How I lost $1200 playing Fall Guys

9 aug 2020
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all downhill from here
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Fall Guys with friends

  • Don't worry Carson, I too get excited when I hear a woman's voice

  • pogger.

    The guacThe guac8 dagar sedan

    Donko DankDonko DankMånad sedan
  • Round 1: YOUR DEAD!?

    U11GeorgeU11GeorgeMånad sedan
  • the intro reminds me of the Goth kids in South Park

    IcelickIcelickMånad sedan
  • who joined the call at 20:07 is that big nik

    Zach FeltnerZach FeltnerMånad sedan
  • 21:30 sounds like plankton

    Judeann LapenaJudeann LapenaMånad sedan
  • 16:16

    REMREMMånad sedan
  • 0:55-1:00 😳

    Naya JNaya JMånad sedan
  • Date Clint

    C H O D E W R A N G L E RC H O D E W R A N G L E RMånad sedan
  • 2:15 *cuts from fall ball

    MageBotRMageBotRMånad sedan
  • my parents walked while u where clapping and closed the door fast and now im concerned

    Jackson DunneJackson DunneMånad sedan
  • i love ur videos, they always manage to cheer me up 👉👈

    Maryline HatsuMaryline HatsuMånad sedan
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    le raccoonle raccoonMånad sedan
  • this is how CallMeCarson lost $1200 playing fall guys but made it all back by making a video on it

    Arnold vilkinArnold vilkinMånad sedan
  • Bruh SEworld thought this video was from wipeout

    ProsxpectProsxpectMånad sedan
  • oh my god it’s fucking neptr

    Landon OrtizLandon OrtizMånad sedan
  • You guys still play fall guys play fell people

    Bat SoupBat SoupMånad sedan
  • The guy who joined the call reminds me of the mouse from zootopia the mob boss one

    Spencer LewisSpencer LewisMånad sedan
  • I just realized Markiplier and Carson had the same thought process when it comes to skins in fall guys.

    Luke ThackerLuke ThackerMånad sedan
  • "150 dollars for a little slice, best thing i ever had." Altrive: wow thats crazy, have you ever had a big mac?

    fooosionfooosionMånad sedan
    • Wow that’s funny Sounds like something they would say in the video

      Micah BecknerMicah BecknerMånad sedan
  • that soccer game where the blue was winning, im pretty sure yall were in markipliers game, cuz he did one where he was blue and they were scoring a ton, yellow ended on 1

    cerestriescerestriesMånad sedan
  • jschlatt

    Kevin el Gamer lolKevin el Gamer lolMånad sedan
  • anyone else getting a Wipeout ad?

    Sean MillerSean MillerMånad sedan
  • poggers

    Artem SidorovArtem SidorovMånad sedan
  • Carson if you keep meaning my mom won’t let me watch your videos

    Shrimpos !!!Shrimpos !!!Månad sedan
  • While watching the video i wondered who might actually win but then i re-read the title.

    Arco GamesArco GamesMånad sedan
    • it was also interesting to hear joe pisce from goodfather appear at the end-

      Arco GamesArco GamesMånad sedan
  • Jschlatt

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  • cant believe i can get wipeout season 7 on youtube

    TypesTypesMånad sedan
  • S-H-L-A-T

    XxBlueBxarry _BobaxXXxBlueBxarry _BobaxXMånad sedan
  • Me watching this video: wait a minute... under the title: Wipeout season 7

    ItsCamItsCamMånad sedan
  • lol i love this. Do more pls. I started editing in my vids!:D

    PlasmicPlasmicMånad sedan
  • Instead of youtube telling me hes playing fall guys its telling me that this is a clip from wipeout

    Repell VEVORepell VEVOMånad sedan
  • SEworld is telling me to buy season 7 of Wipeout on this video

    PSlayerPSlayerMånad sedan
  • i think it is funny that i got an add for a poop spray

    Rylan plays GamesRylan plays Games2 månader sedan
  • Its sad that Carson lost money due to Fall Guys

    Aspencotiatric - Random StuffAspencotiatric - Random Stuff2 månader sedan
  • Mobile viewer here, im loving your new SMP series!

    Michael Z.Michael Z.2 månader sedan
  • He left out Jeff

    Chris FunkChris Funk2 månader sedan
  • I’ve had that beef that Carson was talking about and the whole meal cost 600 dollars 😳

    Nora DelutyNora Deluty2 månader sedan
    • Osushi

      Nora DelutyNora DelutyMånad sedan
    • Nora Deluty whats the restaurant called?

      teethvibezteethvibezMånad sedan
    • Allan Mendoza I got it in Boston, MA, USA

      Nora DelutyNora Deluty2 månader sedan
    • Nora Deluty where do you even get that?

      Allan MendozaAllan Mendoza2 månader sedan
  • How do they have names and not just numbers ;-;

    Sarcastic ChickenSarcastic Chicken2 månader sedan
  • Wait Andy Milonakis didnt play Anakin Skywalker

    StormcloakCryptStormcloakCrypt2 månader sedan
  • 2:39 I want Carson reaching out to you and adjusting his camera to become a meme.

    GusLevoGusGusLevoGus2 månader sedan
  • 0:55 - 1:00 hitting diff

    ShrampShramp2 månader sedan
  • im watching this after not watching carson in a year and man . i can tell they hate this shit

    shaneshane2 månader sedan
  • after hearing josh quote mr hippo’s speech, i can’t hear his voice the same way anymore

    heyitscasheyitscas2 månader sedan
  • I use this video to help potty train my kids! Thanks Carson!

