We went back to Minecraft BETA...

22 sep 2019
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hoo hoo classic minecraft
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We went back to Minecraft BETA... - SMP Classic

  • this is the alternate reality where the dream smp was made in like 2010 or something i forgot

    Dream’s ButtercupDream’s ButtercupDag sedan
  • I always remember when I was little, I used to be so excited for Minecraft updates.

    BentBentDag sedan
  • Minecraft has always been alpha

    Golden expirienceGolden expirience3 dagar sedan
    • Pure masculinity

      Golden expirienceGolden expirience3 dagar sedan
    • Always

      Golden expirienceGolden expirience3 dagar sedan
  • Nostaaalgiaaaaa

    crosshair studioscrosshair studios3 dagar sedan
  • Alternate title: Carson goes to war against schlatt and connor for his stuff

    Q4DaWinQ4DaWin5 dagar sedan
  • I thought you were gonna make a series out of this... :(

    HecklingHeckHecklingHeck5 dagar sedan
  • I hate playing this version of Minecraft I want the old version of it

    Tyler KingTyler King7 dagar sedan
  • bruh this brings me back from when the Death sound was a thing LUL

    Lemon_qideLemon_qide11 dagar sedan
  • Oou

    BunniBunni11 dagar sedan
  • how did u play mutliplayer on beta wtf

    BurgerBrigadierBurgerBrigadier11 dagar sedan
  • smash bro

    DeuDeu16 dagar sedan
  • "I don't know how to breed animals" Meanwhile.... Cow: I DO ZE FUNNY BOUNCY BOUNCE

    JonasBoiJonasBoi16 dagar sedan
  • #FuckShelter 😔🖕

    AnonymousPotatoAnonymousPotato18 dagar sedan
  • this is ww1

    JustBrixnJustBrixn20 dagar sedan
  • carson is just a public menace at this point

    JT BallewJT Ballew20 dagar sedan
  • Captin parkles!

    Vivixz 8Vivixz 823 dagar sedan
  • Ooooo

    Não Sei 2.0Não Sei 2.024 dagar sedan
  • *goes under a block* Mojang: “welcome to the shadow realm”

    Bob The Meme ManBob The Meme Man26 dagar sedan
  • watching old callmecarson videos are just the best

    Tyson BullTyson Bull27 dagar sedan
  • Huh, wonder when the horse update is coming out.

    Evan HolmquistEvan HolmquistMånad sedan
  • If I may ask, How are you not getting artifacts?

    RobotikMCRobotikMCMånad sedan
  • YO! This video is a year old now wtf.

    SappyFXSappyFXMånad sedan
  • Wait, so was this supposed to be like the Minecraft evo server?

    Keegan PlaysKeegan PlaysMånad sedan

    Hawt SauceHawt SauceMånad sedan
  • Grian and his friends also made a great series with the same theme, go check him out too!

    BotBoyBotBoyMånad sedan
  • I’m sad that they never continued with this

    Urethra DestroyerUrethra DestroyerMånad sedan
  • isnt this just the evolution smp but with swears

    turnip manturnip manMånad sedan
  • Carson jesus christ stop freaking out

    XetosisXetosisMånad sedan
  • 15:00 Schlatt and Connor got what they deserved

    Very Odd NawVery Odd NawMånad sedan
  • this does put a smile on my face.....

    SorekSorekMånad sedan
  • I miss the old Minecraft world gen

    TheBokChoyBoiTheBokChoyBoiMånad sedan
  • "We'll be updating every week" Me: wow that's awesome i cant wait to watch them progress *Video's 1 year anniversary is in 10 days*

    • 9

      DanielDanielMånad sedan
  • I wish all of Carson's subscribers on youtube donated 1 dollar a month. He get 1mil a month that way.

    Nostalgia-SaurusNostalgia-SaurusMånad sedan
  • "you can't catch me we run at the same speed" underrated line

    WhatTheF? YTWhatTheF? YTMånad sedan
  • I don't think Carson realizes that simply giving Schlatt a single apple could be the greatest mistake he's ever made.

