we did some epic build battles in minecraft

16 jun 2019
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sivemorten invited us to BUILD and so we did
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  • Clips being out of order was my fault lol, in the process of moving so I didn't look over the video

    CallMeCarsonLIVECallMeCarsonLIVEÅr sedan
    • seworld.info/will/eIm8rdO7oZ2L2J8/video

      gopnik spygopnik spy9 månader sedan
    • it made it better

      Karlo BVKarlo BV9 månader sedan
    • Lmao

      Flurry MurphyFlurry Murphy10 månader sedan
    • CallMeCarsonLIVE ah ok it's not me it's you

      ColbartusColbartus10 månader sedan
    • Ban yourself

      Troll [Sometimes]Troll [Sometimes]År sedan

    James MaxJames Max5 timmar sedan
  • i half expected ted to tell a story about the cursed game of majoras mask

    cokecoke8 timmar sedan
  • God damn Travis is dumb

    Andrew DozierAndrew Dozier12 dagar sedan
  • G L I Z Z Y

    PixelatedBitsPixelatedBitsMånad sedan
  • Now I know how to say “ok boomer” in Spanish

    NightNightMånad sedan
  • 0:05 what happened ted

    Alfie McDonaldAlfie McDonaldMånad sedan
  • 6:07 the glizzy

    NovaBomb GamingNovaBomb GamingMånad sedan
  • You glizzy gobbler

    Donald Patton16Donald Patton16Månad sedan

    WolfWiz99WolfWiz992 månader sedan
  • May the voice actor of Bob the Builder rest in peace

    Aaron M. MckainAaron M. Mckain2 månader sedan
  • Glizzy

    Ryan ChasarRyan Chasar2 månader sedan
  • Traves is the glizzynator

    FlyingUxie 11FlyingUxie 112 månader sedan
  • 2:49 "There once was a hero named Ragnar the Red-"

    Olivia SorensonOlivia Sorenson2 månader sedan
  • Wow build battle with PewDiePie's editor

    GaemerGaemer2 månader sedan
  • Glizzy

    soggy legssoggy legs2 månader sedan
  • The ukulele that Traves made really just looks like a Finnish instrument called Kantele. An absolutely uncanny resemblance

    Bex KivistöBex Kivistö2 månader sedan
  • Whats with the editing carson

    MC TerrorMC Terror3 månader sedan
  • so many glizzy’s

    R4M3N4U _R4M3N4U _3 månader sedan
  • 0:42 sounds exactly like Sive1

    MarcMarc3 månader sedan
  • Carson: “build the spin” My brain: “is that a JoJo’s reference?”

    Seasoned_MothmanSeasoned_Mothman3 månader sedan
  • It’s easy to build god just build nothing

    Jamieson LarderJamieson Larder3 månader sedan
  • Why did no one say Frog Champ

    PhysmaPhysma3 månader sedan
  • Build: God, then we’ll talk

    ll marlo llll marlo ll4 månader sedan
  • 7:05 is noone gonna mention that oog is just loss?

    Justin McKenzieJustin McKenzie4 månader sedan
  • As a pianist, after seeing that I don't wanna play piano anymore.

    HadephobianHadephobian4 månader sedan
  • This felt more like a Fever Dream than a Minecraft vid.

    Marty HoskinMarty Hoskin4 månader sedan
  • Ah yes, frogs have tails... have any of you actually ever seen a full grown frog?

    Hak-en-SlashHak-en-Slash4 månader sedan
  • I’ve lost so many brain cells from watching these videos that I just spent the last five minutes of my life trying to figure out what Carson‘s name was

    Ellie LundEllie Lund5 månader sedan
  • i love god dog

    Y a s h K h o tY a s h K h o t5 månader sedan
  • 6:38 “god dog” absolute idiot you could’ve said “hot god”

    Amy KellyAmy Kelly5 månader sedan
  • teacher: "what's your favorite number?" me: "oog"

    justabout • mcfreakinhaditjustabout • mcfreakinhadit5 månader sedan
  • 163 IQ

    Charm_ZCharm_Z5 månader sedan
  • 4:46

    SpectraSpectra5 månader sedan
  • 0:43 Then we'll talk P!ATD reference hahaha... -_-

    Ink VentInk Vent6 månader sedan
  • As a soundcloud rapper, this depiction of batofen is incredibly offensive

    BananathesplitBananathesplit6 månader sedan
  • Rip bob the builder voice actor

    * River* River6 månader sedan
  • 5:25 *The Promised Neverland theme plays*

    ScandiGamingScandiGaming7 månader sedan
  • I got a story for Carson and his friends So a person was chewing gum next to me really loudly and so I say “You chew that gum loudly one more time!” And so they did. I grab a gun and fire 2 warning shots Into. Their. Head.

    Shari, Jack’s demiseShari, Jack’s demise7 månader sedan
    • They had it coming

      AhbigaileAhbigaile5 månader sedan
  • can someone please tell how to generate map paintings in my aternos server

    Bran LagsBran Lags7 månader sedan
  • Ahh yes my favorite composer *B a t o f e n*

    Shri VivaldiShri Vivaldi7 månader sedan
  • "God dog" Me, a lookism fan: UMHMMHMMM?????????

    sausage sammysausage sammy7 månader sedan
  • What mod or whatever did they use to have the map art spawn in instantly

    ælienælien7 månader sedan
  • This might sound horrible, the first build could of been a giant sign saying: *Not Real*

    Wesley McspaddenWesley Mcspadden7 månader sedan
  • Ebic

    Minethecraft636Minethecraft6368 månader sedan

    Melanie EspejelMelanie Espejel8 månader sedan
  • 4:04 "Carson? BEGONE." One of my new favorite Ted lines.

