I toured YOUR minecraft worlds...

5 sep 2019
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scared of the future
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I toured YOUR minecraft worlds...

  • I'm likin' this Political Platypus right now

    AxelAxelDag sedan
  • Keep doing this

  • 4:02 "Schlatt for president 2020" they predicted it... they predicted it all

    micamacamicamaca4 dagar sedan
  • 1/31 people hated this smh

    KrazFireHq NoKrazFireHq No6 dagar sedan
  • 10:55 When you think you got an A on a test but see what you actually got

    The Coaster ReviewsThe Coaster Reviews8 dagar sedan
  • Carson: why is it that we join every minecraft realm and they just want to see us do the dirty deal Also Carson not 2 seconds later: can we join lust?

    Kenneth ElsasserKenneth Elsasser8 dagar sedan
  • Well I guess im a square :(

    WalkingNormallyWalkingNormally8 dagar sedan
  • was that Noah before he was friends with them?

    Neil Patrick Harris AleksNeil Patrick Harris Aleks10 dagar sedan
  • They should do this again

    Dumb GingerAleDumb GingerAle13 dagar sedan
  • 4:04 "Schlatt for president 2020" little did they know...

    DogDog14 dagar sedan
  • Obama's last name is care

    Steven BurgerSteven Burger15 dagar sedan
  • Let’s all be honest, we’ve all tried to make a aether portal at one point.

    CooCooCooCoo15 dagar sedan
  • 8:23 cavemen discovering cds

    AspectAspect16 dagar sedan
  • 17:06 to this day, one of my absolute favorite moments. I still crack up seeing this

    HomeKitty2HomeKitty219 dagar sedan
  • Pimp chimpin

    StormCloud1975StormCloud197521 dag sedan
  • mine friends world was "toilet go woosh poo go bye" what a memory

    Max CarsonMax Carson22 dagar sedan
  • ˢ ᴳ ᴬ ᵞ ᴹ

    its cold outside, stay inside with me :]its cold outside, stay inside with me :]23 dagar sedan
  • Is this BadBoyHalo???

    Dig CubeDig Cube25 dagar sedan
  • Anyone realise one of the world's owner was Noah aka hugbox?

    Acrobatic OneAcrobatic One28 dagar sedan
  • #pewdiepie

    lovely fatelovely fate29 dagar sedan
  • Yogscast got weird

    ItsaluigiItsaluigiMånad sedan
  • Wilbur: Carson's joined again Me: The best crossover episode

    BluBluMånad sedan
  • “what are you doing stepbrother AAAAA”

    Ş̵̉t̷̥͑ȁ̷̻ṙ̵͉i̷͓̅0 ̷̡́000Ş̵̉t̷̥͑ȁ̷̻ṙ̵͉i̷͓̅0 ̷̡́000Månad sedan
  • 5:05

    D ogD ogMånad sedan
  • Carson talking bad about pewdiepie made me lose respect for him

    MamodokodMamodokodMånad sedan
  • I love how they just bullied the person who used pewdipies base as a base and saying its his base without knowing that they were bullying him

    Comrade JOJOComrade JOJOMånad sedan
  • 19:44

    who’s dalilahwho’s dalilahMånad sedan
  • poop

    DavadinkoDavadinkoMånad sedan
  • It's been a fucking year what the fuck

    SeramaiaSeramaiaMånad sedan
  • Bruhhhhh this was a year agoooo

    Kool Kids KlubKool Kids KlubMånad sedan
  • My Dad called me right at 18:39 which paused the video, and for a second, I thought that that was the end of the video, and until the bar ro answer the call came down, I was laughing because I thought Carson ended the video right as he left the world he just accidentally exploded.

    BextoMooseBextoMooseMånad sedan
  • I’m the day this was posted but a year later

    Elis IfanElis IfanMånad sedan
  • the video is 20:20 long

    SharkDragonlikesSharkDragonlikesMånad sedan
  • I would love to make a SEworld channel called CallmeGay.... what do you think about it?

    Pablo AvilaPablo AvilaMånad sedan
  • My name is joe

    Joseph MannsJoseph MannsMånad sedan
  • my dog doesnt like the sound of your keyboard clickin. get a new one broke boi

    elizardbreathelizardbreathMånad sedan
  • His name is Obama Obama

    Mr MemesMr MemesMånad sedan

    ThEnEwKiNgZ KiNgZThEnEwKiNgZ KiNgZ2 månader sedan
  • I timed mine. It takes an hour to show it all off. And I was going fast.

    Cwcoc withrowCwcoc withrow2 månader sedan
  • i thought this said "Torturing"

    Oof Its MeOof Its Me2 månader sedan
  • I just now watched this vid and found out that Carson did the fundraiser on my birthday

    Little Penguin GuyLittle Penguin Guy2 månader sedan
  • Callmecarson’s video influence my dopamine release

    profane geoprofane geo2 månader sedan

    mari_2114K marimari_2114K mari2 månader sedan
  • 14:50 now that's an "I will eliminate the middle class" moment

    O NoO No2 månader sedan
  • 101 babes

    Ciaran O ConnorCiaran O Connor2 månader sedan
  • This is cursed the amount of time is 2020

    ShenoakmaShenoakma2 månader sedan
  • ok that is the day before my b-day the group fundraising

    Sophie BornSophie Born2 månader sedan
  • i hope i dont miss the fundraising stream!

    IlunachanIlunachan2 månader sedan
  • What if we have been saying his last name all this time? What if his last name was Obama and his first name was something like Barrack or George?

    ඞCyan CrewmateඞඞCyan Crewmateඞ2 månader sedan
  • I accidentally closed the tab at the beginning and the first thing i catched on that was: “bro you wanna make out?”

