I painted myself as Bob Ross

30 jun 2020
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Happy little accidents
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CallMeCarson paints as Bob Ross

  • 1:58 I love how amidst all the Callmecarson Youtooz at the bottom left, you can see one stray Pokimane Youtooz.

    Ben DriscollBen Driscoll9 dagar sedan
  • Took me like 10 minutes to realize it wasn’t from an actual bob Ross video

    Diet MilkDiet Milk16 dagar sedan
  • I legitimately thought the thumbnail was Stampy

    CrypticPokeCrypticPoke18 dagar sedan
  • Thanks Bob

    Karen H.A.Karen H.A.Månad sedan
  • man drew durnil looks way different. gay paintbrush.

    Comrade ClarkeComrade ClarkeMånad sedan
  • You know he actually cares when he lowerd his voice after opening the window

    Angel the dogAngel the dogMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or does Carson look like a little chubby jack Harlow in that wig

    Scifi ZombiScifi ZombiMånad sedan
  • make it ur new pfp

    Drew WhitmanDrew Whitman2 månader sedan
  • Carson looks like a highschool e boy with an underage girlfriend

    Just call me ORANGE!Just call me ORANGE!2 månader sedan
  • Petition to make the painting his profile picture

    Captain FizzCaptain Fizz2 månader sedan
  • Thanks bob.

    Gonna_Cry 0.2Gonna_Cry 0.22 månader sedan
  • “My art teacher said I couldn’t do it, but look at me” *laughs nervously*

    C D _TripleEC D _TripleE2 månader sedan
  • can't believe carson stole raccs jewfro

    big larrybig larry2 månader sedan
  • You’re not a dish. *woospsh* you’re a man

    ツJuniorツJunior2 månader sedan
  • It's pretty fucking sad honestly

    A Mere Apostle of Jim PickensA Mere Apostle of Jim Pickens2 månader sedan
  • Is it just me or does the bob Ross impression sound like Troy Baker

    thebeast4906thebeast49062 månader sedan
  • Rob boss

    An uhnyuhnAn uhnyuhn2 månader sedan
  • That's him...DarkMeFartTon

    Weird, innit?Weird, innit?2 månader sedan
  • Remember the story about how Carson did his painting for art class in one night and hated the teacher so insulted her during his presentation

    Jaidyn PooleJaidyn Poole2 månader sedan
  • 3:15 "mix the colors together? WHA- "Go on!~ Mix it up a little!~ with 2 medium 2 topping pizzas at dominos"

    Alcohol KeethAlcohol Keeth2 månader sedan
  • This ain’t his first rodeo

    NauticalNautical2 månader sedan
  • fun story, i have all the non toss paint and i was one day trying to open the child lock and could not get it and while doing so i sprained my wrist.

    peachy blushedpeachy blushed2 månader sedan
  • 9.45 cark

    Bobby HD_LPBobby HD_LP2 månader sedan
  • Girls: oh my god he so hot The boy that the girls talking about: *carson with curls*

    Christian OrtegaChristian Ortega3 månader sedan
  • “Your hair looks like my scrotum” Truly amazing

    Dylan MoncriefDylan Moncrief3 månader sedan
  • Jack Harlow lookin ass

    Greatest EverGreatest Ever3 månader sedan
  • Shrek

    LayloliLayloli3 månader sedan
  • deadass thought that was wilbur soot in the thumbnail

    FomalhautFomalhaut3 månader sedan
  • Is he talking about his "fast man" painting he made when he says he made a teacher mad? Because that piece was amazing

    Blackrain7070Blackrain70703 månader sedan
  • paint starts at 4:44

    Jamief64Jamief643 månader sedan
  • Bob Ross on a budget

    Arismendy EscanoArismendy Escano3 månader sedan
  • This is good ASMR

    St3lth BoiSt3lth Boi3 månader sedan
  • How’s Pedro doing?

    Creators HubCreators Hub3 månader sedan
  • He had to compromise

    xrin.81xrin.813 månader sedan
  • crazy how bob ross came back just to paint an internet personality

    sniktawsniktaw3 månader sedan
  • So this is the uoutooz inspiring content wow

    GavinatorGavinator3 månader sedan
  • Like boboross all ways said Happy little anentens And Happy little clouds 👌 I hope I got it right ;--;

    Eury nomosEury nomos3 månader sedan
  • Better than anything Leonard could have ever done (the turtle not the guy)

    Cody WojahnCody Wojahn3 månader sedan
  • thx bob

    AG45AG453 månader sedan
  • Bruh why does the wig look good on him?

    KonoDioDaKonoDioDa3 månader sedan
  • m o n e y

    Ducky the milk boyDucky the milk boy3 månader sedan
  • 3:11 Van Dijk is so good they named a color after him

    Nathan McGeeNathan McGee3 månader sedan
  • Callmecbobson

    The french friThe french fri3 månader sedan
  • nobody is talking about how good that bob ross impression is

    PrequelMemer66PrequelMemer663 månader sedan
  • Carson looks like Sheldon from Friday the 13th.

    playstation 69playstation 693 månader sedan
  • A chat overlay would be great :)

    DenDen3 månader sedan
  • Haha funny youtooz ad

    yeah i'm eddyyeah i'm eddy3 månader sedan
  • what greenscreen is it behind carson? i am a fellow youtuber/streamer who needs a green screen and does not know what to look for. so i want to know what carson is using

    Mr LackyPieMr LackyPie3 månader sedan
  • Heyh exploding tnt

    MythixMythix3 månader sedan
  • wait i thought bob ross was dead

    scuffedscuffed3 månader sedan
  • Bob Ross + Carson King = Bobson Rong

    Priest LasagnaPriest Lasagna3 månader sedan
  • ....you don’t paint vertically?

