So there's been some Trouble in Terrorist Town...

22 aug 2019
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We're gonna bring back GMOD.
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So there's been some Trouble in Terrorist Town...


    CallMeCarsonLIVECallMeCarsonLIVEÅr sedan
    • Very Berry Cram

      MasterSquirrel25MasterSquirrel252 månader sedan
    • this is the only merch that actually made me hesitate about buying it

      Uriel SeptimUriel Septim2 månader sedan
    • He clearly like it!

      Flap JackFlap Jack3 månader sedan
    • CallMeCarsonLIVE bo

      Ryan HarveyRyan Harvey3 månader sedan
    • Ey mate I have it already 🧂

      Kenny McCormickKenny McCormick3 månader sedan
  • Among us

    Mat JackMat Jack4 dagar sedan
  • Ok lol I’m not a fan of the way it I did it but it was ok so cool lol lol I’m not a big fan of it lol I’m not a big fan of it lol I’m not a big fan of it but I love love you love song music music dance and dance music music and dance dance floor and music dance music and dance dance floor Gang and dance dance floor music and dance dance floor and the music music and dance dance floor and dance dance music dance dance floor dance music music and dance dance floor and the song song and dance dance floor and the song dance floor Gang song music by the music song song music dance and dance dance floor song music by the song dance song and song music by ajr music and song music by ajr dance song music by the dance song music by song music and music dance song dance and song dance music song music by song music song and song dance music dance and song song and music song music by ajr dance music song dance dance floor song music song and music by dance song song music music and song music music by ajr song music dance dance floor and song music music by ajr music song song and dance music music by dance song song and music song dance dance floor and song music dance song dance and music music by ajr song music dance song music music dance song dance and music song music by ajr song dance music dance and song music dance music by ajr song music dance dance floor and music song song and song music by dance music song music dance song music by ajr song music dance

    EthanimationsEthanimations6 dagar sedan
  • My valve knows dad

    WalkingNormallyWalkingNormally6 dagar sedan
  • ape noise

    promr marblespromr marbles8 dagar sedan
  • What mods were they using that made the graphics look better?

    MelonPasteMelonPaste11 dagar sedan
  • How is this a year old

    BrianBrian18 dagar sedan
  • he is baby

    tfw no yanderetfw no yandere19 dagar sedan
  • Someone should animate Ray’s music with the yfm art style

    Xander CoyleXander Coyle19 dagar sedan
  • Among us wannabe

    Marcus AcostaMarcus Acosta20 dagar sedan
    • Are you have stupid

      Guy GuyGuy Guy14 dagar sedan
  • 5:07 doin ur mom

    Cooper 3000Cooper 300024 dagar sedan
  • r- uh oh

    GamerGuyGamerGuy28 dagar sedan
  • There’s always trouble in terrorist town now in days😔

    I am Dumb tardI am Dumb tardMånad sedan
  • How many among us jokes would they have made if this video was made today?

    Rekt TangelaRekt TangelaMånad sedan
  • I have accidentally memorized this entire video

    Ulupages jeffUlupages jeffMånad sedan
  • 4:12 hole in one

    Motivational LizardMotivational LizardMånad sedan
  • Benny Harvey RIP

    KolínKolínMånad sedan
  • Can I get the monkey noise

    Buzzsawchicken14Buzzsawchicken14Månad sedan
  • Lol vanossgaming hasnt done ttt in a while or at all

    Connor OliverasConnor OliverasMånad sedan
  • Schlatt funny mic

    Dan BarrattDan BarrattMånad sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    Alex LeakeasAlex LeakeasMånad sedan
  • That one guy in chat said he’s copying vanoss by playing gmod? Vanoss didn’t make the game

    HarleyBladowHarleyBladowMånad sedan
    • Its a fucking joke

      ClickClickMånad sedan
  • Bystander murderer R uh oh like bruv they both have it

    Just a BruhJust a BruhMånad sedan
  • He disappeared into a ad

    TheSteelerTheSteelerMånad sedan
  • i feel like i've been here before... a long long time ago.

