I killed Pokimane's dogs in Minecraft...

11 sep 2019
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I think I handled myself well
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I killed Pokimane's dogs in Minecraft...

  • Hey carson thats pretty cringe

    Big BrainBig Brain5 timmar sedan
  • Pog

    Mr PogersMr Pogers7 timmar sedan

    SQUYAOOSQUYAOO20 timmar sedan
  • This is like the Eric Andre Show but it’s Carson that’s torturing his guests

    DunDun ProductionsDunDun Productions22 timmar sedan
  • Pokimane: do u know fitz? Callmecarson: yes...... Pokimane: we get him to join us Callmecarson: I dont know about that Pokimane: why not.....? Callmecarson: I dont like that guy....."laughs awkwardly"

    ツLightzzツツLightzzツDag sedan
  • Hes known throughout the entire world for his comments on videos and other stuff

    NicknameNicknameDag sedan
  • 15:14 MichaelMcChill casually gets killed by a bush

    Jacob GJacob GDag sedan
  • Xqc said I love you me dude and I thought I did

    Tarek MassoudTarek Massoud2 dagar sedan
  • I love how I can hear in Carson's voice that he's intimidated with Pokimane but in his other video with Jaiden he could catch up to her awkward humor lol

    -ZUZUR0LL-ZUZUR0LL2 dagar sedan
  • the anti simp that we need

    ThatWeeb AdamThatWeeb Adam2 dagar sedan
  • I don't know if people can relate, but whenever Carson Laughs I start laughing so HARD that my mother tells me that my laugh is horrible and I should shut up or she'll turn of the Wi-Fi. Press This Link To Watch Carson Do The Best Thing On His Stream, And Video.! ᕦ º ʖ̯ º ᕥ htps://seworld.info/will/nHub1Lqzi3h3zmQ/video

    Brendaliz RosarioBrendaliz Rosario2 dagar sedan
  • Haha

    LowqualitykingcrimsonLowqualitykingcrimson3 dagar sedan
  • it's crazy the difference in how loud carson made poki and how loud poki made carson

    Jaden AllbertJaden Allbert3 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/r5eW17jOe5Z31WQ/video

    jaxson_is_not_alive _jaxson_is_not_alive _3 dagar sedan
  • “No we shouldn’t invite him I don’t like him” Carson with the foreshadowing

    BappoBappo3 dagar sedan
  • no one: traves: i am a waiter, i am waiting me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 (cotinues laughing)

    Lula And GootsLula And Goots3 dagar sedan
  • "Oh look at that, you can read" I deaded

    FroziaFrozia4 dagar sedan
  • "You know Fitz?" "Yeah I know Fitz" Eeesh that aged poorly

    Ryan FeredayRyan Fereday4 dagar sedan
  • What if we watched "Shroud goes to Walmart" together? jkjk... unless?

    Hero WinHero Win4 dagar sedan
  • Why did pokimane order a virgin shroud every one knows that doesn't exist

    Atticus HAtticus H5 dagar sedan
  • 8:48 - Premonition

    Jacob NJacob N5 dagar sedan
  • I couldn’t tell who was simping over who

    n3wb_Gamesn3wb_Games5 dagar sedan
  • Anti simp

    Thurius ThThurius Th6 dagar sedan
  • Can we all just agree Carson is a fucking legend he killed the baby chickens and she almost cried then he killed the whole family and then just kills her first dog and she SCREAMS and he like it's just a dog

    Joseph RealJoseph Real6 dagar sedan
  • I am genuinely surprised at how good the dynamic between these two is.

    Ben MoxonBen Moxon6 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone else notice how traves gave pokimane a picture of carson when she asked for the virgin shroud special

    BrianHNBrianHN6 dagar sedan
  • 20:21 This is my favourite part

    Cicada BroodCicada Brood6 dagar sedan
  • This man is doing God’s work.

    Bad MarioBad Mario7 dagar sedan
  • 26:39 You're welcome boys

    SinnamonSki: The LittleBigAnimatorSinnamonSki: The LittleBigAnimator7 dagar sedan
  • Super Mega Papega

    RHV0idRHV0id7 dagar sedan
  • *Do it again.*

    Blizzardfire 79Blizzardfire 797 dagar sedan
  • carson lets talk

    DaewoDaewo7 dagar sedan
  • This is the day Carson became a simp, but only for a day.