    NoNoMånad sedan
  • I just wanna know how Carson didn’t get mad when he was getting murdered over and over again I would’ve lost my shit

    Uwhebsj JensenUwhebsj JensenMånad sedan
  • -w- bad word yea idc -w-

    ᖇᏫᎦᏋᎩ _ᏣᏫᏫᏦiᏋᎦ_ᖇᏫᎦᏋᎩ _ᏣᏫᏫᏦiᏋᎦ_Månad sedan
  • Ah yes the good old Beta of Minecraft its sad that i never had the Beta Version because we Just had a labtop and Not an pc

    Mr.koopa_world gamingMr.koopa_world gamingMånad sedan
  • Bruh

    Charles WilsonCharles WilsonMånad sedan
  • tjis is evo

    Brendan LloydBrendan LloydMånad sedan
  • jschlatt sounds like butch hartmann no offense

    Bingles PraiseBingles PraiseMånad sedan
  • Bruh they need to go back to that server

    ShanielleShanielleMånad sedan
  • Gotta be honest this is the most pissed I have been at a SEworldr

    Colin PartridgeColin PartridgeMånad sedan
  • “We are gonna upgrade it every week so we have something to do” 11 months later still waiting for the next update

    Cooper KennemerCooper KennemerMånad sedan
  • 3:33 monkeh

    Valentin W.Valentin W.2 månader sedan
  • Basically mc evo

    Valentin W.Valentin W.2 månader sedan
  • This video alone is one of the main reasons I don't like Schlatt.

    AcerbusTheDarkAcerbusTheDark2 månader sedan
    • Please tell the truth

      Jarrvis 2077Jarrvis 20772 månader sedan
  • Robux0

    Frans ImmelmanFrans Immelman2 månader sedan
  • Noob

    Frans ImmelmanFrans Immelman2 månader sedan
  • hey fuck you!

    AutysticRetrdAutysticRetrd2 månader sedan
  • Look at that they’re all doing the jschlatt walk

    vsipzvsipz2 månader sedan
  • i just goes on and on

    skadoodles1234skadoodles12342 månader sedan
  • How did he get beta

    tinyboi briantinyboi brian2 månader sedan
    • @Prowlbeast ok thx

      tinyboi briantinyboi brian2 månader sedan
    • On the Java Edition launcher you can pick your versions

      ProwlbeastProwlbeast2 månader sedan
  • Cum.

    KellyMcDuffKellyMcDuff2 månader sedan
  • I killed a guy

    leroy jenkemleroy jenkem2 månader sedan
  • Sad this never took off

    Alex WolfeAlex Wolfe2 månader sedan
  • 5:40

    kirbylmaokirbylmao2 månader sedan
  • Grian headass

    An Alien LifeAn Alien Life2 månader sedan
  • Thanks for keeping us updated Carson 🙂👍 I loved part 2 of this

    【P】 【H】 【R】 【O】 【G】【P】 【H】 【R】 【O】 【G】2 månader sedan
  • 6:45 Carson just became techno for a second *IT ALL MAKES SENSE* *HUMOR* *VOICE* *casron is techno*

    itsmeRamoitsmeRamo2 månader sedan
  • When was running invented? 1612 People in 1611:

    Daniel Delos ReyesDaniel Delos Reyes2 månader sedan
  • Carson was being kind of cringe

    I decide if this is cringe or notI decide if this is cringe or not2 månader sedan
  • What happened to the "every week they will update the version and continue this series"

    CharlesCharles2 månader sedan
  • Why did the creeper explosions go *BOOM CRUMBLE CRACLE* like the new versions instead of just *POW* like in the old versions?

    Jo The JokerJo The Joker2 månader sedan
  • Oh wow, never thought Notch actually released Minecraft: The order of the stone AKA. Minecraft Beta 1.0

    Psyhological-Belt-5Psyhological-Belt-52 månader sedan
  • connor seems like no fun to play with

    George AlmondGeorge Almond2 månader sedan
  • So basically this is evo smp but not pg

    WyattSomthing _YT_WyattSomthing _YT_2 månader sedan
  • its been moe than 1 year i hoped this game got released

    ee2 månader sedan
  • “And every week we’re gonna update it” *they in fact did not update it weekly*

    JaxeiJaxei2 månader sedan
    • They actually did but there aren't any VODS of it meaning those streams are only able to be viewed by clips from the community

      Dr.SplarfDr.Splarf2 månader sedan
  • I can now... make anything an entrance.

    nono2 månader sedan
  • Minecraft beta is basicly minecraft bedrock with less blocks.

