So I rated your gaming setups...

23 jul 2020
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Quackity and I make fun of YOU! LOL
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Your Gaming Setups SUCK!

  • Who is Kscope and why should we follow him for more original minecraft content

    OodoosOodoos12 timmar sedan
  • I walk to Burger King and then I walk back home from Burger King

    Skruube mobile gamingSkruube mobile gaming22 timmar sedan
  • This was produced on my birthday I play on Xbox and it can barely run Minecraft boy do I feel special

    william riedlwilliam riedl23 timmar sedan
  • i want a part 2

    ScreenPeaScreenPeaDag sedan
  • Carson is not funny

    ZackZackDag sedan
  • The one at 15:13 I feel that, before I got my steelseries mousepad I was using the back of a notebook as a mousepad

    MayravixxMayravixxDag sedan
  • in this vid, we’ve unpacked that carson is anti-classism, pro-mask, he comfortably uses they/them pronouns, decent human being, 6’3

    My therapist said noMy therapist said noDag sedan
  • 20:52 sees Rohan Kishibe and DIO figurines N O I C E

    ultra Apex Hybridultra Apex Hybrid2 dagar sedan
  • 21:21 the fucking dream room for me!!! 11/10

    ShadowedCatShadowedCat2 dagar sedan
  • Carson: “look at that ancient keyboard” Me who’s using a mic just as old

    VacuumTrout 3VacuumTrout 32 dagar sedan
  • i feel likes its harder 2 convince ur parents 4 gaming setups if ur a girl

    hapay !hapay !2 dagar sedan
  • Quacity

    YaBoiThe -_-YaBoiThe -_-2 dagar sedan
  • *_i just need a really good gaming chair to be a pro gamer girl_*

    Lilia ChanLilia Chan2 dagar sedan
  • 22:49 8bil/10 he's running Arch Linux

    DelkarixDelkarix3 dagar sedan

    FloWXdFloWXd3 dagar sedan
  • No

    Orange PeelOrange Peel3 dagar sedan
  • 1:13 anyone know the wallpaper for the right monitor?

    Jo-EJo-E3 dagar sedan

    《DustysRFun》《DustysRFun》3 dagar sedan
  • mate u said Firefox is bleh but u use microsoft edge bruh

    XD_YakelXD_Yakel4 dagar sedan
  • im cursed with the forever pc not only on the floor, but on carpet

    Thedark pineappleThedark pineapple4 dagar sedan
  • 23:18 THAT PC IS THE EXACT SAME AS MINE and the rest of the setup quite similair as well tbh

    OmgItsCakeOmgItsCake4 dagar sedan
  • how did ty get a SEVEN and FIVE??!

    valtyvalty4 dagar sedan
  • How fucking old even is Carson

    plorpy swivel bottomplorpy swivel bottom4 dagar sedan
  • Have the same hp laptop just a little bigger an it's connected to my dads old monitor, and I'm using a book for a mouse pad 👍

    KysceptionKysception4 dagar sedan
  • pizza mouse pad

    Eli CumminsEli Cummins5 dagar sedan
  • yo i had the same laptop as carson

    NateOgerNateOger5 dagar sedan
  • 7:44 the keyboard has a arm/wrist rest so your wrists dont cramp and the mouse and keyboard is about mabey 100 to 120 near 100 ranges for just keyboard and mouse

    Nadia991Nadia9916 dagar sedan
  • Currently my set up is just all the pieces on the floor because house move

    Boi LeaveBoi Leave6 dagar sedan
  • 19:16 I had ceilings like that at my school but all the walls were concrete so the pencil would bounce directly back at you

    Uncool PotatoesUncool Potatoes6 dagar sedan
  • My setup is a German custom made desk designed to easily fit an old 17 inch tube monitor in the middle- with a 27 inch flat screen jammed in front of it and a 24 up on the shelf to the side (not centered because the shelf is too narrow in the middle) I'm considering tweeting a picture of it to Carson despite the fact that the stream was in July, with a (truthful) explanation of "I didn't have it set up until now" (I was still moving into my new place when the stream happened)

    X99X997 dagar sedan
  • 1:18 oh lmao tommy's there

    The Sinodoc BugManThe Sinodoc BugMan7 dagar sedan
  • I use an Apple computer with an HD mouse.

    Bryan BatsonBryan Batson8 dagar sedan
  • Bro Tyler the creator is 6.5

    Sup SupSup Sup8 dagar sedan
  • the hand is for anatomy

    Jan SmetanaJan Smetana9 dagar sedan
  • the laptop has the beats logo tho...

    Jan SmetanaJan Smetana9 dagar sedan
  • my headphone stand is made out of lego :)

    Jan SmetanaJan Smetana9 dagar sedan

    Subhan TariqSubhan Tariq10 dagar sedan
  • He said another gamecube but it was an n64.....

