Playing with my balls in Battleblock Theater

1 jul 2019
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Cooper and I are such a good team
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Playing with my balls in Battleblock Theater

  • “Poke is not editing this” *opens description and sees “video edited by Poke”*

    unlimitedsausagesunlimitedsausages5 dagar sedan
  • Cooper would be infinitely funnier if he stopped saying slurs and making fun of minority groups he isn’t a part of

    Austin LeeAustin Lee14 dagar sedan
  • anyone know cooper's opinion on gamers?

    bingobangobingobango26 dagar sedan
  • WHEN YOU'RE IN A IN A FROZE AAAAAAA @Cscoop @Callmecarson

    Kel b lit 26 yeetKel b lit 26 yeetMånad sedan
  • XD

    FUnny manFUnny manMånad sedan
  • This whole video is literally just Carson edge-guarding Cooper for 11 minutes

    faliqa sfaliqa sMånad sedan
  • Glizzy Head

    ThtYngSavThtYngSav2 månader sedan
  • code cscoop bois

    Baby DiabloBaby Diablo2 månader sedan
  • dude i just fucking realized kasley neisabat is in project power from Netflix how did I knot notice this before

    helplesschildhelplesschild2 månader sedan
  • Gay racist, maybe James Charles.

    Gus SchultzGus Schultz2 månader sedan
    • ?

      jane doejane doeMånad sedan
  • It’s Gay month 😂😂😂

    Cameron SmithCameron Smith2 månader sedan
  • Damn cooper was a borderline bigot a year ago

    Seth AquauisSeth Aquauis2 månader sedan
  • This whole "I hate gamers." thing is gonna become a meme.

    SamSam3 månader sedan
  • Yay

    Mr-Rabbit-CheeseMr-Rabbit-Cheese3 månader sedan
  • These nipples rly playing with checkpoints I’m done

    Andrew DozierAndrew Dozier3 månader sedan
  • No it’s little people!

    Alexis CanterburyAlexis Canterbury3 månader sedan
  • happy anniversary

    Le Epic Fortnite Funnies XD Funny Montage LOLLe Epic Fortnite Funnies XD Funny Montage LOL3 månader sedan
  • this video was recommended to me today. This video was created exactly 1 year ago to the day. What the fuck youtube

    Mattson45Mattson453 månader sedan
  • Seeing him spill apple juice makes me sad. It was by accident and now it's gone.

  • why do the cat enemies look different

    BrickBrick3 månader sedan
  • I didnt realize that you had played this. BTT is my favorite game

    Violet ZimmermannViolet Zimmermann4 månader sedan
  • you played with your balls in a game why not real life its more fun and is free

    a random youtube channela random youtube channel4 månader sedan
  • When your in a froze Bottom text

    Simp CentralSimp Central4 månader sedan
  • pokeay more like poke gay

    00 CREEPER00 CREEPER4 månader sedan
  • *Sniffing my balls in Battleblock Theater

    FeddFedd4 månader sedan
  • 6:14 the amount of despair in that face

    TrickyyTrickyy5 månader sedan
  • very cool nice and swaggy. thanks swag boy carson man thing dawg

    RooRoo5 månader sedan
  • I remember when I used to play this game, it was too good.

    royroy5 månader sedan
  • No one: The Media for no reason: 3:32

    Coolpool 785Coolpool 7855 månader sedan
  • 9:12 idk about you but this is the most wholesome moment right there

    A PersonA Person6 månader sedan
  • 2:31 missed opportunity to say “battle cock beater”

    PongoPongo6 månader sedan
  • Carson's balls are blue

    Dj Breck10Dj Breck106 månader sedan
  • When you’re in a froze.

    GuillermoJGuillermoJ6 månader sedan
  • 2:28 My dad walks in

    Lord ReptileLord Reptile8 månader sedan
  • I remember playing this fame with my friend the nostalgia is REAL

    KorosKoros8 månader sedan
  • This game is amazing

    Jackboy HunterJackboy Hunter8 månader sedan
  • His weapon is a ball and another name for a hot dog is a weiner

    renminerenmine8 månader sedan
  • the dough will rise again

    En AyEn Ay9 månader sedan
  • gamer glitch number 2

    Stational MashupsStational Mashups9 månader sedan
  • I think the test should just be a 2 answer question *are you racist* Yes No

    Pixl PlaysPixl Plays9 månader sedan
  • 6:13 his look of pure horror was not proportionate to a simple juice spill lol favorite part of the video

    nick greenenick greene9 månader sedan
  • Why does the title sound like a p0rnhub video

    ApeApe10 månader sedan
  • When I watch this my whole attention is on Stamper (the narrator for the game) instead of the actual video..

    Lonely BonelyLonely Bonely10 månader sedan
  • This is one of my favorite games of all time. Glad it’s not completely dead!

    Needl GunG3Needl GunG310 månader sedan
  • Who's My Balls?