    HorrorLovesBreadsticksHorrorLovesBreadsticks7 dagar sedan
  • This could have been so funny if you added jschlatt

    Lev Just levLev Just lev8 dagar sedan
  • Pokimane is the most annoying person I’ve ever seen

    Sullivan but not SullivanSullivan but not Sullivan8 dagar sedan
    • same

      Darrin GamboneDarrin Gambone3 dagar sedan
  • SMP stands for simp

    Dexter McKinneyDexter McKinney8 dagar sedan
    • super mega pepega

      Jude CrookerJude Crooker5 dagar sedan
  • No, im 11

    Reed's stupid stufReed's stupid stuf8 dagar sedan
  • ted speaks in underline

    lobstarlobstar9 dagar sedan
  • that dogs a shroge

    BossBoy 59BossBoy 599 dagar sedan
  • What if poki's boyfriend is carson and they won't reveal it

    TenZeiiTenZeii9 dagar sedan
  • 27:41 pokimanes *BIGGEST* bitch face

    Jeree DanieleJeree Daniele10 dagar sedan
  • Greek: Simping Carson: Look Poki, it’s your *F* *O* *O* *T*

    Oliver DennisOliver Dennis10 dagar sedan
  • All the subs are fake they just watch for the meme

    LOLMEMELOLMEME10 dagar sedan
  • what are the timestamps? you know what i'm talking about *THE DOGS*

    ZaynZayn10 dagar sedan
  • “Some guy named AntVenom” bruh

    Michael MattressMichael Mattress10 dagar sedan
  • And so, a blooming romance was born

    HumanityMustDieHumanityMustDie10 dagar sedan
  • not cool Carson!!!1!!1

    BearOrHeroBearOrHero11 dagar sedan
  • Thank God she deserved it.

    Richard PereaRichard Perea11 dagar sedan
  • Carson talking to poki is similar to that of a flirting middle school boy

    IsabelIsabel11 dagar sedan
    • Making her upset and saying “I’m gonna call you...”

      IsabelIsabel11 dagar sedan
  • Pokimane: “i look fresh as hell” Carson: *looks at pokimane* *CAVE 19 PLAYS*

    queffqueff12 dagar sedan

    LORD VICTORLORD VICTOR12 dagar sedan
  • 11:55 the way he says ponga

    Some RacoonSome Racoon12 dagar sedan
  • [1 Year Ago]

    FrightfulSpyFrightfulSpy12 dagar sedan
  • i come back to this video in particular a lot

    Senko-SanSenko-San12 dagar sedan
  • He’s evil

    Star ChildStar Child13 dagar sedan
    • Simp

      Pink CrewmatePink Crewmate8 dagar sedan
  • i don't think you sniff your balls carson

    SpazzamsSpazzams13 dagar sedan
  • One day with poki and he is abuses animals

    Mike McIlreeMike McIlree13 dagar sedan
  • the people who disliked this are either pokimane simps or dont know what comedy is

    DufcinDufcin13 dagar sedan
  • The real great tragedy of 9/11

    Typhlosion: The Volcano PokémonTyphlosion: The Volcano Pokémon14 dagar sedan
  • Carson is an absolute unit.

    KruIsReallyDumbKruIsReallyDumb14 dagar sedan
  • Why Pokimane got make fun of my man in the beginning?

    grassgrass14 dagar sedan
    • Simp

      Pink CrewmatePink Crewmate8 dagar sedan
  • *B I G C H A D E N E R G Y*

    PinkyWittyKittyPinkyWittyKitty14 dagar sedan
  • If you kill pokimane and her dog her cat or anything that is related to her in mincraft i will pay you 100 pesos

    Uriel D doloresUriel D dolores14 dagar sedan
  • She said 2/10

    Lol 1o1Lol 1o114 dagar sedan
  • "No Bobux" - Me

    Dziobakk brawl starsDziobakk brawl stars15 dagar sedan
  • this is funny because she is in emotional pain

    paulpingazpaulpingaz15 dagar sedan
  • it was so cringe it made me cringe

    Russia PantsRussia Pants15 dagar sedan
  • in the greatest video ever shroud goes to Walmart why does he look like an adult child or a rapper 4:38

    demonetizeddemonetized15 dagar sedan
  • Simp?