    TheBckWrdsHntr101TheBckWrdsHntr1018 månader sedan
  • mm m *ms Tard*

    cinnaduckcinnaduck8 månader sedan
  • I'd draw haruhi's face for the "God" theme

    Eugene InLawEugene InLaw8 månader sedan
  • Phrog

    Captain CatzCaptain Catz8 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/eIm8rdO7oZ2L2J8/video

    gopnik spygopnik spy9 månader sedan
  • What’s the outro song it’s a banger

    BenIsRandomBenIsRandom9 månader sedan
  • ted really pulled a terry crews

    2007 Lotus Exige S2007 Lotus Exige S9 månader sedan
  • “Ted tell us a story” “There once... Was a hero named Ragnar the Red”

    Morgan WoolfordMorgan Woolford9 månader sedan
  • how do u get the pictures on the map?

    It_meh_jack yesIt_meh_jack yes9 månader sedan
  • Snimplebidimble

    Gushers TMGushers TM9 månader sedan
  • Carson you have made me hunger for a heated sausage

    Youtube PizzerYoutube Pizzer9 månader sedan
  • On which server is this

    Freddy BtnFreddy Btn10 månader sedan
  • CMCL Means Catch My Cum Loser

    hosuhhosuh10 månader sedan
  • You should make a best of the decade video since the decade is ending soon

    your momyour mom10 månader sedan
  • i half expected a pepe frog.....

    CosmicChicken34CosmicChicken3410 månader sedan
  • Everytime I looked at his cam I thought it was his hand not his jacket

    leviavonleviavon10 månader sedan
  • got an abortion ad on this video lmao

    William ShaughnessyWilliam Shaughnessy10 månader sedan

    Declan Terry-LacrosseDeclan Terry-Lacrosse11 månader sedan
  • I hope he wrote Bathofen instead of Beethoven as a joke...

    Tristan YkTristan Yk11 månader sedan
  • I don’t think people understand how cursed that dragon is at 8:57

    Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson11 månader sedan
  • Carson predicted “okay boomer” and “Joe Mama”

    Tyler GarrettsonTyler Garrettson11 månader sedan
  • think of 7:02 out of context

    Wills NettleshipWills Nettleship11 månader sedan
  • (づ◔ ͜ʖ◔)づ

    ToxiicTraitor 231ToxiicTraitor 23111 månader sedan
  • please listen to Ted. "meaty bits" "god dog" "hefty sausage"

    Noah RenneNoah Renne11 månader sedan
  • 4:54 *laughs in megalovania*

    ChingChing11 månader sedan
  • fuckin terry crews legit made me jump. I fucking hate syrian kids

    karson ballkarson ballÅr sedan
  • 'You ever take a numbers class' Yeah, Algebra lmao

    Troll [Sometimes]Troll [Sometimes]År sedan
  • “God dog” me: .....lookism?

    Molly SullivanMolly SullivanÅr sedan
  • shut up jame charl

    gatorloopsgatorloopsÅr sedan
  • 7:52 Carson’s laugh kinda sounds like megalovania

    SchlithSchlithÅr sedan
    • hahahaha hahaha hahaha

      aeae6 månader sedan
  • oog + x = E

    LucioMain420LucioMain420År sedan
  • *Carson laughs* cut

    loglog7loglog7År sedan
  • this is a frage

    aeaeÅr sedan
  • “You can actually play this! *s t r u m”*

    KiimchiKiimchiÅr sedan
  • how are they putting pictures into minecraft????

    MAD-CentralMAD-CentralÅr sedan
  • How did they do the map thing at the end

    Scott ValentineScott ValentineÅr sedan
  • i finished b99 today and just after it i watched carson an first thing that comes up is terry

    Beyax xBeyax xÅr sedan
  • travis is too precious oh my god

    whzelwhzelÅr sedan
  • 0:41, then we'll talk

    KatanaKatanaÅr sedan
  • grotesque.

    yeeterson beetersonyeeterson beetersonÅr sedan
  • 4:54 sounds like megalomania

    Luke NesterLuke NesterÅr sedan
  • ilk

    Alexa BishopAlexa BishopÅr sedan
  • 6:39 you missed the opportunity to call it "hot god"

    cranberry smoothiecranberry smoothieÅr sedan
  • No one: Carson: * sans intro*

    Mat R.Mat R.År sedan
  • Someone should have built stal for music.

    ArandomguyArandomguyÅr sedan
  • I need a video of just memes lmaoo

    _anoja31__anoja31_År sedan
  • -*This is goddog* Atheists : nice... OTHERS : Fucc yu me : This is nice fucking sasuge *cocc*

    Friendly FireFriendly FireÅr sedan
  • I got a pewdiepie gfuel as my ad

    Delta1017Delta1017År sedan
  • 0:28

    daria schemmeldaria schemmelÅr sedan
  • What’s the plugin for the map images

    swagcat777swagcat777År sedan
  • How does the item frame picture thing work? What mod?

    EmblazenedEmblazenedÅr sedan

    Koichi HorseKoichi HorseÅr sedan
  • shut up jame charle

    camcamÅr sedan
  • 8:58 when haves milk

    Skatchy The ScalpSkatchy The ScalpÅr sedan