible idea. I'm gonna do that." *he actually does it one year later*

    DervaaDervaa2 dagar sedan

    Nick XVVIIINick XVVIII5 dagar sedan
  • I did it for fun

    Cheems The dogCheems The dog10 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt: "I've got no support on the A site!" Carson: Pulls a quad as all five terrorists rush banana

    AllstarAllstar14 dagar sedan
  • Came back 1 year later, still judging Carson's cs

    KTLC1 _KTLC1 _14 dagar sedan
  • "Watch the world collapse as I rise to glory." God, Ted is such a legend. His voice is literally the best for this kind of overdramatic comedy.

    HexosonHexoson14 dagar sedan
  • 8:15 he never forgot :D

    Poat GoatPoat Goat15 dagar sedan
  • A U G

  • 8:16 wait that happend

    oompa sauseoompa sause18 dagar sedan
  • When your editor is a masochist

    Gavin gaming101Gavin gaming10118 dagar sedan
  • auggers

    Lost Viper_Lost Viper_18 dagar sedan
  • He forgot the damn bruh at the end

    Rogue.Rogue.24 dagar sedan
  • AUGchamp, AUGs in the chat please

    Thatcher’s ClipsThatcher’s Clips24 dagar sedan
  • He kept his promise.

    Peter SPeter S27 dagar sedan
  • 5:25 “Chef from total drama island headass”

    Guardian Zombie49Guardian Zombie4928 dagar sedan
  • he did the twitch edits a video thing I feel complete

    Echidna PenisEchidna Penis29 dagar sedan
  • You can’t spell cs:go without copper and schlatt

    SpectralSkullSpectralSkullMånad sedan
  • Thats a terrible idea i am gonna do that sometime, well he did

    swpercooldudeswpercooldudeMånad sedan
  • twitch chat edits a video would suck wouldn't it

    Uh OhUh OhMånad sedan
  • 8:15 Hey that happened recently.

    MemeManMemeManMånad sedan
  • “CallMeCarson video but it’s edited entirely by twitch chat?” “That’s a horrible idea” >>;

    Duel ToasterDuel ToasterMånad sedan
  • he finally did it he did a video with the twitch chat

    jbr1ghtjbr1ghtMånad sedan
  • Omg the idea of video edited by twitch chat was made here, wow

    Matt SMatt SMånad sedan
  • 8:15 and then he did

    Professor ParadiseProfessor ParadiseMånad sedan
  • Twitch chat did edit their video one year later

    The BruhThe BruhMånad sedan
  • I liked it- didn't watch it- but I liked it

    fugatefugateMånad sedan
  • This is where the twitch chat edits a video idea came from lmfao

    GrugGrugMånad sedan
  • 8:15 He kept his word

    Nolan ArnoldNolan ArnoldMånad sedan
  • 8:17 Wow he actually did it

    ErnyBErnyBMånad sedan
  • how is carson good at a game

    Cookie ProductionsCookie ProductionsMånad sedan
  • Have twitch chat edit video, so it was foretold

    Tidalwave5t5Tidalwave5t5Månad sedan
  • 8:15 he actually did it.. the mad lad

    H3ldaH3ldaMånad sedan
  • 1:54 why do i love how schlatt says that

    JanJanMånad sedan
  • 8:16 oh oh there it is

    Antisocial loserAntisocial loserMånad sedan

    Liam KelstoneLiam KelstoneMånad sedan
  • I had a word with them about me having a word with them about using a cod gun after having a word with them about using a cod gun

    Red SusRed SusMånad sedan
  • 8:16 the beginning of the end

    TsR gamesTsR gamesMånad sedan
  • I found the video that inspired his “12,000 people made this video” video.

    Banana Man SportsBanana Man SportsMånad sedan
  • 8:18 "Thats a terrible idea, im gonna do that once" *Actually does it the next year and its hell*

    Bence NemesBence NemesMånad sedan
  • 8:18 "Thats a terrible idea, im gonna do that once" *Actually does it the next year and its hell*

    Bence NemesBence NemesMånad sedan
  • 8:16 Wow, he actually did it

    Aidan ClayAidan ClayMånad sedan
  • 8:20 he actually did it

    Demian Van den BergheDemian Van den BergheMånad sedan
  • Well, Carson didn't lie about doing a twitch chat edits a video video

    Семён ГорлинскийСемён ГорлинскийMånad sedan
  • who?

    THEMaNIsWOrTHitTHEMaNIsWOrTHitMånad sedan
  • “CallMeCarson Video but it’s Edited Entirely by Twitch Chat” HAH Thats a terrible idea It sure was

    William ChambersWilliam ChambersMånad sedan
  • Carson finally did it, he made his twitch chat edit his video

    Makarov The PlatMakarov The PlatMånad sedan
  • isn't it great that today carson aploaded this idea? (8:16)

    hloa khloa kMånad sedan
  • Schlager is like my dad, if he gets his hands on an AUG, you’re fucked

    Oskar KindbladOskar KindbladMånad sedan
  • pinch yourself every time carson says "dude"

    heersenheersenMånad sedan
  • Anyone gonna talk about that quad headshot with the deagle like tf 5:29