    Yournextdoorgamer withgamesYournextdoorgamer withgames3 månader sedan
  • "Mom, can we get Bob Ross" Mom: "No, we have Bob Ross at home." Bob Ross at home:

    AxeMan 04AxeMan 043 månader sedan
  • That painting looks like it's about to call me smoothskin

    ancient dragonancient dragon3 månader sedan
  • My audio buffered and I tought he said “Valdemort.... from the wizard of oz.” 🤔

    Jackattack7895Jackattack78953 månader sedan
  • Carson not being able to open his window or a child safety lock says a lot

    Floppy PotterFloppy Potter3 månader sedan
  • im so scared

    Amy Hannon-KerrAmy Hannon-Kerr3 månader sedan
  • I approve good sir

    Tyler GillisTyler Gillis3 månader sedan
  • You just look like jarbis if he didn’t get ban on fortnite 😂🤣

    FN PoisonIcePopFN PoisonIcePop3 månader sedan
  • I like this

    Teeme RebornTeeme Reborn3 månader sedan
  • A majority of art teachers I've met are awful teachers and the one thing they do well is discouraging people from doing art. There's also a few good ones.

    Sandy RossSandy Ross3 månader sedan
  • what isn't that just travis

    Lucia NavalesLucia Navales3 månader sedan
  • How original!

    PEPPA PIGPEPPA PIG3 månader sedan
  • Carson is defeated by paint

    RedpandaGalixyRedpandaGalixy3 månader sedan
  • I mean... the hair turned out pretty good

    Amber PersonAmber Person3 månader sedan
  • Carson actually looks really good with that hair

    Joseph CapoteJoseph Capote3 månader sedan
  • Mango Carson

    NoNameNoName3 månader sedan
  • *Carson reinactivatvated.*

    GubbinGubbin3 månader sedan
  • you be damned if you ain't painting with Titanium White.

    Toaster TribeToaster Tribe3 månader sedan
  • That’s not bob ross

    Humorous CurveHumorous Curve3 månader sedan
  • Amazing lo;

    _anoja31__anoja31_3 månader sedan
  • thanks bob

    serenliy /georgiaserenliy /georgia3 månader sedan
  • He has a pokimane youtooz hidden within his

    A Very Cool CatA Very Cool Cat3 månader sedan
  • It looks like Pepe the frog had a child with some clown *thing* and I’m all for it This’ll go for millions

    Daily Dose of LazinessDaily Dose of Laziness3 månader sedan
  • Red warewolf looking ass lmao

    Alex LarsAlex Lars3 månader sedan
  • Carson should have bought a tarp and pallet if he was gonna paint

    when you beanwhen you bean3 månader sedan
  • they didn’t show him sign it

    Robloxian632 274Robloxian632 2743 månader sedan
  • I don’t think a completely new born baby couldn’t do better

    KORN FLAKESKORN FLAKES3 månader sedan
  • oh god ohy fuck this was so painful to watch i actually got stage 3 epic gamer desiase

    Alfredo AbelloAlfredo Abello3 månader sedan
  • i don’t know why i was expecting this to me good

    chxwichxwi3 månader sedan
  • He’s a stressful bob Ross

    Teenar MasiTeenar Masi3 månader sedan
  • CallmeBobson

    A guy with a sonic pictureA guy with a sonic picture3 månader sedan
  • Why is Traves on Carson’s stream

    JoeyLovesTrainsJoeyLovesTrains3 månader sedan
  • I can’t believe this man went to art school

    Max BransfordMax Bransford3 månader sedan
  • Thanks Bob

    LYNE StarchildLYNE Starchild3 månader sedan
  • He looks like a muppet

    AlternateAlternate3 månader sedan
  • Bro it's the stranger things kid

    Doge in a CornersDoge in a Corners3 månader sedan
  • 7:42 Sans???

    FiveheadFivehead3 månader sedan
  • *t h w a p*

    tragiclifeformtragiclifeform3 månader sedan
  • Watching this stream made me loose brain cells

    Shrek The OgreShrek The Ogre3 månader sedan
  • If I didnt know what you looked like, I'd believe that was your hair

    Tobin VignosTobin Vignos3 månader sedan
  • 1:17 the full story is on the Solitairey Confinement Podcast

    The Chinese RussianThe Chinese Russian3 månader sedan
  • It’s bob cum

    mitch fulmitch ful3 månader sedan
  • looks like elmo with glasses

    Ted EmeraldTed Emerald3 månader sedan
  • How does an afro suit Carson so well?

    Christian LynchChristian Lynch3 månader sedan
  • I died a little when Carson pronounced Phthalo "puh-tay-lo"

    LikeSc00bLikeSc00b3 månader sedan
  • the greatest crossover in history...

    Jadeen The GermanJadeen The German3 månader sedan
  • happy little accent

    Offical βřüħOffical βřüħ3 månader sedan
  • 3:44 kids trying to open something with a child lock

    5_ qm5_ qm3 månader sedan
  • You're welcome.

    Bobby RareBobby Rare3 månader sedan