Rocket League at 3 AM

9 okt 2020
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i love harry potter and also rocket league
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Rocket League at 3 AM

  • Where can I get the invite link?

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  • 2:10, 4:48, 7:47 and 10:17 are my favorite parts.

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  • I had to come back to this video, it’s so funny

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  • oh you a mu'bluh'? no pic perms

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  • New editor pretty good

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  • Deez nutz, LeBron James, LeBron James...... Funniest shit I've ever seen

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  • 1

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  • they should reboot the amazing world of gumball. teenage gumball

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  • Grunk is my favorite carson character

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  • What the outro music called?

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  • My name is Liam and I keep looking up at my phone when Carson says Liam

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  • I like carson rocket language

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  • I'm a raven claw :( :( :(

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  • My favorite videos of Carson’s are when my cheek muscles hurt from laughing continuously for 10 minutes

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  • Why gumball so mad

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  • Carson's existence is to annoy Josh, I feel bad for Josh

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  • 11:23

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  • People still play this epic china trash?

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  • jared narwhal is no more

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  • Is that LeBron

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  • That outro musics slaps

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  • the videos are getting funnier

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  • I’m not one to comment on things, but I don’t think this whole “simulated racism” bit is funny. Racism is a very real thing (Harry Potter related or not), this year has shown how terrible its gotten, so much police violence, so many people going against BLM just because they don’t agree with it for no reason at all. These jokes are so disgusting and so unsettling. And with you carson you have been on stream and said you disagree with a lot of offensive jokes, but you can’t continue to make jokes like these if you’re just going to disagree with them again later on. It’s one or the other there is no In between. And given your past with racism i am honestly bothered to my core to see someone I looked up to for 2-3 years do something like this, and your comment section is filled to the brim with people who think this is funny, it’s sad to see you and your group of friends who I considered apart of my life make jokes about something very dear to me and a lot of people around the world, I have never dealt with racism personally but I was always stand with BLM and LGBTQ+ always. And I’m not trying to cancel carson or be one of those people, but honestly my heart is bothered. And I know I’m going to get replies saying that it’s “just Harry Potter” and “it’s just a joke”. No matter if it’s a joke or not there is always going to be real racism, and there is always going to be an underlying meaning to these jokes that refer to the suffering of many people thru out many lives.

    Slick SlickSlick SlickDag sedan
    • @Dantoo and carson shouldn’t be mocking how they interact with each other. It’s not his place.

      Slick SlickSlick SlickTimme sedan
    • @Dantoo first off movies about racism and shit aren’t mocking them unlike carson and his friends. And if the actors are black and playing a roll that is about slavery or racism or police brutality, I’m sure they have experience in at least one of those things. And when people are playing there roles in movies the big picture in those types of movies is to educate people and show that type of shit that black people go thru. They aren’t mocking and making jokes about it. And regardless I won’t stand for racist humor in movies, tv, or SEworld videos. The reason I first commented was to shared how I felt because carson was someone I looked up to and it sucks to see him and his friends make jokes about a very real thing, and carson has a history with racism. Honestly people will be like “oh yeah my humor is really dark” and then just be flat out racist and I think it’s time people understand that isn’t okay.

      Slick SlickSlick Slick2 timmar sedan
    • @Slick Slick if that's the case then no joke ever should be made. Like I said, all jokes come from a deep dark issue in society. It's up to you to separate reality and jokes. If it's troublesome, then all movies made about the issues of society shouldn't be made either. The actors don't know what the people have been through so I guess let's boycott all political or racial based movies. Plus, what Carson joked about wasn't even a mockery of the different races. Just the way they interacted between each other. There was no harm towards any races in the video at all so idk how you perceived it as being offensive.

      DantooDantoo17 timmar sedan
    • @Dantoo racism is ridiculous, but like making jokes about the n word and saying “this is our word” like it’s unnecessary, white people created that word to demean black peoples. It just shouldn’t be made into a joke. And I’ve seen comments of people who agree, and I’m sure a lot of black people would agree that it is gross to joke about something especially when carson himself will never know what it’s like to go thru the troubles that they have been thru.

      Slick SlickSlick Slick17 timmar sedan
    • Unsubscribe then

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  • I LOVE these!

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  • car dotn shot foot pls

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  • Welcome to another episode of Carson births a new form of racism

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  • I liked it when he drove car

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  • "I drive better when I'm tired" - Princess diana

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  • CallMeCarson is creating Harry Potter based Fascism

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  • Funniest video yet Carson!