    Mi llerMi ller10 månader sedan
  • When you’re in a. A froze

    germgerm10 månader sedan

    Max AlonsoMax Alonso10 månader sedan
  • Yes

    swa1987swa198710 månader sedan
  • I learned from one of my bio professors that if a man ejaculates once a week they decrease they're chances of prostate cancer (I don't remember how much it was decreased)

    AmandadAmandad10 månader sedan
  • Just by seeing the title I KNEW that this was a Carson video

    Koneko ToujouKoneko Toujou10 månader sedan
  • he inda froze

    Caspian TimothyCaspian Timothy11 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes balls

    Only JustOnly Just11 månader sedan
  • its not gay month anymore

    Wills NettleshipWills Nettleship11 månader sedan
  • here is a clip of Cooper saying i hate gamers turned into megalovania

    WalrusAndBEYONDWalrusAndBEYOND11 månader sedan
  • 2:09 Saving this for later

    kapitantutankapitantutan11 månader sedan
  • You like Battlecock and Balls?

    jellojello11 månader sedan
  • Can I play to

    SpringLicence 15SpringLicence 1511 månader sedan
  • i fell on the æ - traves

    Cut ClayCut Clay11 månader sedan
  • When your in a froze 💀⛄️❄️ Ahhhh

    FlyingFicti0nFlyingFicti0n11 månader sedan
  • I didn’t like the title :/

    angry 3 year oldangry 3 year oldÅr sedan
  • Carson's GAY

    Stopmotion TelevisionStopmotion TelevisionÅr sedan
  • i remember playing this shitshow on Xbox 360

    Pitlicker2005Pitlicker2005År sedan

    Noodle GodNoodle GodÅr sedan
  • Anybody else use to watch Nova & ImmortalHD play this? This is a classic game for me.

    James WhiteJames WhiteÅr sedan
  • When you’re in a froze: 🗿

    RegaRegaÅr sedan
    • AHHH

      Big LionBig LionMånad sedan
  • Haha balls

    8ren8renÅr sedan

    ItsOracleItsOracleÅr sedan
  • stop being stupid

    おぜえおぜえÅr sedan
  • Lol

    _anoja31__anoja31_År sedan
  • ifunny watermark

    EnziEnziÅr sedan
  • Carson = gay

    Ranger footRanger footÅr sedan
  • can i get a hitsound of carson "hey"

    Flick McBicFlick McBicÅr sedan
  • This brought me back to when ImmortalHD and Nova played this

    Stinkus DinkusStinkus DinkusÅr sedan
  • Hatty who could forget this quirky fellow Carson one second later I just spilled apple juice everywhere

    loser loserloser loserÅr sedan
  • carson's neighbor's hearing this. Carson in his house: Play with my balls. The neighbor's: is it gay month?

    Q u 1 o nQ u 1 o nÅr sedan
  • I was dying of laughing on the part where he spilled his apple juice.

    Q u 1 o nQ u 1 o nÅr sedan
  • i read it as BattleCock displeased to say the least

    The Gaming RhinoThe Gaming RhinoÅr sedan
  • Wow bro xddd

    ItzLuckyStylesItzLuckyStylesÅr sedan
  • "no get back in" "no it's too much" "GET BACK IN" Me: (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

    Strawberry KiwiStrawberry KiwiÅr sedan
    • MORE! BIGGER! HARDER! THAT’S WHAT SHE SA- I MEAN- -Will stamper, in a kid’s game

      This is not my real name.This is not my real name.9 månader sedan
    • Me after posting that. 8:32

      Strawberry KiwiStrawberry KiwiÅr sedan
  • This game was my late childhood alongside minecraft

    SpedoilidoiSpedoilidoiÅr sedan
  • 6:15 his genuine regret is hard to ignore

    Elliott DavisElliott DavisÅr sedan
  • Carson what is sex Carson what is sex Carson what is sex

    VirginityCheckVirginityCheckÅr sedan
  • cscoop is funny

    OG_louDOG_louDÅr sedan
  • Normally when a youtuber has a poor understanding of reproductive biology, gender theory, and discrimination based on sexual orientation or race, they're boring as shit edgelords with no redeeming value in any capacity. You guys somehow make all that charming and entertaining.

    Connor H.Connor H.År sedan
  • Boomer

    OfficalBarrackobama YoutubechannelOfficalBarrackobama YoutubechannelÅr sedan
  • Why’s is this funny

    Basically-GodBasically-GodÅr sedan
  • *hey girl I heard you like and BALLS*

    Ya Boy M.MYa Boy M.MÅr sedan
  • Ey dude take my b a l l

    Sam PadillaSam PadillaÅr sedan
  • When carson just punched him into the water at 2:42 I died laughing

    beebeeÅr sedan
  • Yoooo, this is like my childhood game lol

    just diavolojust diavoloÅr sedan
  • Carson currently has 666k subs

    Code_ Gummbl3BumCode_ Gummbl3BumÅr sedan
  • i see you like balls

    SpeechlessSpeechlessÅr sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    Brockton TonkinsonBrockton TonkinsonÅr sedan

    Sean CooperSean CooperÅr sedan
  • Only true OG gamers know this game and have played it before 2015

    RefawRefawÅr sedan
  • I used to play this game all the time. This brings back good memories.

    o Its Bunny oo Its Bunny oÅr sedan
  • xd

    SpoonSpoonÅr sedan
  • When you’re in a froze

    Orange Juice is lifeOrange Juice is lifeÅr sedan
  • 6:15 u can tell he fucked up from there

    The chimichanga 308The chimichanga 308År sedan
  • 6:14 Carson's face bruh moment

    BaarksBaarksÅr sedan