    StarbackpackStarbackpackMånad sedan
  • *sees woman* 0:59

    DrDapperDrDapperMånad sedan
  • why is carson a sniper, and why is he too good at it... he didnt even chuckle or anything... he just professional with standards

    pilot ghostpilot ghost2 månader sedan
  • 4:20 Charlie saying "why did that exchange happen?" after seeing Carson kill Schlatt has nearly the same energy as "Who killed Hannibal?"

    Ese BappoEse Bappo2 månader sedan
  • Whooodiniiiiiiiii

    Fallout LoverFallout Lover2 månader sedan
  • 5:21

    The Sleep KingThe Sleep King2 månader sedan
  • *calmly, and unknowingly, throws gangs signs*

    I has quarth energyI has quarth energy2 månader sedan
  • monkëî

    arscenicAbroadarscenicAbroad2 månader sedan
  • Charlie’s version of “Doin ya mom” was funny

    PolarCarpPolarCarp2 månader sedan
  • Starts out video with g mod murderer, titles video trouble in terrorist town.

    DogmaDogma2 månader sedan
  • 1:46 As a Vanoss fan, we don’t claim him.

    Mona RagehMona Rageh2 månader sedan
  • I may be drunk and rewatching his video, but’s his teeth are nice

    Ryan ZyckRyan Zyck2 månader sedan
  • 5:04 it’s funny

    Cooper 3000Cooper 30002 månader sedan
  • 1:37 ; the best part

    TestingMATTHEWTestingMATTHEW2 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    1 in 7 billion1 in 7 billion3 månader sedan
  • What program does they use?

    KogaKoga3 månader sedan
  • Big trouble in little China. Why did this movie come to my head when I read the title.

    Da bombDa bomb3 månader sedan
  • i absolutely love charlie's ape noises because it's like a chaotic ape toddler

    Rotten DirtbagRotten Dirtbag3 månader sedan
  • 6:21 How to get away with murder

    johanimal shungitejohanimal shungite3 månader sedan
  • I don't know about you guys, but *I REALLY WANT THAT CRAM MERCH*

    ThatsTotallyHimThatsTotallyHim3 månader sedan
  • Trouble in terrorist town sounds like a middle eastern sitcom

    Lego BeterLego Beter3 månader sedan
  • how is pizza going to find a job now how is pizza going to find a job now how is pizza going to find a job now how is pizza going to find a job now how is pizza going to find a job now how is pizza going to find a job now how is pizza going to find a job now how is pizza going to find a job now

    Redhawk1004YTRedhawk1004YT3 månader sedan
  • 5:14

    Macaw WebMacaw Web3 månader sedan
  • 5:07

    LlamaLadLlamaLad3 månader sedan
  • what did they say about vanossgaming

    cole hoffmancole hoffman3 månader sedan
  • ahh finally cram

    GOATMANGOATMAN3 månader sedan
  • "So there's been some Trouble in Terrorist Town..." _(video starts with Murder)_

    TheCameronMaster464TheCameronMaster4643 månader sedan
  • anyone have the link to the steam workshop for that mc map

    dogs love gamingdogs love gaming3 månader sedan
  • 9:40 where is that from?

    Kevin SKevin S3 månader sedan
  • doin your mom!!!

    mrRollingStockmrRollingStock3 månader sedan
  • Not like vanoss been reusing the same shit for 5 years

    fuck youfuck you4 månader sedan
  • The eyes of a traitor, are unable to detect- *carson shoots charlie and ends the round* *hysterical laughter*

    NintendoNerd 64NintendoNerd 644 månader sedan
  • The madness begins at 9:14

    Nick SNick S4 månader sedan
  • 9:24 is the I'm baby part. Just doing honest work

    nerdynerdy4 månader sedan
  • 3:37 i love marshmello's music

    Nicolas PeronaNicolas Perona4 månader sedan
  • What map is that

    Possum on a vacuumPossum on a vacuum4 månader sedan
  • Seananners is better than Vannoss

    t1d3p0d5t1d3p0d54 månader sedan
  • "Carson are you destroying company property?- No, I'm so- I'm so sor- I'm so sorry. " * breaks tower computer and tbags *

    ExxonDivinelyExxonDivinely4 månader sedan

    AllergicToSanityAllergicToSanity4 månader sedan
  • I'M BABY

    TommyTheSpartaTommyTheSparta4 månader sedan
  • any idea what soundboard they use?