    Dominic SpinozziDominic SpinozziMånad sedan
  • :AugChamp:

    NosytNosytMånad sedan
  • Ew omg is that old cache i am going vomit

    JackaryJackaryMånad sedan
  • Can I get some auggers in the chat

    Life of ConnorLife of ConnorMånad sedan
  • Aug champ

    Rachelle HubscherRachelle HubscherMånad sedan
  • I’ve played cs like twice and aug is the only gun I can do well with

    Elijah SmithElijah SmithMånad sedan
  • Schlaug

    vxloxiityvxloxiity2 månader sedan
  • Dislike wasn't enough torture

    tomentose 338tomentose 3382 månader sedan
  • ”Can you feel this?” *y e a h*

    SqurmathoonSqurmathoon2 månader sedan
  • nice Moistcr1tikal jacket Carson

    BiOS_F2BiOS_F22 månader sedan
  • plot twist: he edits his own videos

    oof brotheroof brother2 månader sedan
  • Dinkster Warrior English spam

    Sadvato!Sadvato!2 månader sedan
  • Ever since me and my friends and i watched this video, they keep send me DMs on Steam while i'm playing CS:GO saying ":augChamp:" with a picture of the AUG with the pog face. So thank you, Carson.

    DropeDrope2 månader sedan
  • s c h l o t t

    Fried MintFried Mint2 månader sedan
  • 3:12 I love how he looked away from the flash irl

    Golden Experience RequiemGolden Experience Requiem2 månader sedan
  • Schlatt doesn't buy armor because being 1 hit makes him feel closer to God

    NuclearHedgehog72NuclearHedgehog722 månader sedan
  • Why is everybody so mean to ted, like bruh

    BradTHEinBradTHEin3 månader sedan
    • What do you mean

      okok2 månader sedan
  • Nobody: Carson: Schlott

    BabyBaby3 månader sedan
  • i did not know carson was good

    ææ3 månader sedan
  • is nobody gonna talk about how *FUCKING NUTTY* 5:34 was

    TorTleTorTle3 månader sedan
  • I forgot that carson is actually good at csgo

    PT SDPT SD3 månader sedan
  • Femur breaker

    MORPMORP3 månader sedan
  • its kinda weird seeing Carson play CSGO good.

    ElijahElijah3 månader sedan
  • Auggers

    Benjamin WatzkeBenjamin Watzke3 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    Michael LemieuxMichael Lemieux3 månader sedan
  • Carson: "I've made purchases in this game I've made no where else" Me: * looks at TF2 inventory that has quite a few unusuals * Well, I think I've spent more on a game than you (at least I think I have I actually don't know how much his inventory costs)

    The TrashmannThe Trashmann3 månader sedan
  • 1 year later and the twitch chat edited video is being made

    Kohn F JennedyKohn F Jennedy3 månader sedan
  • editor has bullying kink

    Codename; HentaiCodename; Hentai3 månader sedan
  • I'm not sure what the unspoken rules of CS:GO are, but pretty sure Poke just camped and called himself good.

    MichaelMichael3 månader sedan
  • 5:29 holy fucking shit

    Sam DuncanSam Duncan3 månader sedan
  • surprised no one said aug champ

    xMoMo ψxMoMo ψ4 månader sedan
  • 6:47

    B. BenjiB. Benji4 månader sedan
  • aug not pog

    bxylolbxylol4 månader sedan
  • "You sound like Geoff from Total Drama Island headass." ~ (Cooper to Ted)

    Peachy_AvePeachy_Ave4 månader sedan
  • who is this carson guy?

    FeelzFeelz4 månader sedan
  • Yo so this is where the idea for the twitch chat makes a SEworld video stream came from

    JakkAttackJakkAttack4 månader sedan
  • Carson is lowkey kinda good

    T11V1T11V14 månader sedan
  • Who’s back when he did the twitch chat idea

    GabeGabe4 månader sedan
  • That’s a funny song 8:54

    Kamuii城Kamuii城4 månader sedan
  • 8:54 poke trying to edit anything in the video

    edgamer64edgamer644 månader sedan
  • 8:13 this has come to being

    Sam is FamSam is Fam4 månader sedan
  • why did ted sound like the tennis dude from The Bee Movie

    Cade PowerCade Power4 månader sedan
  • One year later

    Driving ManDriving Man4 månader sedan
  • Fuck you poke mirage is alright. What are you some fucking dust 2 only piece of shit?

    GeoDashGo 64GeoDashGo 644 månader sedan
  • ah yes the MOIST JACKET

    niconico5 månader sedan
  • 8:54 "SCP-106 has successfully been contained"

    Gon FreecsGon Freecs5 månader sedan
  • 8:26 the editor disapointed me i feel attacked

    SniffeuDeGazSniffeuDeGaz5 månader sedan
  • this is war

    Elia Ben SimonElia Ben Simon5 månader sedan
  • dude ur channel is going to exlpode

    Ali RizviAli Rizvi5 månader sedan
  • I mean, the AUG is known outside of the CS:GO community for being good in that game. Never played CS, and even i know it's (possibly) a noob gun

    Late WizardLate Wizard5 månader sedan
  • I want Burren back :(

    ClassClass5 månader sedan