I'm sorry

11 jun 2020
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guys this is my apology video
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CallMeCarson Breath of the Wild

  • are all gonna sleep on Carson admitting he has a crush on Schlatt

    Kenny on shroomsKenny on shrooms4 dagar sedan
  • why ur thumbs so long

    cinema girlcinema girl5 dagar sedan
  • I have 2 points to make 1) ever since the lips meme, I can't stop looking at em, pls stop 2) hes so good at acting sad b/c he has a lot of experience with this emotions during his Minecraft era

    catraxcxcatraxcx7 dagar sedan
  • Skinny Carson

    Barnacle BoiBarnacle BoiMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/monbmdydjZqKyIE/video

    Random WeabooRandom WeabooMånad sedan
    • Omg how could you

      Gravel.Soup • 12 years agoGravel.Soup • 12 years ago9 dagar sedan
    • How bout no

      Gravel.Soup • 12 years agoGravel.Soup • 12 years ago9 dagar sedan
  • Is that an undertale reference?!?!

    Mr. BigfootMr. BigfootMånad sedan
  • When Carson got a diamond, I thought of terraria not minecraft Ok

    PurplePurpleMånad sedan
  • this appeals to the matrices and algorithms

    ApoapsisApoapsisMånad sedan
  • Tbh I expected the first 10 seconds

    DigitalReduxDigitalReduxMånad sedan
  • If you look up the “I’m sorry for saying PogChamp after you nutted in me meme, you’ll find this video. Don’t believe me? Try it.

    Ryan MerrinRyan MerrinMånad sedan
  • He seemed very lost and confused

    TheAngryMudkip MudkipsForLifeTheAngryMudkip MudkipsForLifeMånad sedan
  • now actually apologize for the ableism

    vaporwavedogvaporwavedogMånad sedan
    • Wdym?

      Gravel.Soup • 12 years agoGravel.Soup • 12 years ago9 dagar sedan
  • most apology video starts: *crying* carson: so ive been working on my tik tok dances

    Snakesrcool 2003Snakesrcool 2003Månad sedan
    • i mean idek if this is an apology video tbvh

      Snakesrcool 2003Snakesrcool 2003Månad sedan
  • Give this man an Oscar

    CXDvo12CXDvo122 månader sedan
  • the fact that stans thought this was legit bye-

    ReesoroniReesoroni2 månader sedan
  • Wanna play 8 ball? Is that a pickup line? no I just *wanna play some 8 ball*

    MarGuy ThatguyMarGuy Thatguy2 månader sedan
  • did Carson just call link Zelda

    Robo CopRobo Cop2 månader sedan
  • Is carson gae?

    FangarNoob2FangarNoob22 månader sedan
    • No I am

      Gravel.Soup • 12 years agoGravel.Soup • 12 years ago9 dagar sedan
  • I can’t believe you of all people would have the audacity to say things like that, you sick human being. Do you even know how many people would get hurt after you say “I don’t mind red delicious apples”? You disgust me. Don’t ever think we, as your fans, will ever get over this. Don’t expect me to be coming back to this channel anytime soon.

    Franken gummyFranken gummy2 månader sedan
    • @Gravel.Soup • 12 years ago red delicous apples are fucking yucky.

      Franken gummyFranken gummy9 dagar sedan
    • You just called yourself a fan though? And what did he do?

      Gravel.Soup • 12 years agoGravel.Soup • 12 years ago9 dagar sedan
  • It’s kinda funny how his fake apology is better then most real apology’s

    Collier StephensCollier Stephens2 månader sedan
  • The music in the back durning the mia 8ball thing was too perfect. Thank you bird accordion man from Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. We all appreciate you. Carson is okay too.

    YooshiYooshi2 månader sedan
  • If the girl dont play 8 ball she belongs to the streets

    Collin NicholsCollin Nichols2 månader sedan
  • I came to see tik tok dances

    Pink headedPink headed2 månader sedan

    claire s.claire s.2 månader sedan
  • he kept calling Link "Zelda" and I got so confused lol

    tiaa.kristiatiaa.kristia2 månader sedan
  • is anyone gonna comment why he's calling link zelda

    GoldTrojanGoldTrojan2 månader sedan
  • To be honest I never even thought about corn being in corn bread till now

    Manza GamingManza Gaming2 månader sedan
  • This ain’t his first rodeo

    NauticalNautical2 månader sedan
  • sporry

    Memes.for. Urmom PrivateMemes.for. Urmom Private2 månader sedan
  • 7:32 *im disappointed he didn't look for farosh*

    exo-t07exo-t072 månader sedan
  • I love how Carson is the biggest non simp ever

    Pyro MothPyro Moth2 månader sedan
  • Good.