    StijnTIMlololStijnTIMlolol2 månader sedan
  • 13:45 timestamp for me

    sneeze attacksneeze attack2 månader sedan
  • First three sentences are all gay

    Ur fren Joe!Ur fren Joe!2 månader sedan
  • i was not there and therefor I am square

    AccuracyAccuracy2 månader sedan
  • cargskin

    _iRenzo__iRenzo_2 månader sedan
  • oh man, can’t wait to watch the fundraiser event!

    Jack WestJack West2 månader sedan

    Atlas KinAtlas Kin2 månader sedan
  • I know Obama’s last name

    ZoomieZoomie2 månader sedan
  • I can't wait to watch the stream on Saturday

    Evan BrownEvan Brown2 månader sedan
  • "is that barack obama!?" *distant explosions*

    SharbSharb2 månader sedan
  • XD

    ImACherrysImACherrys2 månader sedan
  • Why the hell does this come up when I search "gay"

    The Man The Myth The GamerThe Man The Myth The Gamer2 månader sedan

    DanielSha_pDanielSha_p2 månader sedan
  • 6:51 It's all silverfish?? Always has been.

    ErosEros2 månader sedan
  • 18:25 ░██████╗░██████╗░░█████╗░██╗░░░██╗███╗░░░███╗ ██╔════╝██╔════╝░██╔══██╗╚██╗░██╔╝████╗░████║ ╚█████╗░██║░░██╗░███████║░╚████╔╝░██╔████╔██║ ░╚═══██╗██║░░╚██╗██╔══██║░░╚██╔╝░░██║╚██╔╝██║ ██████╔╝╚██████╔╝██║░░██║░░░██║░░░██║░╚═╝░██║ ╚═════╝░░╚═════╝░╚═╝░░╚═╝░░░╚═╝░░░╚═╝░░░░░╚═╝

    Barnacle ScumBarnacle Scum2 månader sedan
  • Man i cant wait for the fundraising event

    RTG CzarRTG Czar2 månader sedan
  • obama's last name is care

    Liam MacMillanLiam MacMillan2 månader sedan
  • Perry the Political platypus

    Hockey11 11Hockey11 112 månader sedan
  • obama's last name is chungus

    BargleflorpBargleflorp2 månader sedan
  • Obama's last name is Care

    Fireball FlareblitzFireball Flareblitz2 månader sedan
  • Is this where they met noah

    Spence MulySpence Muly3 månader sedan
  • 8========D

    Operation GamesOperation Games3 månader sedan
  • 17:00 I love how Carson was about to apologize to his microphone for accidentally hitting it

    JimboJimbo3 månader sedan
  • obama??????????????

    HeckYouEpicallyHeckYouEpically3 månader sedan
  • your mom

    HeckYouEpicallyHeckYouEpically3 månader sedan
  • 7:44 Thomas Bolf

    Logan JohnsonLogan Johnson3 månader sedan
  • This Saturday isn't Sept 7 2019

    The Magical, Mystical Otter-lionThe Magical, Mystical Otter-lion3 månader sedan
  • His face after he lights the TNT and just DIPS 😂😂😂

    Molly McInroyMolly McInroy3 månader sedan
    • That was my face as well 😳

      The Magical, Mystical Otter-lionThe Magical, Mystical Otter-lion3 månader sedan
  • is there going to be an smp live season 2?

    Jackson MathiasJackson Mathias3 månader sedan
  • Nobody: Pornhub when a brother sees a sister stuck: 0:02

    Sperm CellSperm Cell3 månader sedan
    • That is very fun ye

      The Magical, Mystical Otter-lionThe Magical, Mystical Otter-lion3 månader sedan
  • 16:00 they say don't judje a book by it's cover but when the cover is all you see

    ioanuioanu3 månader sedan
  • Family gu

    Grug The pirate cavemanGrug The pirate caveman3 månader sedan
  • my homie when he is sick at home 3:19

    AXL_ VIBESAXL_ VIBES3 månader sedan
  • lies

    GavinIGuessGavinIGuess3 månader sedan
  • I have that subway in my world

    GlockamoleGlockamole3 månader sedan
  • what is the guy using for soundboard

    Hampus GustavssonHampus Gustavsson3 månader sedan
  • just got a burger king ad im disappointed i wonder what they were thinking

    shominiiishominiii3 månader sedan
  • when i saw oboma on the poki world i lost it

    T1ckT1ck3 månader sedan
  • hey guys i hope you rot in fucking hell

    sandvichlordsandvichlord3 månader sedan
  • “Pewdiepie is totally not pawg champ” 😂

    M Gaming M VlogsM Gaming M Vlogs3 månader sedan
  • Carson vs. Pewdiepie in the gulag

    Jello GobblerJello Gobbler3 månader sedan
  • What shaders?

    Tino cabralTino cabral3 månader sedan
  • 'Why do they all want us to do the do?' *instantly joins server called 'lust'*

    Evan KennyEvan Kenny3 månader sedan
  • Whatever you do dont go in the greentop gay bar JOSH *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-*

    XacmaroXacmaro3 månader sedan
  • 10:00 That guy DID get a pog!

    fishfish3 månader sedan
  • You should play with SEworldr John Roblox he also likes to make. Gorilla noises

    Hayden TiernanHayden Tiernan3 månader sedan
  • I am sap

    Nathan ENathan E3 månader sedan
  • Yo can we talk about how well Carsons german pronounciation was

    HeinzHeinz3 månader sedan
  • jschlatt's fucking nightmare in 4 words: *S T A L*

    Blixen ZenoBlixen Zeno4 månader sedan
  • are the 3k dislikes actually retards who took the pewds joke too seriously??

    Big GuyBig Guy4 månader sedan
  • Is my birfday lol

    Just QuotedJust Quoted4 månader sedan