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  • Gumball sounds so different from last time I heard him

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  • he plays on mnk oh no

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  • Please keep the new editor

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  • Play basketball and be a little silly

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  • His outro sounds like it's from the Persona 5 Minecraft Mash Up Pack

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    • Oh wait that's literally what it is I'm pissing myself

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  • I love you

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  • Racist discord server would be funny

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  • Carson: why did you 67 in a 45 dude? me: it's fun?

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  • people are sleeping on this video wtf

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  • You know Carson really becoming a sellout with all the subscribe nonsense, not good champ

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  • I've got a script for the video. Just in case you can't hear Carson-"How's your day been?" Jawsh-"I got ZUMBA" Carson-"What?" sHaA wHat'S uP -Carson sub plug Carson-"Hey! Car!" Liam- "Car Rocket?" Carson-"Car Game! With cars!" -Next phase Carson-"Maybe you shouldn't play Rocket League buddy..." Jawsh-"I'm fine, I'm good (x4) I drive better when I'm tired." Laugh -Next Phase Liam-"I'm releasing a new book." Carson-*Laugh* Liam-"Road to plat, 10 tips and tricks to get you to platinum" Carson-"What are those?" Liam-"You gotta pay!" Carson-"I gotta pay... That makes sense..." -Next Phase Carson-"Liam would you like to debate me on politics? A meeting of the minds?" Jawsh-"You just call each other stupid for half an hour" Carson-"You Moron" Jawsh-"You IDIOT" -Next Phase Carson-"(I'd debate you on Rocket League drip) What's Rocket League drip bro?" Jawsh-"your wizard hat" Carson-"Bro, don't talk shit about my wizard hat, I got this at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I'm a muggle." Jawsh-"Dude, remember that one Discord server where, like, to get access to all the chats and stuff-" Carson-"You had to do the Avengers-" Jawsh-"You had to take the Avengers quiz and you could either get Iron Man or Captain America? Or, like, you could be 1 of the 5 people who got Hulk?" Carson-"Right" Jawsh-"Right? In the context of Harry Potter, Ravenclaw is the Hulk." Carson-"Okay, *laugh* you don't think it's Hufflepuff?" Jawsh-"No people actually get Hufflepuff, like a lot of people, they're just like 'oh it's so wholesome' right? but what's Ravenclaw? I don't even know what Ravenclaw's supposed to be. It's a stupid bird!" Carson (Big brain moment)-"Dude I've just had a brilliant idea. Okay? You make a Harry Potter discord server and then you have people take a quiz on if they're pureblood, half-blood, or muggle." Jawsh-"So it's just like a race thing?" Carson-"IT'S LIKE A RACE THING" Liam-"Is mud blood considered a slur in Discord's Terms of Service when you do that?" Carson-"No it's Harry Potter, it's not real, it's Harry Potter!" Jawsh-"It's okay because it's Harry Potter..." *Laugh* Liam-"I feel like Discord admins would legitimately ban you for using 'mud blood'." Carson-"Why?? For Mudblood? It's not a real slur!" Jawsh-"So what you're saying is depending on blood ratio, right, you get more perms on the Discord server?" Carson-"And all the people who are pureblood look down on look down on the other people in the server that are mudbloods. It would be so funny. I really wanna make that a thing-" Jawsh-"That's literally the most straight up RACIST discord server." Carson-"It's not real though, It's Harry Potter. It's a simulation" Jawsh-"That's simulated racism..." *Carson laugh* Liam-"Dude it sucks I joined this Discord server and I can't get the magical student loans-" Carson-"I think this is one of the funniest fucking ideas I've ever come up with." Carson reading chat-"'Please don't say mud blood with the hard 'd' you included the D!" Jawsh-"What mu'blood?' or mudbloo'"? Carson-"Mudbloo'" Carson-"Mudblood is OUR word" -Next phase Gumball Nick man- "Grunk get me in there! Get me in there, Grunk!" Carson-"Why you putting' all that pepper on that Steak?" Nick-"Why you puttin all that pepper on Der? get dat pepper off der!" -Next Phase nick-How'd you even like calculate?" Liam-"You gotta hold a protractor up to your screen" GROONK-"Yeah. Do you not have the built-in programs for this game?" Carson-"'The programs'? That sounds sus as *fuck* bro" -Next Phase Nick-"Bro aren't you Platinum?" Liam-"Yeah I'm plat." Nick-"Have you played against Lizzo?" Liam-"No" Grunk-"Lizzo's kinda nuts at this game..." Carson-"What the fuck?" -Next phase Nick-"Grunk's not even *mature* yet. -Laugh Grunk-"It's my big day, you can't even say that." -Next Phase Nick-"You've been saying 'Oh my days' a lot, who'd you get that from? Grunk-"Idk, British people I guess... Nick-"That sucks... -Laugh -Next Phase Geunk-"Holy crap, that's a freight train" Yoshi-"That's a freight train..." Liam-"You got some nuts one-liners bro" -Laugh -Next Phase Grunk-"This game is actually like sports, you have to practice" Nick-"You did not just say that, you did not just say that." Carson-"That's an awesome line, bro. That's super cool" -Next Phase Grunk-"Oh