    NicholasNicholas2 månader sedan
  • Carson:"Ive been working on my tik tok dances" Me:"no"

    MurtMunMurtMun3 månader sedan
  • That’s the most depressing Jingle Bells singing that I’ve ever heard

    Sample TextSample Text3 månader sedan
  • Man that mom and dad bit hit waaaayy too close to home

    Sergeant JackoSergeant Jacko3 månader sedan
  • i got a tik tok banner ad right as he started dancing

    PigeonPigeon3 månader sedan
  • Some random dude in chat “peepee hands”

    UlnutUlnut3 månader sedan
  • 10:51 The BGM is perfect

    Owen CrosbyOwen Crosby3 månader sedan
  • He likes red delicious apples disgusting no appology can waiver his sins im malding

    Radical DinosaurRadical Dinosaur3 månader sedan
  • KING

    Hello ThereHello There3 månader sedan
  • That bit at the end sounded like it was inspired by Norm MacDonald. Great comedian!

    JoeruJoeru3 månader sedan
  • I come here to escape the disease that is tiktok, and here you go learning the dances. Please don't get the disease like the others

    Eiji Soft boyEiji Soft boy3 månader sedan
  • 2:20 the funny

    HK1203HK12033 månader sedan
  • Canadians when they randomly bump into someone shoulders...

    AbdulyyyAbdulyyy3 månader sedan
  • Lowkey why is Carson’s “apology” video so believable?!

    Harley R-DHarley R-D3 månader sedan
  • BIG

    Fear24hrsFear24hrs3 månader sedan
  • I cut a few mins in to check if this was a gameplay video and the title was a joke and I saw carson just crying and I was like oh shot this was real and jumped back and realize it was about apples

    PizzaRollsGodPizzaRollsGod3 månader sedan
  • 5:35 carson sounds like solid snake lowkey kinda scared

    The Executive Chairman Of Smart WaterThe Executive Chairman Of Smart Water3 månader sedan
  • he shit on kate so bad with the red delicious apology

    Kai RadaKai Rada3 månader sedan
  • the norm mcdonald bit in the end tho

    WinstoneyyWinstoneyy3 månader sedan
  • I got a cow ad and thought that was the video

    Finn CrusaderFinn Crusader3 månader sedan
  • Dam I got clickbaited

    Scribble ScrabbleScribble Scrabble3 månader sedan
  • Sorry that you're dumb *boom sound effects*

    Jillian CookJillian Cook3 månader sedan
  • how did i know you were a norm fan

    AK47AK473 månader sedan
  • Carson: talks about tik tok Me: *Realizing that tik tok might get banned in the US*

    Rylan WittyRylan Witty3 månader sedan
  • what is gay

    ImTheDumbestImTheDumbest3 månader sedan
  • Hey carson, experienced depression expert here, i know exactly what your going through because i went through that exact situation before, but you have the privilege of having a fanbase that cares and loves you, i was told to "suck it up" and "man up", and its been 2 1/2 years and it still hurts me to think about her and what happened and the fact that i could had changed something else about my self that i didnt, i haven't dated since then because my trust and ability to trust has been shattered, but i hope you get back on your feet faster than I'm able to, you helped how so much, you have me a sense of humor that fitz never could have, and for helping me you have my greatest thanks

    Ice NeetIce Neet3 månader sedan
  • Carson no has have balls hee hee

    thethe3 månader sedan
  • He forgot to sigh.

    EandemEandem3 månader sedan
  • Wow.....Talk about a failed guilt trip

    Mystical HuntressMystical Huntress3 månader sedan
  • *crying carson* *me believing it for a second* carson: smash that subscribe button btw

    Emma MiracleEmma Miracle3 månader sedan
  • When Carson likes the most common eye colour

    John MarstonJohn Marston3 månader sedan
  • no corrson im sorry

    Vibe_arcVibe_arc3 månader sedan
  • dont worry its ok

    Vibe_arcVibe_arc3 månader sedan
  • acting god

    dodge ram 1500 1996dodge ram 1500 19963 månader sedan
  • This is definitely band kid content

    TUME 1TUME 13 månader sedan
  • Carson looks like hes lost weight

    Thunder FriezThunder Friez3 månader sedan
  • am i the only one who thinks he looks so cute at 0:32

    wet ragwet rag3 månader sedan
  • Dont be sorry be better : kratos

    love life and enjoy itlove life and enjoy it3 månader sedan
  • 5:42 flashbacks to my parents divorce

    pasithea evangelinepasithea evangeline3 månader sedan
  • How can someone talk drunk without drinking alcohol.