    Levi WarburtonLevi Warburton2 månader sedan
  • Guys this might sound far fetched but I think this CallMeCarsonLIVE guy is actually CallMeCarson

    CrankyFrankyCrankyFranky2 månader sedan
  • remember minecraft evolution?? me too

    NotFuZeAtAllNotFuZeAtAll2 månader sedan
  • This was a fever dream I did not enjoy this video lmfao

    DaVetoDaVeto2 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know how to play Minecraft beta with friends? My friends and I want to make a Minecraft world in 1.0 beta too.

    Air ZeroAir Zero2 månader sedan
  • "Break your knees" is so fucking powerful

    YaBigDingusYaBigDingus3 månader sedan
  • "Did we just get colonized??"

    SpookyMia28SpookyMia283 månader sedan
  • I was really excited to see some really nostalgic reactions and some nice peaceful building, turns out it was just 20 minutes of carson getting bullied.

    FoopFoop3 månader sedan
  • So this is just Evo-SMP?

    alex šindelářalex šindelář3 månader sedan
  • This was a good concept, what happened

    Mr SandmanMr Sandman3 månader sedan
  • They say update it once a week, do they stream that because there were no videos that follow that

    EpicTiger9353EpicTiger93533 månader sedan
    • Yeah they streamed it but there are No vods of it anymore so its Impossible to watch it now you will never be able to watch it

      Len MoLen Mo3 månader sedan
  • Ngl i played minecraft 6 years ago but the minecraft i played wasn’t beta but 1.0 and This was nostalgic

    Agent HanabiAgent Hanabi3 månader sedan
  • 12:50 Josh stole all of our items so we cant give you any thing. Carson: ok. *Go's to talk to Josh.* Josh: Carson i have the door power and i went to their base and placed a ton of doors.

    The Anders4710The Anders47103 månader sedan
  • I miss those days, the dirt being mined sounds different, trees are rare, no hunger, And especially OOF

    Smasho BlashoSmasho Blasho3 månader sedan
  • I played alpha all the time as a kid. This brings back some easier times 🥺.

    Barthro 420Barthro 4203 månader sedan
  • “We’re gonna update it every week”

    Human GuyHuman Guy3 månader sedan
  • Cobblestone, grass, sand, dirt, water, dandelion, cactu, rose, pig, leaf, workbench, log, cow, pumpkin, chest, sign, stone, furnace, torch, coal ore, coal, wooden sword, wooden pickaxe, stone pickaxe, raw porkchop, cooked porkchop, stick, planks, creeper, wooden stairs, wooden door, stone sword, gravel, iron ore, leather, feather, sapling, wool, wooden axe, leather cap, diamond ore, diamond, iron ingot, iron chesplate, iron leggings, leather boots, bread, string, stone sword, gold ore, diamond sword, zombie, lava, iron door, bow, arrow, iron pickaxe, iron helmet, iron boots, golden leggings, iron sword, sheep, leather shirt, lava bucket, bucket, diamond shovel, gold bar, stone button, zombie.

    DifityDifity3 månader sedan
  • there are times when jschlatt is screaming and he sounds like lemongrab from adventure time

    Trapped GeniusTrapped Genius3 månader sedan
  • How did he make this server?

    Bowl Of CoffeeBowl Of Coffee3 månader sedan
  • Seeing Carson go to Jschlatt's trap with all of his diamonds was like watching a guy trying to heat up his wallet with a bonfire.

    John SandiegoJohn Sandiego3 månader sedan
  • Carson is literally just getting bullied, i see myself in him and that makes me sad.

    SighanideSighanide3 månader sedan
  • fun fact: netherrack used to be called bloodstone then

    wesley bishopwesley bishop3 månader sedan
  • Modern doorfare

    DamperBowDamperBow3 månader sedan
  • Jokes on you, I live in Beta.

    YaBoiBMOYaBoiBMO3 månader sedan
  • Did they just never go to the next version?

    Sandy RossSandy Ross3 månader sedan
  • and the thumbnail is minecraft classic

    Sandy RossSandy Ross3 månader sedan
  • Why the hell did I think for a split second that increasing the volume will make the screen brighter!? My brain is a useless sack of meat.

    Professional DumbassProfessional Dumbass3 månader sedan
  • 5:52 carson wooing is subtitled as music

    FF_LukasFF_Lukas3 månader sedan
  • Connor is the epitome of a sidekick

    -SkyeWolf64--SkyeWolf64-3 månader sedan
  • How did you join with your friends when there’s was no “open to lan” button

    Antek WAntek W3 månader sedan