    Nino Nguyen HermanssonNino Nguyen Hermansson16 dagar sedan
  • get rekt

    Waffle PuffleWaffle Puffle16 dagar sedan
  • 20:22

    Moonlight 156Moonlight 15616 dagar sedan
  • i wish i could kill pokimane's dogs in minecraft

    Yes of AstoraYes of Astora16 dagar sedan
  • The Dislikes are from the simps. *Dont be like the simps kids*

    family datorfamily dator16 dagar sedan
  • as ted would say “the bitch deserved it”!

    ArcBishopArcBishop16 dagar sedan
  • based

    monkee with a gp5monkee with a gp516 dagar sedan
  • No simp october

    Exploding WeirdnessExploding Weirdness17 dagar sedan
  • This was the biggest tragedy

    Fried MintFried Mint17 dagar sedan
  • 26:55 Carson the bounty hunter

    PapaGibby13PapaGibby1317 dagar sedan
  • 3 tier simp

    JohnDaniel BannisterJohnDaniel Bannister17 dagar sedan
  • I almost died when she said "Do you know fitz?"

    CDR AirsoftCDR Airsoft17 dagar sedan
  • Carson was so nervous such a sweet boi. Its nice he kinda was chill but nervous at the same time

    M WM W17 dagar sedan
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    pikaboy uwupikaboy uwu17 dagar sedan
  • the legendary shroud x madrinas coffee incident

    maruftimmaruftim18 dagar sedan
  • 0:53 What's wrong with it?

    Wouter CattoWouter Catto19 dagar sedan
  • 26:35 thank me later

    PotatoPotato19 dagar sedan
  • I think Charlie would make this so much better

    Gavinman5000Gavinman500019 dagar sedan
  • I really hoped that when poki punched Carson he was just gonna one shot her with a sword

    Gavinman5000Gavinman500019 dagar sedan
  • Temmie watching this like 👁👄👁

    Unholy anime GuruUnholy anime Guru20 dagar sedan
  • 8:42 foreshadowing...

    skylar.skylar.20 dagar sedan
  • The best part of the video, is the number of views NOICE

    xd Reynardxd Reynard20 dagar sedan
  • Why is shrouds everywhere

    FBIFBI20 dagar sedan
    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      FBIFBI20 dagar sedan
    • Everyone is sus!

      FBIFBI20 dagar sedan
    • I dn’t know!

      FBIFBI20 dagar sedan
    • Why are we all using exclamation points!!!

      FBIFBI20 dagar sedan
    • That sounds like something an imposter would say!

      FBIFBI20 dagar sedan
  • Carson I’m sorry even 1 year later I can’t sit through this

    Matthew McCormickMatthew McCormick20 dagar sedan
  • son of a chip wHy-

    flower_isinsaneflower_isinsane21 dag sedan
  • when carson fed the dog, he was just fattening it for later

    Trina DavenportTrina Davenport21 dag sedan
  • 8:18 that face of terror still frights me

    The Ancient LonkyChonkyThe Ancient LonkyChonky21 dag sedan
  • can we just talk about how he said he didnt like fitz before the katerino stuff???

    Aero The Hate MachineAero The Hate Machine21 dag sedan
  • Callmecringe

    10 subscribers 0 videos10 subscribers 0 videos21 dag sedan
    • Nah

      Bean KatyBean Katy21 dag sedan
  • Haha 6.9 million views for the boys!

    Brody JoesphBrody Joesph21 dag sedan
  • Carson is the most extroverted introvert ever

    John Stan The Millennial ManJohn Stan The Millennial Man21 dag sedan
  • thats mean

    Zorian DeSousa BaptistaZorian DeSousa Baptista22 dagar sedan
    • @Bean Katy true.

      Zorian DeSousa BaptistaZorian DeSousa Baptista7 dagar sedan
    • @Zorian DeSousa Baptista it’s Minecraft, it doesn’t feel pain. Pokimane deserves it

      Bean KatyBean Katy9 dagar sedan
    • the dog dosent though

      Zorian DeSousa BaptistaZorian DeSousa Baptista9 dagar sedan
    • what do you mean

      Zorian DeSousa BaptistaZorian DeSousa Baptista9 dagar sedan
    • She deserves it

      Bean KatyBean Katy21 dag sedan