    PatrickIamonfirePatrickIamonfire3 månader sedan
    • It’s known as the Carson power

      QuantumQuantum3 månader sedan
  • holy shit I starting fucking balling and crying when he did the fake apology skit this is like some super power carson haves

    Give me the wafflz NOW !!!!!!!Give me the wafflz NOW !!!!!!!3 månader sedan
  • What is he sorry for

    Jacob WongJacob Wong3 månader sedan
    • Its a joke

      Schiff7ySchiff7y3 månader sedan
    • Delicious red apples

      QuantumQuantum3 månader sedan
  • Look what they did to my boy

    GorillaGangGorillaGang3 månader sedan
  • Carson is part of the #IndianaPeeps :D poggers

    Luminescent_Lya 33Luminescent_Lya 333 månader sedan
  • Subscriber: you streamed on my birthday how did you know that’s what I wanted? Carson: proceeds to sing a Christmas song

    M GM G3 månader sedan
  • For some reason this video gave me nothing but barbie add

    Red TapeRed Tape3 månader sedan
  • make a video called "Minecraft: We found diamond!" and just put that fucking zelda clip lmao

    XenqiiXenqii3 månader sedan
  • when carson's meme apology is better than kate's actual one

    Aamir HamjaAamir Hamja3 månader sedan
  • Carson's outro is so calming.

    Starscream's TherapistStarscream's Therapist3 månader sedan
  • I can tell Carson only did this for a meme and uh He looks like he's trying his best not to bust up

    DoBlZ LoZom CAlaDantiDoBlZ LoZom CAlaDanti3 månader sedan
  • Carson I have bright brown eyes I'm 18 and a gamer come at me

    Sarah DavisSarah Davis3 månader sedan
  • Most important apology of all time

    Trevor L.Trevor L.3 månader sedan
  • Feelsbadman carsons from Indiana I’m from Indiana we’re the same age but went to different schools life is cruel I’m gunna go drown my sorrows in cereal

    Sir ResonantSir Resonant3 månader sedan
  • I got a vaginal health ad before this

    桜ちゃん桜ちゃん3 månader sedan
  • It's good just blame h3h3

    Kevin ChappelleKevin Chappelle3 månader sedan
  • Carson: subscribe we are almost at 10 million subscribers! Me: I don’t think 1.5 million subscribers is close to 1 million.

    Nostradommie YTNostradommie YT3 månader sedan
  • I allmost belived him.

    Astrid_B. JakobsenAstrid_B. Jakobsen3 månader sedan
  • so sad i nearly pissed myself

    A GrateA Grate3 månader sedan
  • CallMeCancelled?

    floppdoppfloppdopp3 månader sedan
  • #callmecancelled

    G-Man817G-Man8173 månader sedan
  • no you aren’t get out

    Some RatSome Rat3 månader sedan
    • lmao twitter stan gtfo

      okaywhat22okaywhat223 månader sedan
  • @14:11 its LINKS saved ZELDA!!!!!! ZELDA is a women links is the male ive been playing zelda for years LINKS is the male!!!!!! ZELDA is the female !!!!! LINK is on the quest to rescue ZELDA please get this right!!!!!! ZELDA is a princess

    Amanda DavisAmanda Davis3 månader sedan
  • best thing about it we alllll rejected pokimane that is why shes canceled bc we cant have someone thats been around the block its called shes "old content"

    Amanda DavisAmanda Davis3 månader sedan
  • They had us in the first part not going to lie

    Zak ElliottZak Elliott3 månader sedan

    No Name For YouNo Name For You3 månader sedan

    Matthews & FriendsMatthews & Friends3 månader sedan
  • Why is there 1k dislikes

    きタティが大好きタティが大好3 månader sedan
    • ikr there should be more

      TameranianTameranian3 månader sedan
  • If Carson has a son he should just name it “Car”

    WelphereWelphere3 månader sedan
    • "you wanna ride in my car?"

      hh3 månader sedan
  • Red delicious apples 😕 it’s fine Carson green apples are better those

    Fat tone Mitch ,Fat tone Mitch ,3 månader sedan