    RooRoo2 månader sedan
  • I'd rather rewatch this video other than watch the one with Alinty in it

    ashtonashton2 månader sedan
  • I think it's funny that SEworld says this is Wipeout.

    The Plight of Man VIIIThe Plight of Man VIII2 månader sedan
  • SEworld is telling me to buy wipeout season 7 on SEworld next to this video.

    EmeraldEmerald2 månader sedan
  • my roommates thought i was watching porn when you were crossing the first finish line

    Eddie BoyerEddie Boyer2 månader sedan
  • gotta say I was not expecting Andy Milonakis

    turkeysamwich00turkeysamwich002 månader sedan
  • Use: “wow this is fall guys” SEworld: “well actually this is wipe out”

    Dvmf 13Dvmf 132 månader sedan
  • help youtube keeps telling me to get wipeout season 7 help

    DoodleboyDoodleboy2 månader sedan
  • if i was in this video all i would have said to carson would be J U M P A N D D I V E

    kirbokirbo2 månader sedan
  • Never knew I needed to see Carson tilted. *claps in chat*

    MILES ASUGIMILES ASUGI2 månader sedan
  • i love schlattforming games

    vwgajacevwgajace2 månader sedan
  • Most boring click bait ever

    Wonko The SaneWonko The Sane2 månader sedan
  • Wow, that jawsh guy really goes against the grain. I like the cut of his jib

    CykasovietCykasoviet2 månader sedan
  • poggers

    Mr AbootooMr Abootoo2 månader sedan
  • Man I loved this jschlatt video

    crankycunkcrankycunk2 månader sedan
  • Andy sounded so cringe

    KingPinatatainium 42KingPinatatainium 422 månader sedan
  • 3:35 anyone else seen the clip of the guy who actually did that full thing cuz he was recording? I’ve seen it on insta the moves are completely identical

    YMG-RetrosYMG-Retros2 månader sedan
  • I like how youtube thought this was wipe out on the top right lmao.

    TheBoss MinerTheBoss Miner2 månader sedan
  • Did you know that insest is the new “big thing” on the the internet

    Adam LybeckAdam Lybeck2 månader sedan
  • I like how Fall Guys is in the description as the game played and Wipeout as the show.

    JollygoodladJollygoodlad2 månader sedan
  • Jschlatt

    EverRilEverRil2 månader sedan
  • My favorite series wipeout

    Mean Monkee MachineMean Monkee Machine2 månader sedan
  • How do you change your name in fall guys? Mines like Fall Guy 1052 and I wanna change it to my gt

    Xander WithamXander Witham2 månader sedan
    • they removed it because people were putting not so pg things

      Aidan n Dan YoutubeAidan n Dan Youtube2 månader sedan
  • Rip car son

    Bobby RareBobby Rare2 månader sedan
  • Wait no he removed the jack box videos noooooo Edit: wait no he didn’t I was just on the home page

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  • schlatt

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  • "God bless Xi Jingping" Based

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  • Nice SEworld it says this is the wipeout tv series

    ItsAuraFNItsAuraFN2 månader sedan
  • carson mad

    Riley LeVangieRiley LeVangie2 månader sedan
  • I need a rat in a can after what i just heard in this video.

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  • my pp hurt

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  • #TooBadYellow

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  • Dame dane

    doge is goddoge is god2 månader sedan
  • I love in the top right it says “Wipeout” and “buy season” lmao

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  • I'm dying, youtube thinks that this is Wipeout

    BismuthBismuth2 månader sedan
  • Are you Carson? Cause you can CallMe anytime

    Ben SmartBen Smart2 månader sedan
  • This game ruins friendships

    Augustine R.PAugustine R.P2 månader sedan
  • This game is literally party version of fortnite with mini games

    TFN_ PopularTFN_ Popular2 månader sedan
  • Hey Carson, I hope you get better after the recent Kate and Fitz situation. You know, from your mobile viewers

    Matthew GuyMatthew Guy2 månader sedan
  • I want somebody to look at me like Carson looks at his camera while adjusting it

    Chayce PatenaudeChayce Patenaude2 månader sedan
  • 11:51 that’s how Americans view football

    Maxi SchusterMaxi Schuster2 månader sedan
  • Sorry I was used moist critikal dominating was surprised to see se beta Male gameplay

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  • I'm gay - Gayschlatt

    Deven DemopoulosDeven Demopoulos2 månader sedan

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  • poggers

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  • So unfunny sometimes it’s actually cringe

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  • Carson was actually tilted lmao

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  • poggers

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  • Who's andy

    Bf GBf G2 månader sedan
  • The kid that got in at the end was cringe asf

    loles420loles4202 månader sedan
  • How will pizza get a job now?

    Tax Filing - Tax time!Tax Filing - Tax time!2 månader sedan
  • I love how the Wipeout series is in displayed in the description.

    gotnotimefordisgotnotimefordis2 månader sedan
  • Schalatt is the only funni guy here

    josh kornjosh korn2 månader sedan
  • 0:57 my mom thought I was watching porn

    RED WIRERED WIRE2 månader sedan
  • Carson please stop moaning im watching these without headphones until I can afford new ones😩

    Lunchable CheeseLunchable Cheese2 månader sedan