    Sam ConradSam Conrad4 månader sedan
  • 4:28 This is my favourite part of the video

    azamoazamo4 månader sedan
  • Seeing carson drop a smoke made me watch the dyin brian video again

    Dr. BrightDr. Bright4 månader sedan
  • callmecarson? more like callmecumson, get powned!

    WinningPluto8WinningPluto84 månader sedan
  • minus ted this is a lunch club video :)

    maxmax4 månader sedan
  • Spell rednatsyb

    Moon JaxMoon Jax4 månader sedan
  • The genuine fear on Carson's face made this so much better

    I like chezI like chez4 månader sedan
  • Just watched this video after listening to the podcast while working after watching part of a VOD

    Ethan McPogChampEthan McPogChamp5 månader sedan
  • he clearly likes it

    edgamer64edgamer645 månader sedan
  • Carson please play with vanoos, that would be so epic please. Please, please I need this

    Johnny AdamsJohnny Adams5 månader sedan
  • As a kid I thought youtubers never thought much of other youtubers unless it was someone they played with or were friends with. Turns out I was wrong

    The ultimate BustaThe ultimate Busta5 månader sedan
  • 10:55 Is that a vanoss reference?

    Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer5 månader sedan
  • i love that someone said he was trying to copy vanoss XD

    Z-hawk55Z-hawk555 månader sedan
  • you can't spell bystander without stan

    efenty FNTefenty FNT5 månader sedan
  • 2:28 Vanoss?

    nisashahq / Nisasha TTRnisashahq / Nisasha TTR5 månader sedan
  • 0:58 that's comedy

    Commie JoeCommie Joe5 månader sedan
  • That guy: Wow you're copying Vanoss!!1!11!! Did Vanoss even every play TTT? Like even once? I can't remember a single time he did. (and yes I'm aware it was probably a joke)

    MayTheFoolMayTheFool5 månader sedan
  • Carson: *shoots first* Also Carson: WHY ARE YOU SHOOTING ME

    Dr.PersonManSirDr.PersonManSir5 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes it

    Mercy of the LivingMercy of the Living5 månader sedan
  • This is an epic vanossgaming moment everybody

    son of a carson of a car5 månader sedan
  • carson had corona in august 2019

    coleussscoleusss5 månader sedan
  • What’s funniest about the vanoss line is murder and ttt were like the only big gmod game modes he didn’t play

    GroovyCaterpillarGroovyCaterpillar5 månader sedan
  • 5:15 to 5:25 is demonic at 25% speed

    dutpuch 1dutpuch 15 månader sedan
  • I hate how Carson sits in his chair at 8:42

    Raiden SpicerRaiden Spicer5 månader sedan
  • Everytime Carson laughs, his laugh laughs with him.

    Wyatt The Gamer SansWyatt The Gamer Sans5 månader sedan
  • Cof?

    Logan JohnsonLogan Johnson5 månader sedan
  • why does send me to

    RalkeyRalkey5 månader sedan
  • But charlie was spelling bystander right

    Jamie LyonsJamie Lyons5 månader sedan
  • “I’m not home right now” “I’m on the toilet” “I should probably go back and wipe” 20FramesOfNick, everyone

    Jett’s Dad DiedJett’s Dad Died5 månader sedan
  • nobody: Katerino: 0:50

    2015 silverado2015 silverado5 månader sedan
  • Wow talk about a TRAVESTY

    Nate RunNate Run5 månader sedan
  • *Hoo-dini*

    Elementrix OnlineElementrix Online5 månader sedan
  • Whenever that man leans his head back and laughs I see 2 minecraft caves

    E EeE Ee5 månader sedan
  • 1:53 Bold of people to forget that Vanoss borrowed this format from the TRUE legend, SeaNanners.

    Jared ThompsonJared Thompson5 månader sedan
    • Are they still around or did everyone grow up and stop watching that garbage

      Gary GreytideGary Greytide5 månader sedan
  • 69k likes is best shit.

    DigitalReduxDigitalRedux5 månader sedan
  • 4:12 The Cooper Assasination (Aug, 22, 2019, colorized)

    UnsunkenUnsunken5 månader sedan