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4 aug 2020
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no freaking way its pokemon
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SEworldrs Life


    CallMeCarsonLIVECallMeCarsonLIVE2 månader sedan
    • carson its okay if you are a simp... you are cool unlike pokiman

      BeanBoy12BeanBoy127 dagar sedan
    • I like how the first comment to this is "She has a boyfriend"

      Shiroi KuShiroi Ku12 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Marrinan sorry for the late response but no i dont have the same name on twitch

      Hitlercat 100192Hitlercat 10019216 dagar sedan
    • lol this video doesn't have 1mil

      Tupac PizzaTupac PizzaMånad sedan
    • Can Carson say hi

      SamuelSamuelMånad sedan
  • So nice of Anthony Fantano to start a let's play channel

    MildlyUpsetMildlyUpset11 timmar sedan
  • I remember playing this game when I was like 9... THIS GAME FRICKIN SUCKS

    The Speediest GonzalesThe Speediest Gonzales5 dagar sedan
  • Carson having a talk with the chat like a dad

    Dylan SalinesDylan Salines6 dagar sedan
  • As a real name you should have picked the male version of pokimane's real name Ayman (this is true btw her name in arabic is eman but people call her amman in english and there's a close name to her in arabic called Ayman which is similar to her's)

    4lmo7y7d 44lmo7y7d 47 dagar sedan
  • Bean

    Danny Dacheeto420Danny Dacheeto4209 dagar sedan
  • When the mom hugged him and Carson almost started crying, I felt that

    linkspandalinkspandaMånad sedan
  • 5:50 Bruh, hit too close to home :(

    Name of the Game JamesName of the Game JamesMånad sedan
  • Carson = wide light bulb triangle

    mad zombiemad zombieMånad sedan
  • Carson straight made Stavros Halkias

    Main, okMain, okMånad sedan
  • 3:00

    Uncommon AnticsUncommon AnticsMånad sedan
  • What's funny is that the chracter he makes kinds looks like pokay bald lol

    Biscken GamingBiscken GamingMånad sedan
  • Why do I have -1 funny

    MommyMommyMånad sedan
  • I liked big stone...

    JedimanXJedimanXMånad sedan
  • should've made his name joe mama unsub

    SansrriorarSansrriorarMånad sedan
  • Its poemqn!

    R. K.R. K.2 månader sedan
  • It comes full circle, he’s back to his original ways

    The McfweefweeThe Mcfweefwee2 månader sedan
  • I really liked Big Stone...

    Skie SquigglesSkie Squiggles2 månader sedan
  • Okay wait but big stone was one of my favourite videos

    ChaTae 95ChaTae 952 månader sedan
  • Carson should be a teacher

    Ninja SlayerNinja Slayer2 månader sedan
    • nvm

      Ninja SlayerNinja Slayer2 månader sedan
  • Honey, you need to get a new job

    CallMeCarson’s MomCallMeCarson’s Mom2 månader sedan
    • Miss King your sons legal name is now chadhead

      GarfieldGarfield2 månader sedan
  • you are better than my math teacher lol

    S41F XDS41F XD2 månader sedan
  • The set up especially the mic is fantastic

    Not ImposterNot Imposter2 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    Rolls-Royce CullinanRolls-Royce Cullinan2 månader sedan
  • Ass mic

    arlynn weberarlynn weber2 månader sedan
  • When your boyfriend gets call me Carson to give you a happy birthday!! 2:50 thank you Carson for the birthday wishes!!❤️❤️❤️

    LemonProductionsLemonProductions2 månader sedan
  • I tried to play this game,but I just kept on getting *lost and confused*

    Franken gummyFranken gummy2 månader sedan
  • epic set up its so good

    epic star purachinaepic star purachina2 månader sedan
  • Bro thats idubbz, not dr dusrespect

    Scabbin'Scabbin'2 månader sedan
  • Pokimane sucks

    Ducky420 xDDD lMaODucky420 xDDD lMaO2 månader sedan
  • If only he named the character Iman

    Tristan Scott-JonesTristan Scott-Jones2 månader sedan
  • Havppy birhth day @hannahh

    ThatGuyCanmanNCThatGuyCanmanNC2 månader sedan
  • his videos dear lately look like they were recorded in a mixture of 2017 or 2009. And his personality has seemed a bit different too.