my- Nick you're such a good rebounder right now." Nick-"They call me ... Idk... They don't call me anything... nobody calls me-" Grunk-"They call you *gumball* dude" Nick-"*SHUT UP SHUT UP*" -Laugh -Next Phase Carson-"I don't even remember your character's name on the Walking Dead, you're always gonna be Gumball bro" Nick-"I literally can't do the voice anymore." Carson-"The Gumball voice?" Nick-"Yeah, no" Carson-"How can you not do the voice anymore?" Nick-"Cuz I'm too old." Carson-"Now you're *teenage* gumball" Grunk-"Yeah" Carson-"And you've got body hair" Grunk-"You-you got *big Pimples* now" Liam-"You're body's going through changes... -Laugh -Next Phase Grunk-"Alright kill Carson" Carson-"What the fuck man? WOAH" Liam-"It's just a game dude" Carson-"It's just a game bro what the fuck" Grunk-"I get a little serious..." -Laugh Carson-"Bro it's a car game, it's not even a first person shooter what the fuck" -Next Phase Groooooonk-"You gotta knock that off right now, g-mooove" -laugh Nick-"MOOVE" Carson-"G-moove... When there's someone next to you in the next lane" Grunk-"True, I'm a driver" -Laugh -Next Phase Ted-"It's been a while since I played Rocket league but I do remember being pretty decent at it, I'm a mouse and keyboard, though" Liam-"I do warn you, Ted, I am platinum" Carson-"Shut the fuck up, dude, every single time" -Next phase Nick-"Let me tell you, you don't wanna be on my team." Jaiden-"Well you don't wanna be on my team" Nick-"Oh if we're on the same team I'm gonna have a lot of f-" Carson-"Jaiden you're not bad" Nick-"It's not that I'm bad, did you think I said that because I'm bad?" Carson-"That's not what I meant at all, that's not what I meant at all" Nick-"Why did you react like that?" Yoshi-"No, bruh scared (x2) -Laugh -Next Phase Ted-"It got a little chilly so I threw on my Poolhall crewneck" -Plug Nick-"Do you know who I am?" Carson-"I'm gumball" Nick-"SHUT UP, STOP TALKING, STOP TALKING" -Laugh -Next Phase Ted-"We can beat him if we... combine our power... Oh shit Lizzo's comin in hot..." Carson-*Laugh*"If we combine our power, NO, LIZZO" -Next phase Ted-"I took a Harry Potter patrons test, and I got a unicorn" Jaiden-"Nice" Ted-"It's not just nice, Jaiden, It's fuckign awesome" Carson-"Sounds like you might be pureblooded, Ted." Ted-"I don't like the way this is going..." -Laugh Ted-"I wanna join the Harlem Globetrotters" Nick-"And do what?" Ted-"Play basketball, and, be a little silly..." -Laugh Carson-"That made me laugh way too hard" -Next Phase Ted-"Jaiden what do you prefer: Vons, Ralphs, or Trader Joe's?" Jaiden-"Normally I actually go to Sprouts" Ted-*Implodes* -Laugh Ted-"I was gonna do that no matter what you told me" Jaiden-"Oh okay" -Next Phase Nick-"Goin' 60-90 in a 40" Liam-"I went 67 in a 45 and I got a ticket" Carson-"Why did you go 67 in a 45 dude?" Liam-"What's your problem?" -Laugh -Next Phase Tired Joshua-"They're just camping the inside" Carson-"Your mom... I'm camping the inside of your mom..." -Wheeze Carson-"I think that's the best 'your mom' joke I've ever made..." Liam-"That was so good" -Laugh Yoshi-That's the best thing I've ever heard... My dog is pooing on the floor brb..." -Laugh -Next phase Jawsh-"This is miserable" Carson-"Why is this miserablele?" Jawsh-"We cannot, hit, it in. For the life of us" Carson-"It's fun bro" Jams-"But they sure as hell can!" Carson-"What do you mean? We've been, like, neck and neck the last few games" -Laugh Carson-"Why are you laughing? that's true, we went into overtime" Jawsh-"...I looked up. That's why I'm laughing." Carson-"This match we're not winning, yeah." Yoshi-"I looked up" -Next phase Carson-"Josh! You jerk face!" Jawsh-"That's mean" Carson-"Argh, I just, mmmmm, I can't contain it!" Jawsh-"You're mean" Carson-"I'm putting you in the ground where you belong, you little shrimp." Jawshua-"Grow Up... Do taxes" Carson-"Do taxes bro, come back to me when you do your taxes." Jawsh reacting to the goal-"Oh my gosh dude I'm going to bed after this." Carson-"WHY DUDE, WHO CARES???" Jawsh-"It's 3AM and I've got class tmrw" Carson-"It's 6AM bro and I don't have class tmrw, stay on.... AGAIN JOSH. WE HAVE TO PLAY AGAIN" Jawsh Tired man-"one more..." Carson-"YEESSS, YEESSSS" -Final Phase Carson-"I will get better at video games, JOSH YOU ARE SITTING DOWN ON THE GROUND, STARING" -Laugh Jawsh-"Dude you're asking a car with no gas to... man. You're asking way too much of me..." Carson-"JAWSH THE BALL,ABOVE YOU,YES,YES,YES,Remember when I said to get up off the ground, that time you did that thing." -Weird Phase Carson-"leBroN jAmeS, leBrOn JaMeS." -Laugh Jawsh-"That's ridiculous, man" -Laugh Yoshi-"What's funny?" Liam-"Lebron James" Jawsh-"dude I know, LeBrOn JaMeS, wHaT'S 9+10? 21 21, LeBrOn jAmeS." -Laugh -Jawsh-"Deez Nuts, LeBron jAmEs" -Liam dying Carson-"Stop laughing at it" -More laughter Jawsh-"Why it's funny" Carson-"dEeZ nUtS" Jawsh-"-lebron James Lebrun James-" -Laughter Carson-"That's not funny, Liam" Liam-"Yes it is." Jawsh-"What's 9+10? 21? LeBron James" Liam-"I heard deez nuts" Carson-"I know, I said that" Jawsh-"What's 10+11? 21" Carson-"11" Jawsh-"...What" Carson-"What's... 9? 9" Jawsh-"+9+9+9+9, then he gives the actual answer then it goes ba bo be bo bada bo ba ba ba and then it's funny" Carson-"What's" Jawsh-"9999999999" Carson-Laugh Jawsh-"What's pi, 99999999 ba bo be bo bada ba" Finale Jawsh-"It's past my bedtime" Carson-"Yeah we should be done, you're right" Idk why I made this