    Just a random dudeJust a random dude10 dagar sedan
  • SammyGreen and Areumadlol whaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    MellonPlaysYTMellonPlaysYT10 dagar sedan
  • who buys two of the same monitor... not everyone is loaded lol, most of us have one good and another one on the budget side

    8r6b978r6b9710 dagar sedan
  • Firefox is the superior browser you cant change my mind

    jbash08jbash0811 dagar sedan
  • yall really did tommy like that 😭😭

    Emma OSBORNEEmma OSBORNE11 dagar sedan
  • I mean my friend uses a lamp to hold up their mike and still has a really nice setup

    Potoo_God_Blesses_YouPotoo_God_Blesses_You11 dagar sedan
  • 18:56 does he not know there is something in the setting to hide the task bar😐🤯

    RukusRukus11 dagar sedan
  • If you’re throwing something away, is it really stolen?

    SonicShot55SonicShot5511 dagar sedan
  • 2:06, forget the chair, he could’ve at least bought like a g502 lightspeed instead of a g403 I think it what that mouse is

    lostultralostultra11 dagar sedan
  • 15:04 man useing auto tune or what

    hunter500naphunter500nap11 dagar sedan
  • bro my set up is decent until you realize my computer is a chromebook

    kypto raspboikypto raspboi11 dagar sedan
  • Carson: he's using firefox.. ewww also Carson: uses firefox

    ZobloxZoblox11 dagar sedan
  • just another friendly reminder that I need to clean up the trash in my room for my setup to look cool

    VaganVagan12 dagar sedan
  • same

    Noah CraigNoah Craig12 dagar sedan
  • 100 gecs thats it

    ʚluvnoteɞʚluvnoteɞ12 dagar sedan
  • Since when do people buy two of the same monitor at the same time? why would I buy two 1440p 1440Hz monitors when I can only play games on one at a time?

    JupiterHollowJupiterHollow13 dagar sedan
  • 4:44 is that a "Coursegesag" fucking backround?

    empiXempiX13 dagar sedan
  • Mrwobles has a f’ing tik tok setup💀

    elijahvelijahv13 dagar sedan
  • You can get the hand from ikea I own one lmao

    -Ghost_skull- 1278-Ghost_skull- 127813 dagar sedan
  • man, this just really makes me want a cool gaming setup but i'm going to be moving around a LOT within the next couple years so i can't get anything too permanent

    Eliana WatsonEliana Watson13 dagar sedan
  • Fire fox? Ewwww Carson using Firefox

    UncausedPizzaUncausedPizza13 dagar sedan
  • Hah, memes -Kyle -hitlerspimp/dr dash

    inhale the internetinhale the internet14 dagar sedan
  • makes fun of using firefox, uses firefox

    Waffle WoodyWaffle Woody14 dagar sedan
  • Imagine making fun of someone for using firefox...THEN ALSO USING FIREFOX, COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT!

    KuaphKuaph14 dagar sedan
  • the hand was there to beat on it

    Maeve DizonMaeve Dizon14 dagar sedan
  • This video made me realise how much of a peasant i am. Using a single 60 hz monitor, everything is nasty and filthy, retractable platform for my kb+m that leaves like no space for the mousepad, them saying having your tower on the floor is weird was just a nail in the coffin. I genuinely can't watch this video any further because i feel like my setup wouldn't even get a 2/10 and it hurts to know that

    LRed13LRed1314 dagar sedan
  • 24:07 he sound like a Skyrim npc

    Porg NerdPorg Nerd14 dagar sedan
  • The hand in that one setup is for drawing reference

    Jake SmileJake Smile15 dagar sedan
  • imagine being able to afford a decent setup im over here with like a 8yo monitor and a hand me down keyboard 😔✌️i wont even mention the mic

    Kiwi MelonnKiwi Melonn15 dagar sedan
  • Setup: *is actually good* Carson: *nitpicks the room*

    Michael ClarkeMichael Clarke15 dagar sedan
  • yea it did dude

    alexander Ludenaalexander Ludena15 dagar sedan
  • There's 2 kind of teenager that doesn't have a setupl: The rich but strict parents The poor but loose parents I'm the second one sadly

    AronnecromanAronnecroman15 dagar sedan
    • @Normal Pigeons Making people feel better by showing how bad i am is what i'm good at, and thank you

      AronnecromanAronnecroman14 dagar sedan
    • @Aronnecroman Welp, now I feel better about my setup, also, hope you get a better setup in the future

      Normal PigeonsNormal Pigeons14 dagar sedan
    • @Normal Pigeons I don't use computer and instead i use my old sister laptop that she still use most of the times to work with, with non functioning keyboard with most of the keys missing and non functioning touchpad, a small portable flip table from my big brother as my desk, My big brother old small keyboards to put it on top of my laptop with most of the font almost vanished, my drawing tablet (without screen) as my temporary mousepad, and my big brother old wireless logitech mouse and an oversized earbuds that's so hurts to use and it's only one of them working. I put my drawing glove on top of my screen since my table are so full of my cold drinks and other unnecessary things. I'm sitting at my bed, and it's on the floor. Most of my items are from/already used by my Big brother

      AronnecromanAronnecroman15 dagar sedan
    • My setup is an old Samsung 1280 x 1024 screen, with an even older tower I had when I was 7, my keyboard is an old Logitech keyboard translated to Italian that I got from my grandma, another old mouse I got from grandma that is sitting above a large notebook with some papers about a Wikipedia article about parachutes, my desk is tiny and green and I had to remove the cupboards of the desk to make more room for other shit like books, my room gets near 0 degrees C in winter and there isn't very good ventilation. Plus I don't even have headphones, I use earbuds that are very short and only one piece functions and it Is very quiet, like it says it's at 100 volume, but it sounds like its volume 10. Oh yeah and my chair is a very short office chair my parents bought me like 7 years ago, and it gets very uncomfortable and dirty.