    GrangeyeGrangeye2 månader sedan
  • This was way horribly timed and I can’t tell if Carson doesn’t like poki or what😂😂😂

    Hunter RabyHunter Raby2 månader sedan
  • that ending was so real

    FedoFedo2 månader sedan
  • he stole shlatts whiteboard

    XoltolXoltol2 månader sedan
  • Oh yeah well i have 28 subs

    DashDash2 månader sedan
  • Wait, . . . . . Is That Bowser

    Chetanya MunjalChetanya Munjal2 månader sedan
  • i didn't order a creeper!

    Crabby DarthCrabby Darth2 månader sedan
  • “ am I balding?!!!???!”

    Beastmode23Beastmode232 månader sedan
  • t

    shady business manshady business man2 månader sedan
  • how the hell did big stone get demonitized

    ApoapsisApoapsis2 månader sedan
  • Stop simping

    Julie MillerJulie Miller2 månader sedan
  • What if her actual boyfriend looks like this

    J VanstoneJ Vanstone2 månader sedan
  • I’ve been taught a life lesson

    Ben CarreiroBen Carreiro2 månader sedan
  • 10:57 Inspiring.

    Holz KopfHolz Kopf2 månader sedan
  • I don't get why Carson likes pokimane, she's screams a lot with her annoying, squeaky voice and tries really hard to be cute lol. Her streams aren't even that interesting to watch.

    Ivory HatIvory Hat2 månader sedan
  • 👍🏼

    Magic Bullet RemedyMagic Bullet Remedy2 månader sedan
  • i really do wonder why carson keeps liking pokimane despite all the shit she's been doing recently

    jerma is cooljerma is cool2 månader sedan
    • Because funny

      OddlyCacopygian •U•OddlyCacopygian •U•2 månader sedan
    • Imagine being mad at someone else’s friendships

      woahwoah2 månader sedan
  • wait a second!.... is that bowser behind him?

    Kush AryaKush Arya2 månader sedan
  • damn your protray of pokimane is so accurate

    Team_ Ki11Team_ Ki112 månader sedan
  • Negative 1 funny is hilarious to me.

    HaphaxHaphax2 månader sedan
  • 6:05 Carson, I LIVE IN CHILOQUIN There are under ten people in my grade

    Kate KreeperKingKate KreeperKing2 månader sedan
  • I guess we're not getting a part 2 for another month.

    RansmiRansmi2 månader sedan
  • he missed the chance to do “iman” as the name

    Tahlia MairangiTahlia Mairangi2 månader sedan
  • 7:57 Goddamn it, it's Chick Fil A

    Sage HSage H2 månader sedan
  • Carson: "Of fuck, I clicked on Gorilla Soccer. Thats fine, we'll do it. We'll do it, it's fine." The exit button in the top right: "Am I joke to you?"

    Larissa TaylorLarissa Taylor2 månader sedan
  • Guess what video got 500k views...

    Silver Chariot RequiemSilver Chariot Requiem2 månader sedan
  • I'm going to miss his old room, but this setup is definitely leagues better

    Monky GamingMonky Gaming2 månader sedan
  • wow, Carson very nice setup 69/10

    Dank ThickumsDank Thickums2 månader sedan
  • I’m looking into it more and call me Carson is the BIGGEST simp I’ve ever seen I’m not joking he has a video with every twitch thot ever even Alinity the one who almost killed her cat and threw her across her room

    Nick GurrNick Gurr2 månader sedan
  • Still only 500k

    PominnPominn2 månader sedan
  • Sims but epic

    Onion ChildOnion Child2 månader sedan
  • Has Carson moved house?

    kyle notleykyle notley2 månader sedan
  • SEworldrs in 2009 be like: 2:58

    chris DSHchris DSH2 månader sedan
  • pokiman

    elmerplayselmerplays2 månader sedan
  • lol u still got 500k views

    Robo CopRobo Cop2 månader sedan

    noot nootnoot noot2 månader sedan
  • *20 seconds in* Carson: Am I balding? 😳😳😂

    Cowboy CrabCowboy Crab2 månader sedan
  • 1:04 Hey Tomar, that's you!

