Among Us is just a fun party game

13 sep 2020
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I am Mr. Fun
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Among Us with friends

  • Yay

    Mr-Rabbit-CheeseMr-Rabbit-Cheese3 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    _anoja31__anoja31_8 dagar sedan
  • I'm gonna be honest I don't think anyone in the video knows what game throwing is. (Mostly Carson's chat.) , it's when you purposefully fuck up the game for no reason. carson didn't throw when Jaiden found the body in admin, because he didn't know Jaiden was gonna go there.

    MasadiusMasadius8 dagar sedan
  • 12:30

    NowhereBruhNowhereBruh10 dagar sedan
  • 10:57 creeper

    Berry_CormickツBerry_Cormickツ11 dagar sedan
  • Play it with tomad

    Elijah SippleElijah Sipple11 dagar sedan
  • *”I found out yesterday that my dad is cheating on my mom and I’m the only that knows I think I’m going to reel her tonight”*

    Emma DelaneyEmma Delaney12 dagar sedan
  • *gets fucking murdered* well goodbye me

    Byro The ProtogenByro The Protogen16 dagar sedan
  • Bro I don’t want to j3rk 0ff anymore, I miss the times where anything I did I enjoyed everything, where I enjoyed life. Now I’m constant repeat with school games then j3rk 0ff. I miss the old times.

    ЛюдовикЛюдовик16 dagar sedan
  • When Carson didn't go in the vent after killing Asaii, I was screaming

    KirbKirb16 dagar sedan
  • tokyoghoul

    Михаил МихеевМихаил Михеев17 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone see the first dono? Jesus Christ.

    Andrew ComeauAndrew Comeau17 dagar sedan
  • secreto

    Garcia LucaGarcia Luca18 dagar sedan
  • I keep hearing Clobbahs name as Quava, and it's fucking with me SO hard.

    arfalow arfalowarfalow arfalow20 dagar sedan
  • Did you guys read it 0:09

    MrAcerMrAcer20 dagar sedan
  • You've just added a browser source! Browser sources let you display a webpage from the Internet or a local file and are commonly used for widgets and alerts Set the URL to the page you'd like to display

    suzanne walshsuzanne walsh23 dagar sedan
    • haha thanks, I was wondering what that said, because I am unable to read

      Unfortunately SwaggedUnfortunately Swagged4 dagar sedan
  • 15:29

    I may be gay, butI may be gay, but23 dagar sedan
  • "how did I throw?"

    Brendan GrimesBrendan Grimes26 dagar sedan
  • Make a lunch club imposter vid

    DJ FUZY GDJ FUZY G27 dagar sedan
  • It’s just a fun party game. It’s just a fun party game. It’s just a fun party game. It’s just a fun party game. It’s just a fun party game. It’s just a fun party game.

    Fried GoombaFried Goomba27 dagar sedan
    • It’s just a fun party game. It’s just a fun party game. It’s just a fun party game. It’s just a fun party game. It’s just a fun party game. It’s just a fun party game.

      Fried GoombaFried Goomba27 dagar sedan
  • Among us is kinda boring tbh

    Ghost ArnpunGhost Arnpun28 dagar sedan
  • 。   .   .     .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • . Blue . was NOT The Imposter  。 .     。      ゚   .     . ,    .  .   .

    0legenije0legenije29 dagar sedan
  • Guys its me Mr. Fun

    CallMeCarsonCallMeCarson29 dagar sedan
  • red : its was green green : it was orange red : i did it, it was me cyan was not the imposter

    chasebh89chasebh89Månad sedan
  • sadhguru

    vlad Boyvlad BoyMånad sedan
  • I'm writing an among us themed music EP:

    natebcarsonnatebcarsonMånad sedan
  • Next time he’s gonna name himself crewmate. For sure

    Pip1 gdPip1 gdMånad sedan
  • Imposter makes you less sus

    InanimateObjectInanimateObjectMånad sedan
  • .  。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Red was not an Impostor.  。 . 2 impostors remain     。      ゚   .     . ,    .  .   . 。

    Kermit the frogKermit the frogMånad sedan
  • "I like ya cut, G." 0:17

    Green ImpostorGreen ImpostorMånad sedan
  • LMFAO “is that the room code” 4:23

    Kazuichi SoudaKazuichi SoudaMånad sedan
  • who gon tell em they need their mics muted during game

    Aleena BazziAleena BazziMånad sedan
  • I've watched this video 6 times in the past week and it still doesn't fail to make me laugh

    LuciusLuciusMånad sedan
  • Push the button

    ShrekShrekMånad sedan
  • Poor Jaiden lol getting voted off for calling out Carson.