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  • I don't mind the new editor, but I think that the text subtitling everything is a bit much. (No offense)

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  • ive watched this video almost 10 times idk if its the editor or the game play or just you playing rocket league but i love it

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  • this is one of my favorite callmecarson vids ever. good work ❤️

  • There is a rocket league pro called rizzo and he’s on g2. And lizzo wore his decal

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  • I like the Crying Carson in the outro

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  • This shit like og Carson before the corporation

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  • This is the most serious I ever heard Carson 10:36

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  • There's a famous social experiment that this very similar to Carson's Harry Potter discord server that was on Oprah. The people who paid a ticket for the show was split up into two groups, one group who has blue eyes and another who has brown eyes. The people with blue eyes got better seats and was treated better, while the brown eyed people had worse seats and was treated worse. The people with blue eyes started to accuse the brown eyed people of being rude and annoying, and the blue eyed people start to make fun of them for their appearance. It's actually a very interesting experiment, and some old lady says the n word on stage, so that's cool

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  • Part 1: SMP Live Part 2: Harry Potter Racist Discord Server Part 3: World Peace (?)

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  • So anyway I made the Harry Potter social injustice simulation into a server. You'll be properly sorted after joining.

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  • "It's ok if it's Harry Potter" is JK Rowling's entire thought process.

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  • I love how the editor at the end gave up on typing josh noises and started just saying “””josh”””” whenever josh was doing his sleep deprived thing

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  • Ted: “I wanna join the Harlem globetrotters.” Nick: “And do what?” Ted: “Play basketball and be a little silly.”

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