    Dippin'DotsDippin'Dots2 månader sedan
  • yeah alam clocks

    GlitchForumGlitchForum2 månader sedan
  • S I M P S I M P S I M P S I M P S I M P S I M P S I M P S I M P

    Jacob HatfieldJacob Hatfield2 månader sedan
  • when he deleted the second b

    Dominic HickmanDominic Hickman2 månader sedan
  • uvula reveal when??!??!??>/2..

    astinplusastinplus2 månader sedan
  • Guys is it just me or Pokiman from SEworldr's Life looks alot like Pokimane from Twitch

    ArickArick2 månader sedan
  • Carson would you be offended if I drew you as an evil puppeteer controlling pokiman with a comically oversized handlebar mustache

    Rubber DuckiezRubber Duckiez2 månader sedan
  • Wow!! Very Utube yes

    Christian KachurakChristian Kachurak2 månader sedan
  • SOOK

    Double GDouble G2 månader sedan
  • This is how I define my adhd

    Watson HaneWatson Hane2 månader sedan
  • How dare you not have put your name as “Iman” and your channel name as “PokiMan”

    Diego CortezDiego Cortez2 månader sedan
  • Must be her morning face

    Sage illusionsSage illusions2 månader sedan
  • Hi just subscribed. A few days ago

    V10AKV10AK2 månader sedan
  • かわいい子猫は巨大なクソ卵で遊ぶ

    超面白い叙事詩の時間Brazil超面白い叙事詩の時間Brazil2 månader sedan
  • Uhm, big stone.

    ConzemiusConzemius2 månader sedan
  • h moment

    Applebee’s bar and grill menuApplebee’s bar and grill menu2 månader sedan
  • You know, I miss it when the times where he played with this friends. Hopefully that this season 2 thing will include his buddies, because the nostalgia times with him back in 2019 were golden. I miss them and they were pretty funny with Jawsh and JSchlatt, hopefully they both didn’t grow up and go away from each other.

    CFalcon075CFalcon0752 månader sedan
  • Apologize.

    NuxeツNuxeツ2 månader sedan
  • 12:00 He has 500k view at the time of me watching this and it’s 2 days old

    Kaleb HartzheimKaleb Hartzheim2 månader sedan
    • I still love you carson❤️

      Kaleb HartzheimKaleb Hartzheim2 månader sedan
  • I would’ve had his name be IMan and channel name PokiMan

    Mahk n CheeseMahk n Cheese2 månader sedan
  • Why does he look like a 2015 Gmod SEworldr

    KA NewsKA News2 månader sedan
  • “This game isn’t as good as Happy Wheels...” should have been the title of the video.

    x XThiccNiccX xx XThiccNiccX x2 månader sedan
    • He should play happy wheels fr

      Annoying 15 year oldAnnoying 15 year old2 månader sedan
  • Whit where Pokémon’s simp army

    Rat king 15Rat king 152 månader sedan
    • gone reduced to atoms.

      lugyisonyoutubelugyisonyoutube2 månader sedan
  • Ironic, the video he complains about 500k views, he gets 500k views.

    Ethan SniderEthan Snider2 månader sedan
  • Gets only 500k

    TCFearTCFear2 månader sedan
  • Outro song name?

    Lemon LungesLemon Lunges2 månader sedan
  • The more I watch Carson the more lessons in life I learn

    DCLeyvaDCLeyva2 månader sedan
  • Dr phil

    The NatetasticThe Natetastic2 månader sedan
  • Oh so season 2 isn't a joke

    carter milescarter miles2 månader sedan
  • 11:11 this literally happened to me on tiktok, once I got a video to go viral, it got like 7.8m views but now I’m pulling around 10k views, but when I get like 100k or 200k I don’t feel exited anymore. Yeah it’s sad but I try to feel good about that.

    Miguel AriasMiguel Arias2 månader sedan
  • yeah ur boring and lame now bye

    mustachesrcoolmustachesrcool2 månader sedan
    • shut up S I M P

      lugyisonyoutubelugyisonyoutube2 månader sedan