    Blitz StormBlitz StormMånad sedan
  • Cringe

    Logan ParentLogan ParentMånad sedan
  • 0:10 why is nobody talking about this donation

    Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah yeahOh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah yeahMånad sedan
  • jadien in lunch club epic moment?

    The Executive Chairman Of Smart WaterThe Executive Chairman Of Smart WaterMånad sedan
  • so like do we ignore 0:09

  • Nobody gonna talk about the guy who caught their dad cheating on their mom?

    SK whySK whyMånad sedan
  • It’s so weird to hear jaiden curse

    frostie_frostie_Månad sedan
  • jaiden is slowly becoming a part of callmecarson's squad oh god

    SmuggsushenSmuggsushenMånad sedan
  • watch my latest videos to see how to get xmas and halloween hats in among us! 2 minute tutorials! quick and done!

    ShayDugShayDugMånad sedan
  • People who like this comment will live happily ever after

    Rail MalikovRail MalikovMånad sedan
  • I actually did a few games with this guy and never even knew it! O_O

    RayMKlllRayMKlllMånad sedan
  • We all just ignoring the donation at 0:07?

    ListerListerMånad sedan
  • Make a video on how to be funny

    SyltroSyltroMånad sedan
  • It’s comedy gold when everyone has already voted the imposter and they still try to defend themselves

    Stix SoulsStix SoulsMånad sedan
  • 13:12 jaiden is the cutest person in the world

    BlipBlipMånad sedan
  • Among us: rated 18+, A horror psychology game which single handedly makes friendships shatter and brings anger out of ones body to full commotion and causes people to have mental illnesses and be scarred for life in trust and fear, it requires more than just the basic IQ to complete easily.

    TafflesTafflesMånad sedan
  • Why has jaiden animations started playing with these guys

    jahag kagaujahag kagauMånad sedan
  • i used to watch jaiden a few years back, I have no clue how she got involved with these guys but it was such a pleasant surprise

    NotSoBigMacNotSoBigMacMånad sedan
  • 7:28 smh jaiden animations

    coldfire116coldfire116Månad sedan
  • ngl carsons too bad for me to be able to watch without having a seizure

    Oliver MillerOliver MillerMånad sedan
  • broke: paying 4.99 for among us on steam woke: having a chromebook that thinks that its a phone and getting it for free on the play store

    CheesecakeCheesecakeMånad sedan
  • that OBS warning..........................

    NokksiousNokksiousMånad sedan
  • No

    JagonNotFoundJagonNotFoundMånad sedan
  • 0:23 did Jaiden just swore?

    kiyknokiyknoMånad sedan
  • Witty Relatable Comment

    JeffJeffMånad sedan
  • Carson is such a bad imposter

    ShlaterShlaterMånad sedan
  • Jaiden is such a nugget. I love how silent she was all the time xD

    Aaron SchwindlingAaron SchwindlingMånad sedan
  • Rule 1: Always vote out red

    sxyzjymsxyzjymMånad sedan
  • Idk just the way jawsh is during these confirms he is the friend that you don’t want to play board games or party games with idk the vibes are rancid

    NuttyPNuttyPMånad sedan
  • Well it’s not me

  • Hi cry babey

    Jeff HillmanJeff HillmanMånad sedan
  • have you seen this song cover? gonna put the link below

    mrhandsome 1mrhandsome 1Månad sedan
  • Read the bit donation message 0:08

    ThePhenomenalPhantomThePhenomenalPhantomMånad sedan
  • Why does everyone have their mic unmuted all the time

    VibeZ_Esko324VibeZ_Esko324Månad sedan
  • Carson’s anatomy is very similar to the crew mates. No brain.

    AscendentZ GamingAscendentZ GamingMånad sedan
  • Is anyone gonna question the dono at the start?

    1k Tides1k TidesMånad sedan
  • Do a face reveal

    MidasRedMidasRedMånad sedan
  • leave it at 69k likes

    Jacob MeredithJacob MeredithMånad sedan
  • Is this fall guys space level pegi 15 ?