      Normal PigeonsNormal Pigeons15 dagar sedan
  • "Hmmm, should I study or watch this Callmecarson video that I have seen a hundred times?" I say as I click the video

    Johanna BrolundJohanna Brolund15 dagar sedan
  • The steering wheel is for racing games. My uncle has the same thing.

    Rylan CarltonRylan Carlton15 dagar sedan
  • 12:37 water shot up my nose LMAO

    BrxcksBrxcks15 dagar sedan
  • Ay yo I was about to send my setup, and then I realized I don’t have one

    EternallieEternallie15 dagar sedan
  • E

    ContentMakesContentMakes15 dagar sedan
  • 2:24 I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that says " C C Cleaner"

    DihTheBotDihTheBot15 dagar sedan
  • 1:20 you say gross to him having Firefox open, but you have Firefox open as well. I hope you can see the reflection on your monitor so you can get a good look at the hypocrite sitting in your chair.

    HaydonarkerHaydonarker15 dagar sedan
  • 7:10 mans crafted it xD

    Cage TarrantCage Tarrant16 dagar sedan
  • i didnt expect mutahar to be on here fuck

    catraxcxcatraxcx16 dagar sedan
  • 14:09 nah that's just Kira getting his gamer on

    Cheeburger WaterCheeburger Water16 dagar sedan
    • @Shrimp FN who are you and why do i feel like i have seen you everywhere

      Cheeburger WaterCheeburger Water15 dagar sedan
    • Lololool gamer so funny lolololololololol

      Shrimp FNShrimp FN16 dagar sedan
  • 20:32 How dare you. That is a MIDI Fighter! Completely different species entirely.

    Chadwick Is ExistentChadwick Is Existent16 dagar sedan
  • ok

    Tiscali come posso aiutarlaTiscali come posso aiutarla16 dagar sedan
  • The hand is for sign language just to let you know

    Charles MasonCharles Mason16 dagar sedan

    Yhung JayYhung Jay16 dagar sedan
  • if i had known this was happening I would have entered mine, too bad twitter decided that my account shouldn't exist anymore. I have a photo of a crust old monitor that's been in a rundown shack for literally ten years, its so scuffed because i took the photo super late so it just has flash photo, so much junk piled around it. funniest part is the previous owners of the shack left a box of beany babies in the place

    jerry the blue berryjerry the blue berry16 dagar sedan
  • why is tommyinnit everywhere LMAO the first tweet

    GlowixGlowix16 dagar sedan
  • 9:24 he used a lamp to set up his mike i have respect for the more rock bottom set ups they just hit me in the feels man

    somesmolbeansomesmolbean16 dagar sedan
  • This makes me happy I bought one of those hands at IKEA lmao

    Sawyer SmithSawyer Smith17 dagar sedan
  • Their Eating Echother. Let That Sink In

    cheadlestudiocheadlestudio17 dagar sedan
  • My mom has the same laptop for work that carson used in highschool. I can confirm that those things just fucking fall apart

    DefaultDefault17 dagar sedan
  • 24:03 am i weird?

    QUEEN of PEANUTSQUEEN of PEANUTS17 dagar sedan
  • I still use the keyboard that quackity used.

    LachlanM05LachlanM0517 dagar sedan
  • "You called it the crack shack"

    lovethewicked13lovethewicked1317 dagar sedan
  • Idea stolen from weest

    VIN DRIESALVIN DRIESAL17 dagar sedan
  • i have an alienware PC, $300 mic, 27 inch monitor, and Corsair Keyboard, red dragon mouse. Guess how old I am. oh wait.. AND DONT FORGET THE CORSAIR EXTENDED MOUSE PAD

    RedPandaRedPanda17 dagar sedan
  • You can get hands like that at crafts stores. They're posable reference models for artists!

    ねこみくんねこみくん17 dagar sedan
  • you got the same laptop as my mom carson

    Lil GingaBreaddLil GingaBreadd17 dagar sedan
  • My setup is really just a dang laptop and mouse with a crappy table made for parties😂

    •Itz_ xĐragøn••Itz_ xĐragøn•17 dagar sedan
  • My gaming setup my MacBook and a trackpad

    terri622terri62217 dagar sedan

    Scooby-Doo VillainScooby-Doo Villain17 dagar sedan
  • MY SETUP: I don't even have a desk. I just plop my laptop with not even 250gb of space on my bed using my tablet as a mic. my laptop does not support any kind of customization so I'm stuck with slow 8gb or ram with internet so bad I can barely play .io games. I get no help financially from my family meaning if I want money I have to do it through work. that would be fine if I weren't to damn lazy and un-motivated with everything I do. Thank you for witnessing the murder scene of which is my setup tour :)