    SCP IDKSCP IDKMånad sedan
  • Why did I just a notification for this video when it was made 4 days ago?

    JetstudiosジェットスタジオJetstudiosジェットスタジオMånad sedan

    DasGood!DasGood!Månad sedan

    Alexboi 6112Alexboi 6112Månad sedan
  • Just saying, I was in medbay scanning. Purple even saw me.

    Guardian Zombie49Guardian Zombie49Månad sedan
  • The fucking donation 8 seconds in oml

    Seth AquauisSeth AquauisMånad sedan
  • Aw, Carson and jaiden are sad

    Mr.creationMr.creationMånad sedan
  • Wait this isn’t the link to sexy bionicles 😡😡😡

    IanAnd YoshiIanAnd YoshiMånad sedan
  • 0:08 oh boy

    Parody5GamingParody5GamingMånad sedan
  • Hey guys why is my name in red

    #imchristianya#imchristianyaMånad sedan
  • we need to see more carson and jaiden content

    LithodeanLithodeanMånad sedan
  • We just gonna ignore the message from a fan that popped up on the top right at 0:08?

    WhiteTigressWhiteTigressMånad sedan
    • @Romanator Stl aww :( I saw it and I was genuinely confused why Carson left it in the video. He could've thought it was a joke or a troll but still. I hope that Carson sees it and takes that part off. Hope that dude is alright tho, I can't begin to imagine how embarrassed he must feel, plus with the stress of the situation he's currently in at home.

      WhiteTigressWhiteTigressMånad sedan
    • I was watching a recent stream with cr1tikal and that dude donated to Charlie asking him to tell carson to remove this part of the video because his message is in it and he is embarrassed by it. He said he apparently donated to carson asking him to do it but he didn’t get a response. It’s sad but it’s his fault for donating something personal thinking a streamer is the best person to ask about it.

      Romanator StlRomanator StlMånad sedan
  • .

    Cinnamon RollCinnamon RollMånad sedan
  • Are we not going to admire the taco bell sound effect when he put the twitch link on the video

    James TrostelJames TrostelMånad sedan
  • this dude has been in the shower for over an hour blasting music, I dont even know if its a different song it has just been the same tune, I hope he leaves soon, I need to take a shower

    John SmithJohn SmithMånad sedan
  • I'm just gonna say it, the worlds gone to shit since SMP live ended there i said it

    Jonah KennedyJonah KennedyMånad sedan
  • Hearing Carson say my name over and over is trippy af LMAO

    Cooper GaswayCooper GaswayMånad sedan
  • How is no one talking about how Jaiden said the shit word at 0:23

    Funkii4Funkii4Månad sedan
  • Why are y’all talking during tasks isn’t supposed to be quiet and then y’all talk and discuss

    ZerosparkzZerosparkzMånad sedan
    • @Barel Maker I'm pretty sure Carson muted himself so only his viewers could hear when he was playing as a ghost

      Blue Jay JenBlue Jay JenMånad sedan
    • Blue Jay Jen being able to communicate to your team as a ghost is

      Barel MakerBarel MakerMånad sedan
    • @Barel Maker explain to me how normal conversation to entertain viewers is cheating?

      Blue Jay JenBlue Jay JenMånad sedan
    • @Blue Jay Jen but people do want to watch someone play without cheating

      Barel MakerBarel MakerMånad sedan
    • Guys it's a stream and they have to entertain, no one wants to watch someone silently play video games

      Blue Jay JenBlue Jay JenMånad sedan
  • Guys, I’m not the imposter, I was in vents

    Finnian ReedFinnian ReedMånad sedan
  • its more than a game

    PluchyDuckiePluchyDuckieMånad sedan
  • 13:10 who else reminded for that. lol.

    Return3Return3Månad sedan

    rat bitchrat bitchMånad sedan
  • I used to play this so much last year, but in 1 week it's the most popular game

    Pat Davis 2403Pat Davis 2403Månad sedan
  • Impostor was not the Impostor.

    WrippieWrippieMånad sedan
  • is that weird browser thing there to hide like the astronaut names or something?

    Rudy BenavidezRudy BenavidezMånad sedan
  • Coops back!

    Christian VollenhovenChristian VollenhovenMånad sedan
  • Jaiden gamer girl confimed?

    Gab GabrielGab GabrielMånad sedan